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Family photo


Christmas Tag

I was this on Britt's blog and I wanted to do it.. so here it is!

a. Egg- Nog or Hot Chocolate?HOT CHOCOLATE!!! It depends on the time of the day! If its anytime during the day its eggnog usually, but if its at night I LOVE HOT CHOCOLATE!

b. Does Santa wrap presents or just set them under the tree? He wraps most of them and then puts them by our stockings that are set out on the furniture.

c. Colored or clear lights (house/tree)? I like the white lights! Or clear.. whatever. I think they are so pretty. But on Temple Square I really like how they have different colors everywhere.

d. Do you hang mistletoe? No, but that might be fun to do.

e. Hardest person to buy for? Hmm. I think this year it was Mike. (Not my dad, my boyfriend. LOL)

f. Real tree or Artificial? REAL!! They smell so GOOD and they are so big (at least when we would get one). But now we have to have a fake tree because Joshua is allergic.

g. Mail or email Christmas cards? MAIL!!! MAIL MAIL MAIL MAIL MAIL!!!

h. Favorite Christmas Movie? Polar Express! And Elf.

i. When do you start shopping for Christmas? After Thanksgiving usually

j. Favorite Christmas song? Pachelbel meets U2. I have a lot of favorites but I can't remember them all. I don't like the Christmas Shoes one though, its so sad, I get teared up every time I hear it and I don't like crying because once I start crying I cry for a long time.

k. Open presents Christmas Eve or morning? Last year we opened one on Christmas Eve and it was pajamas! But I have no idea what is happening this year.

l. What do you want for Christmas this year? Shaky. Other than that.. nothing. I keep getting asked what I want and I really have no clue what I want. I am just excited to see all my family and be together and have everyone so happy.



Well, this week has been going pretty slow because Mike is in Oregon. I don't get to see him this weekend, so there is really nothing to look forward to. Classes ended this week, so thats nice. I am looking forward to selling my books back!!! Whoo, that will be my most favorite thing ever. The other day I went rock climbing up Rock Canyon with my rock climbing buddy named Sean. Yesterday Hope and I got lost. We spent almost 2 hours trying to find an America First. Here is the story:
I needed to go to the bank, and Hope said she would give me a ride there (oh the joys of not having a car). Well, I looked up the address and it said it was in Macey's and it was on 1400 N State Street. So we are about to leave and I show the address to Megan. And she said "oh that is right by University Mall!" and Hope and I are like "Really?" So we leave and we head over to by the mall. And We go in the MACY'S, (the department store) and we go in and we are like "WHAAAAA??" so we kinda walk around, just making sure there wasn't an America First there. Well, we go to the car and we see State Street. So, we start heading north on it.. to 1400 N right? Well we pass a MACEY'S on the way there. We reach 1400 N.. nothing! So we go back to the Macey's.. nothing! So I call my dad, because he knows literally everything. Well, too bad he didn't pick up. I leave a message saying we need directions. So I call my mom! She gives me the directions we needed, and it turned out to be the place we would have initially gone if Megan hadn't told us the other place, haha!!! So it took us almost 2 hours to fin the right place and get back home! The place that really had America First was maybe like a 3 or 4 minute drive from our apartment. Mmmhmm. Tonight was the ward Christmas party and it was really fun. We had a good time. Well, now we are going to watch Elf. So I will write more later!!



The back of my hair, before we took the rubber bands out.
This picture is called.. I amd DREADING what my parents might say.

Am I really cool enough to sport these?! I think so.

The tangled top
I accidentally put this pic up twice. But this time my face is saying.. GAHH!!!

I did dreads in my hair. I've wanted to do it for forever.. and all those times that I teased my mom about doing it.. well, we did it. And yes, I can wash my hair.


The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

The GOOD- Well, lets start with Thanksgiving Break part 2! On Thursday (Thanksgiving!) Mike came up and spent Thanksgiving with my family and I! It was the greatest. He likes my family and my family likes him! So no hatred problems there. That is probably my best Thanksgiving ever. He is so great. After the big feast we went to Grandma Medsker's after a little while, and we played some cards. After grandmas we went home and watched a movie, we watched Just Like Heaven cuz Syd wanted to. Mike is such a good sport, watching chick flicks and everything! He is a cutie, just really awesome. Friday was family time day, and I hung out with my family all day. That was really fun. Saturday Mike came up again and he helped put up our Christmas lights outside and hung out with me and the family all day again. He must really like me, because there have been a few moments with my family where I really thought he might just break up with me and never tlak to me again. LOL. We had stir fry that night and it was SO good! We watched some football and ended up watching Spiderman 3. Have I mentioned Mike is totally the best ever?! Sunday I went to church and that was great, and after I went up to G&G Medsker's, they were watching the Emma Smith movie, and that was a tear jerker. After that my family came up and we played Philadelphia but I had to leave in the middle because I had to go home and pack. After a tearful goodbye I headed home with Aimee where she helped me pack. Jaime came and picked me up around 5. Him and Christian and I headed to SLC where Jaime had a practice at the tabernacle there. We went to his practice. Well, Christian and I got a little bored, and Jaime's car was parked under the Conference Center so we decided to go back and I would play guitar and Christian would sleep.

THE BAD- We got to the car, opened the door. And no guitar. Also.. 2 laptops missing and a bookbag full of schoolbooks. OUCH! There goes our good night! I called home and asked what I should do, my dad said to call the police. Christian txt Jaime and told him, I called 911 and they said they would have an officer call me. Jaime showed up with a Guest Services guy who called church security. The sad thing is when we got out of the car I said "Should we lock the doors?" and Jaime said no and so we just went. It was a little odd, the 2 laptops, the bookbag, and the guitar was taken. But my Ipod was left and so was Jaime's stereo system that isn't set up and is just chilling in the back of the car. The trunk was also forced open, and nothing was touched that was in the trunk. It was a little weird. We were all pretty ticked. Church security came and took down notes and Jaime's number. We left and the cop called me. So I was on the phone with him and The smart boys up front got us lost LOL. So we finally found our way to the freeway, and we had to go to the airport. And I am thinking "WHAAAA?! I WANNA GO HOME!!" Well, we finally get to the airport, take the shuttle, pick up Roman, and then start heading back. I decided a chocolate shake and a roast beef sandwich from Arby's might make me feel better. So. We get to Provo, go to the closest Arby's and its closed. (BTW, it was after 12 so it was Monday morning not Sunday night.. I made sure of that Bishop!) I made some statement about "drowning myself in my cereal bowl" or something like that. It was a legit bad night. I finally get to my apartment at 1:10! AGHHH... So I go in and start unpacking. I ate some Ramen and decided I was really tired and I would just take a little rest. So I get on the couch with my blanket and pillow.

THE UGLY- Yeah, nice little rest til 10 AM! I missed my first 2 classes. Well, on my way out the door I remembered I needed my keys, so I turned around really fast just as the door shut. Well, I didn't have time to get it unlocked now so I figured I would do it after school. So I go to my class and before class starts I check my Facebook, and my roomie is on! And she usually gets home around the same time as me, except for when she has homework and stays later at the library. So I Facebook message her and we talk about Thanksgiving for a minute. Then I IM and ask her when she is going to be home. No response. So I said I locked my keys in the apartment. No response. A few minutes later she signs off. Sigh.Well, I start walking home and her Facebook status said something about leaving her phone at her apartment. And I think "well, I will txt her and if I get a txt back then she is home and I don't have to go rent out a key" So I don't get a txt back and so I go rent a key. But I guess she was at the apartment. So I go return the key. I go back to my apartment and turn my music and am jamming. And my roomie calls. And I answer my phone and she asks me to take her tripod to her. She was on campus. Campus is a half hour walk from my house. Sigh. I just said I would take it to her. Hooray for exercise. That is about it for my adventures so far. I love you all!


Thanksgiving Break.. Part 1!

Well, I will start with this weekend. Friday Mike and I went rock climbing and had fun hanging out and eating at Gandolfo's and going to the mall and eating at an Italian place and watching sports. On Saturday I went to Mike's and we hung out. Caught some of the BYU vs Utah game and some of the Texas Tech and Oklahoma one. It was fun hanging out with him and his fam. The greatest was when KoriAnn and Ben showed up, oh boy. LOL, that was just funny. Just to clear things up for you all, yes Mike is coming for Thanksgiving. So please be nice to him.. We will see how much he really likes me if he calls me after Thanksgiving. I am hoping he will. Its been a nice relaxing week, I haven't had anything to do. Yesterday I went rock climbing and didn't really do anything impressive, I just did some crack climbs and got almost all the way up a V2. Last night Lauren and Kirsten and I had a nice sleepover on the couches, we borrowed a couch from our neighbors and so it was just like a huge couch land and we put them together and had a great sleepover of couches and blankets. We finally got off the couch at like 2 and decided we all needed to get ready. It was great. I am excited to be back to Ogden, I hope there is one day of warm weather, I want to go rock climbing on 9th before the snow and everything sets in. All my roomies are gone except Hope and she is packing right now. So I will be all alone :( but I will be in Ogden tomorrow afternoon! Whoo!


MMM... eggnog!

Sadly, I haven't had ANY eggnog this season! I am feeling so deprived! I am hoping that Grandma M will have a nice stash in her fridge just waiting for me to deplete. I don't think I wrote about Mike and I hanging out last Friday :) he came down and we went to Cafe Rio, and boy can he down a burrito! Those are huge and I can keep up with him till about half, and then I lose my momentum and just can't eat any more but he finishes his right off. LOL, we always get the same thing every time, he gets a steak burrito and I get a roast beef burrito-both enchilada style! And also, I hate ordering there. SO MANY QUESTIONS WAY TOO FAST! Black or pinto beans? Enchilada style? Mild, medium or hot? Which one is yours? Lettuce? Tomatoes and salsa? Would you like a drink? I think those are all of them.. anyway, after lunch I had cleaning check at my apartment, so we headed back there and put on Night At The Roxbury. Then I had my cleaning check and Hope and I passed but Lauren and Megan had one thing to redo each. After the movie we played some Speed, and I kicked Mike's butt at that except for maybe like 2 or 3 times. But we played a lot. While we played cards (today I am going to teach him Philadelphia) I called up my family and talked to them. I put them on speaker phone and Mike tried to get them to tell him embarrassing stories. It didn't work, he didn't get any. He almost got one out of Lauren and my mom was wavering a bit, but he didn't get to hear any. After cards we headed to see The Dark Knight at the dollar theatre! That was fun, he thought it was kinda funny that I jumped a lot. We went to my place again and made brownies and watched basketball. This week has been mostly good. I studied for an exam a lot and got a 69. I can't seem to ever score higher than a 69, its pretty disappointing. Tuesday at work, I was on the phone with this guy and he was driving while I was on the phone. I asked for his card number and I guess he couldn't get his wallet out or something, and so he asked if I could call him tomorrow. Basically I told him to pull over and give me his card number.. and he did. Wednesday night I watched some of Dumb and Dumber with Lauren, that was fun. When Lloyd and Harry are in their van and they pick up the bad guy, that is our favorite part.. "you can't triple stamp a double stamp, Lloyd! You can't triple stamp a double stamp" and "Hey, you wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world? AAAAAAAAAAAAA" I think we watched that part at least 7 times, and the best part is that we laughed harder each time. Thursday I got laid off and that put a damper on my good mood. I went back to my apartment and cried a little, then had a nice night on the SLC town to forget my sorrows. LOL. My friends are the greatest!! Mike is coming over around 1 today, and we are gong to hang out and that includes rock climbing!! :) that will be fun, no doubt. I think that is about it for eventful things in my life. Feel free to leave questions, comments, etc! Love you all!


Another Long One Possibly..

Well well look, its blogging time again! This might possibly be a long blog post again.. I will try to shorten it to the significant things in my life. So after Mike and I hung out last Friday.. we hung out on the next Friday! He came down and I showed him up at rock climbing. He thought I was pretty good I guess. After that we went to the mall then to my house! We watched THE OFFICE (he is a big Office fan too so that is a definite plus. He txts me quotes from The Office all the time and I love it) and half of The Italian Job and then made french toast and bacon for dinner. After dinner we watched Mr. Bean's Holdiay and I laughed a lot like I always do at that movie. I am surprised he didn't think I was a bit crazy.. or maybe he did and just didn't say it. Well, we were still both pretty worn out from rock climbing so we watched The Princess Bride after that. Then he left. AND then.. I got to see him on Sunday! That was a great surprise.. I thought I had to wait till the next Friday. Anyway- I went to his place (he lives with his brother and his sister in law and their 3 kids.. their kids are so cute. The boys are pretty funny.) Anyways. So I went over there and we had French Dip for dinner and it was SO SO GOOD! Wow it was really yummy. And while we were eating one of Mike's nephew's said "So your birthday is on Tuesday right?" And I said yeah. I figured Mike had told them. And he said something about dessert and how it was a surprise. After dinner Mike and I watched a bit of the game that the Steelers played in. I think it was against the Colts.. well, we were watching it and his nephew asked me my favorite color so I told him pink. And he ran away. Then he came back a couple minutes later and said "dessert is ready!" So we head for dessert. AND THERE WAS CUPCAKES AND ONE HAD A PINK CANDLE!! I DO NOT THINK I HAVE EVER SMILED SO BIG EVER. So they all sang happy birthday to me, it was the highlight of my week! And then we ate the cupcakes, which were pumpkin chocolate chip.. yummmmmmmmmm... ooh hoo they were delectable. Mmm... delish. Again, so good! Totally made my week. On Monday night my friend Kirsten and I watched the first season of The Office at her place, and that was really fun! After midnight she grabbed some cupcakes and brownies and we celebrated my birthday while we watched The Office. Mike called me around midnight to say Happy Birthday :) On Tuesday it was my birthday and it was a really good day!! I woke up early cuz my mom was coming down. So I was brushing my teeth and I hear a knock on the door and so I hurry and go open it, and it was my mom and my grandmas!! I was so surprised! So they came in and we talked and laughed and I opened some presents and I love them all! Brandon thank you so much for the nail polish I love the color, next time I paint my nails I will for sure use it and Nate and Josh- I LOVE the mini junior mints! They are just so cute and mini sized and oh so YUMMY! Syd your card made my cry hardcore, it was so sweet! After present opening we to the mall!! And I got some lotion and lip gloss from Bath and Body.. I love that store. This was the only week I let myself spoil myself.. so I got to get a beanie for me and an outfit and lotion.. No more spoiling for me till.. my next birthday. Long time away. After that we went to Cafe Rio's.. this has just been a week of good food! After we went back o my place and we talked some more and then they had to leave :( but it was so much fun while they were here! Thanks so much for taking the time to come down!!! I got ready for work and at work I had a guy hit on me over the phone again. That was great. At least I know I have a nice voice on the phone. For lunch at work me and two of my co-workers went to Cafe Rio's.. I went there twice in one day. And I got the same thing. It was so good. When I got home there were signs all over my room from Lauren and Kirsten and they got me a beanie and brownie mixes :D they know me so well! OOH AND BROWNIES ALREADY MADE AND FUDGE.. oh baby that fudge is sooo good. It was just a great day. Mmm.. lets see. Nothing else really happened this week.. Ooh I went to PF Changs on Wednesday night. My friend Sean and I went shopping (my climbing buddy that is a bit miffed I climbed a 5.11a and he can only do a 5.10c.. I just had to add that in) So we were shopping and he is quite the shopper. So now I have a shopping friend too. After we were walking by the PF Changs and he said he wanted to eat there and so I agreed.. ooh it was yummy! SO so so yummy. After that we had a fashion show for my roomies and we showed them our new clothes. Thursday after work I went to Beto's with a coworker. It was the first time he had ever tasted to goodness of Beto's. I was excited I got to witness that. Today is Friday, and there will be another blog post soon because I am hanging out with Mike today :D hooray!!! I am really excited for that! Sorry this was another long one! But that is what has been going on with the Emster!! Until next time, I love you all!!


The Past Long Time.. might be lengthy

Wow! Its been longer than I thought! Things have definitely picked up their pace from last time I blogged! I finally got a job! Its at a place called Progrexion.. and this is what I do.. I hit the dial button. I get an answering machine.. and I say.. "Hey this is Emily with CreditAttorney, I'm calling on behalf of an online request you sent in for a consultation about your credit. You can reach me at 1-800-***-**** ext. ****." Yes, I have an 800 number hahaha. My dream come true. And the second scenario.. someone picks up and I say almost the same thing except don;t say my digits at the end. And then I ask what is going on with the person's credit etc and then try to sell our product. Anyway, all last week I trained for it and had a pizza party there and filled out paperwork. My first whole 8 hour shift is tomorrow.. 2-10. Whoo. I know I had a lot more noteworthy things that happened the beginning of the week but I can't remember. I did vote last time I was in Ogden. That was cool. Fun weekend. It was nice seeing my family. OOOH Aimee is coming down to Provo sometime in November AND I AM SO EXCITED!! I think I had an exam this week. Oh yes. I did. It was for my Music 101 class. Oh here is a noteworthy thing. On Wednesday my friend Justin and I made paper airplanes and threw them in the Tanner building because it is terraced. We see who's goes farther, and which model. We had a casualty, his fell in a pond like thing that is there for decoration. We are doing that again today probably, with different models of planes. Hmm. HALLOWEEN!!!! All I have to say is it WAS SO MUCH FUN! That night I dressed up as a climber in my bandanna and my harness (and I would really wear both those items around all the time if it was a normal thing to do) and my roomie Lauren dressed up as homeless. She even had a little shopping cart full of papers and plastic bags and random things like canned veggies.. a remote control, a pillow, waterbottle, phonebook, a Furby... etc. So we went to this party that was our stake party with one of our friends named Scott and he was dressed up as some guy in the Matrix and we met some other friends there and Scott's twin Brian there. Brian was dressed up as a nerd. A legit one too. Lauren brought her cart in and we did a train with it. And I sat in it and kinda waved my arms around while she pushed me around. And I ate a doughnut while she pushed me around. A Krispy Kreme.. oh baby that was good. Anyways. It takes a lot to embarrass Lauren and I when we are hanging out. Her birthday is tomorrow. A week before mine. But hers is on Election Day. PS DON'T FORGET TO VOTE! After the dance party we headed back home. No one wanted to take the Furby home that Scott found at the DI.. it was kinda creepy looking. Scott kept trying to drop kick it so I took it and wouldn't let him touch it. He finally convinced me it would be okay in the middle of the road. We all had a good laugh watching people stop and look really closely at it and then swerve around it. Except for one chick. She stopped and looked really closely, and saw us standing around watching and laughing.. so she sped up really fast and hit it dead on! It went flying.. I went and grabbed it and the thing was all wet (because it was raining) and it was dirty and its beak was gone so it had a hole for a mouth and one eye wasn't functioning anymore. So it had an eye half closed and one that would blink. AND it was on repeat. It wouldn't stop saying "Me no hungry." Being the genius, immature freshman we are we decided it would be the best doorstep present EVER! So.. we picked a random apartment, and I was the runner. On the way there I found an abandoned sock, and the Furby looked cold so I put the sock on its head. So I run the Furby to the door and knock, and run back to the group. We decided just to stand across the street instead of hide. So this kid comes out. Dressed as the Joker. He sees the Furby. He sees us. He gives us the look like "What the crap are you guys doing, this isn't funny" and he stares at us for like 2 minutes. Just standing menacingly in his doorway. It was intimidating. The Joker really scared me on that movie. I know I'm a wimp. Unlike people like Britt I can't listen to ghost stories, because I will have to sleep with the light on. But that is beside the point. So he finally goes back in his apartment, and we elect Brian to go run and get the Furby since they didn't take it inside. We knew it was a trap. But we wanted it back. Brian ran up and got it, when he picked it up they opened the door and yelled HA at him. Then he ran away. We found another apartment to drop it off at. This one was a third floorer. Again I was the runner. And the cool thing is that their blind was open. So I take it up sneakily.. knock and run down ALL the stairs and then sneaky over to my friends. Which were behind bushes. The people inside looked through the peephole but didn't answer the door. But they could hear that repeating Furby begging them not to feed it any more! So they kept looking through the peephole. And finally opened the door. Then someone tipped it down with their foot. That is all I remember because I was laughing so had that I was crying and doubled over because my stomach hurt so bad from laughing so hard. Okay so Saturday!!! Another GREAT DAY! This guy I met named Mike (I met him dancing on a Thursday night) he came down from West Valley and came to Provo. :D so he came over around 1 and we went to Gandolfo's and ate amazing sandwiches, and then we went to the mall and then we went and saw Wall-e and hung out.. I LOVE that movie. Its so cute. So after Wall-e we went to my place and I made Fettucini Alfredo (is that amazing, mom?! I cooked something! Ga!) and then he tried to teach me to play cribbage and we watched Hitch and Invincible. And then he left. He is a pretty darn good lookin' boy. REALLY REALLY good lookin. He's got a really cute smile. Brown hair, green eyes. He is a cutie. And he is really sweet too! And he makes me laugh. We had a great time :) And.. we are going out again on FRIDAY! SCORE :D So if anyone has questions or comments about that (which I know you will, you know what to do!)


Two Blog Posts In One Day!

Rachel and me at the game! GO COUGARS!!! We were two cold cougars..
The haka.
This is the most creepy guy I have ever seen ever. The one on the left. Painted like the Joker. BYU style. Weird. And scary. He didn't even pose for this pic, he didn't know I was taking it. He really just looked that scary.
My red streak. you can see it when my hair is up, but when my hair is down you can't.
Thanks for the Junior Mints Ali and Grandma!! Love ya!

Today I am doing two blog posts. Because I got tagged on Koriann's blog, so I had to do the tag. And because I have pics. So this past week.. it has been COLD! The only good thing about that is I got to wear my "old lady coat" (ask my dad about that, I still haven't forgiven him fully. It was very hurtful.. haha). ITS SO COLD! The only thing I like about the cold is I got to complain to my dad every day last year about how cold it was and that we should move somewhere warm. So. This week besides cold.. has been good! I went to a soccer game on Thursday with a guy named Jared. Funny story. Remember Handsy Harvey from a couple posts ago? Well, Jared is his friend who sits by him in Music 101. So we are walking out of class and Jared says "hey, do either of you want to go to the soccer game tomorrow night?" HH (Handsy Harvey) says "No, I don't think I'm up for it" and I ask what time and he tells me 7, so in front of HH (the kid that I have told no, I'm busy to more than 13 times now) I say, "yeah I'm up for that, that would be fun!" I feel kinda bad, cuz I go out with his friend the first time he asks me, and then HH.. well I am just so busy. How much can this guy take? I don't lead him on at all, and he STILL keeps asking me out.. I don't know what to do, and I feel like a jerk.. Anyways. So I went to the soccer game and it was really fun. We left with 10 minutes left in the game.. it was SO SO SO COLD. SOOOO COLD! On Saturday my friend Rachel and I went to the Homecoming Football Game! I wore.. 2 pairs of socks, 2 pants, 4 shirts (ranging from long sleeve to tank top), a hoodie, and a beanie. you think I would be warm. By the end of 4th I was freezing. I love how all my stories now include me being cold. Anyways, good game. We had so much fun cheering for the Cougars! In the cold. We didn't totally kill the other team, but we beat them. Yesterday I got a calling.. I'm Relief Society Birthday Coordinator Co Chair... I have no idea what I do. Keep track of birthdays I guess. Ooh, on Saturday night I put a red streak in my hair. And I love it.

31 Questions

Here are the rules:
I have to answer the following questions with one word answers and one word only!
Then I must pass it on to seven others.
Here are the questions:

1. Where is your cell phone? HERE
2. Where is your significant other? NONE
3. Your hair color? BROWN
4. Your mother? SWEET
5. Your father? HILARIOUS
6. Your favorite thing? FAMILY
7. Your dream last night? TRIPPY
8. Your dream/goal? FAMILY
9. The room you're in? HUGE
10. Your hobby? GUITAR
11. Your fear? SPIDERS
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? WARM
13. Where were you last night? COUCH
14. What you're not? AWAKE
15. One of your wish-list items? EGGNOG
16. Where you grew up? OGDEN
17. The last thing you did? TXT
18. What are you wearing? BEANIE
19. Your TV? SMALL
20. Your pet? MARZIPAN
21. Your computer? SPIFFY
22. Your mood? SICKY
23. Missing someone? FAMILY
24. Your car? SHARED
25. Something you're not wearing? GLOVES
26. Favorite store? ABERCROMBIE
T27. Your summer? WONDERFUL
28. Love someone? FAMILY
29. Your favorite color? PINK
30. When is the last time you laughed? YESTERDAY
31. Last time you cried? WEDNESDAY

1- Ali
2- Britt
3- Samantha Wayment
4- Mary Oveson
5- Aimee Medsker
6- Sydney Medsker
7- Julia Medsker


The Blue Foam

This is the before picture.. (From left to right: Renee, Lauren, me)
And after the True Blue Slip n' Slide!! (From left to right: me, Lauren, Renee)
Taking pics in the bathroom. Notice Lauren's shirt color. It was white before we got in the foam.
Close up.. and a cute face. I tried to do what Nate does, but I can't do it as well.
I have a blue foot and a blue leg!! And.. the blue didn't come off all the way when I showered..

SO! Here is the story to the above posted pics! ITS HOMECOMING WEEK! So today they had True Blue Football, and its where you play football in what else, but blue foam! There was also a slip n' slide. And volleyball in foam. And a huge place on the grass to play in foam. And hula hooping in foam I think. And jello eating in foam.. okay not in the foam. Just jello eating. So we played in the foam. And went down the slip n' slide. And there was SO much foam on it. So when you are going down, it shoots up all over you, and gets ALL over, and then you can't see anything at all. SO FUN. I recommend it. Questions, comments, queries you know what to do! Love you all!



Hayley and me! With switched shirts! What were we thinking?! I can;t believe I put that shirt on :p But we both look good in blue!!
Trapped! We have so much fun together. Definitely best buds.
This is one of my favorite pics, I love it so! It akes me laugh evertime I see it. Its a classic.
Me with my game face on!
The team doing the haka!!


This Past Week.. It might be long..

Lets see.. where to start. Well, we will skip right to Wednesday. When I came home to Ogden! Everyone outside my family asked if it was a break for school or something.. which it wasn't, I just came home :) so we had fun on Wednesday doing usual Medsker things. Thursday I ran into Lee's and said hi to some old friends there and picked the kids up from school. That evening after dinner (BLT's.. I forgot how amazing those are. I really miss my mom's cooking! My PB and honey sandwiches just don't compare.) I headed up to Logan. That game was Friday night, but a lot of my friends went up to USU, so I needed some time to hang out with them. When I got there I hung out with my friend Danny, and we were hungry so we made some Fettuccine Alfredo around 10:30... :D and it was really good. AND!! I saw HALEY DEARDEN! If any of you remember her, she was the red-head. My favorite red-head ever in fact. She is basically my best bud ever. After I hung out with her I went over to my friend Amy's place and that is where I was going to stay the night. Needless to say we stayed up late discussing our lives and laughing till pretty late. When I woke up she was already gone to class but then she walked in like 5 minutes after I woke up. Friday was really fun. I hung out with a lot of my friends and just had a total BLAST! And then.. my favorite part.. THE FOOTBALL GAME!! So. I head to the football game with Danny. And some of my other friends were supposed to come but they didn't. But that's okay. We went to the game and we were like front row by the end zone, and standing right against the railing and I was yelling really loud for BYU.. GO COUGARS! I got my face painted blue.. I looked pretty hard core. It was my game face. Anyways- the event staff made us sit down, and that was lame. but we still had fun. At least I did. I convinced Danny to cheer for BYU (haha.. and he goes to USU remember!) there was some dumb guy from USU that was really getting on my nerves and stuff, but he finally left the general area. He almost started a fight with some kids that were in front of me.. but luckily a fight didn't break out. After the game I drove home. And I lost my voice. I sounded like a gross old smoker woman (no offense meant if any of you are old smoker women ;P). Saturday I woke up much too early for comfort and got ready for General Conference! We were going to the second Saturday session and we were going to take the FrontRunner (to help the environment I suspect.. or maybe just to have fun) So its raining pretty hard and we start getting on the FrontRunner and we had my mom, my dad, me, Syd, Nate, Bran, Syd's friend Kelsey, and Jennifer Houghton (a cute girl in our ward about Nate's age I think). So we are getting on the FrontRunner and Brandon starts getting on and the door almost shuts on him. It scares him so bad that he drops his water bottle and it rolls off the platform under the train. We open the door again and he tells my mom he dropped it so she looks and sees it and she has a long umbrella so she is going to try to get the water bottle with the umbrella.. I tell her not to worry, I have an extra and so she starts getting on.. and she almost got shut in the door too!! It was closing on her. I think they need motion sensors on those doors so they don't squeeze the living daylights out of people. Anyways. We head to SLC and jump on the trax and then stop to get a bite to eat and then to the conference center. Every time I go I am always amazed at the huge numbers of people! And I LOVE it when the prophet comes in and everyone stands up and is so quiet! the Spirit always hits me really hard and just confirms my testimony of the prophet, I love it! Conference was really good! I admit I did start to doze just a little, but luckily I had Syd sitting next to me. She is pretty good at nudging and lifting her shoulder really fast so my head bounces off and it scares me awake. After conference we left and it was raining just as hard. The whole umbrellas and big groups of people are hard, because everyone has an umbrella and its knocking everyone else's umbrella out of their hands. So you need a pretty firm death grip. We were heading to the trax stop and my dad starts running. So we start running. all eight of us. With umbrellas. Running. Luckily we caught the trax. Then back to the FrontRunner and then home!!It has been a pretty fun-filled week, and I will post my pics of it as soon as I go back down to Provo and get my cord to hook my camera up to my laptop! Love you all!


Every Girl's Horror Story

Well. Its happened. My first BYU horror story. And I can't wait to tell you all. And lets just say I feel bad. There is this guy that has been on my tail for a while and we will call him Harvey for sake of not exposing him. So this Harvey asked me out for lunch a week or so ago. So I went out with him and we went to Panda Express (mmm.. Chinese!) I can't remember if I blogged about that date or not, but anywho, he's asked me out a couple other times and I told him I was busy or I couldn't, etc. And I wasn't trying to be mean, its just like it seemed he had more motives than an occasional friendshippy date. Yeah. Dang BYU RM's. So he sits by me in my music class, and the other day (Monday) he sat a row behind me and his friend was apparently sitting a seat away from me. So they were talking and I was listening to some U2 (cuz they are my favorite band!!) and I guess they were talking about girls and "Harvey" just happened to raise his voice louder so it caught my attention and said something to the effect of he is just dating casually and he doesn't want a girlfriend or something like that. So after class I leave and start walking by myself. I hit a crosswalk and I've got my headphones in and next thing I know, I take a glance to the right and POOF! There is Harvey. So he starts walking with me and asks if I have any homework to do today and I say no (Mistake #1). After we walked for a bit he asked what I was doing when got home, and I old him I would do what I do every day when I get home. Which is sit on the couch for about a half hour then get something to eat (Mistake #2). So he asked if he could come over and we could watch the Newsies (Which I hadn't seen). So I don't have any reason to say no and he was saying earlier (and loudly) he doesn't have any motives but a casual friendshippy date. Ha! So he comes over and we start the movie and my roommate is home and then she leaves for class.. and the movie kinda goes in the movie crisis mode before things get better. (you know, it gets worse before better part) so I'm watching intently (and I give him full points for suaveness) and he asks if I'm okay and I say yeah I'm just hoping everything turns out in the end and he slides over (because we were sitting far away thanks to me :D) and puts his arm around me. I dunno about guys, but girls have this moment when a guy she isn't attracted to puts his arm around her and all these questions come. Like.. "Why is he TOUCHING me? WHO said he could put his arm THERE? WHY is he doing that?! HOW am I supposed to get OUT of this?! WHY DID I GO TO BYU?!?!?" So.. (I give myself double points for suaveness) my back was against the back of the couch, so his arm was like on the back of the couch but touching me, so it wasn't like a death grip hold it was a hey my arm is around you hold. SO.. I put my legs up on the couch by me and pulled my knees into my body and put my arms around my knees so I kinda slouched forward and his arm fell so he had to move it.. hahaha. He didn't try to make any more moves on me, thank GOODNESS! At the end of the movie when the credits barely started coming up I popped out the DVD and told him thanks for bringing it over and letting me watch it. And I think I told him like a week or so ago (cuz we were talking about movies) that I like to watch the credits, cuz I do.. I know, weird. But I think he knew that, but I really didn't care at this point. Well. I think thats the story of Handsy Harvey. Ha.
Oh and also, yesterday I tried calamari. Whoo!
Questions, comments, queries, concerns, etc- you know what to do! Love you all!


About me!

Here goes:
1. Being with my family!!
2. Sleeping in late.
3. Turning on the paper lanterns in the living room of the apartment and looking at them or sleeping on the couch under them.

1. Spiders
2. Getting sucked under an escalator at the top or bottom.
3. Someone hiding in the shower and I don't know.. hence why I check the shower every time I go in the bathroom and shut the door.

1. Showing you all up and not getting married for a long time!! HAHAHA. Seriously though, I don't want to get married for a while.
2. Getting down to Ogden soon to see my family.
3. Doing my laundry today.. I've had to do it since Tuesday I think..

1. I'm currently collecting.. friends? Its a slow process, but I'm working on it, LOL.
2. Current obsession.. my laptop. I can do basically everything important on it! Like homework and blog and email and watch movies.
3. BYU football. Its one of those things that just make Saturdays okay to the best ever.

1. I didn't wake up to my alarm this morning. It was supposed to wake me up at 8 and I didn't wake up till 8:27.. two minutes after I was supposed to leave for class! But.. I made it right on time thanks to my amazing long legs and speed walking. LOL, probably just fast walking.
2. I would much rather eat brownie batter and cookie dough than the finished product.
3. Now that I don't live at home I drink out of the milk carton because it saves me washing a dish and pouring too much.

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Indian Fest

This is me, doing a cool yoga pose by a cool architectural design of a decorative spire thing of the Krishna temple.
There was a Llama petting zoo!! So of course we had to go check it out. The brown one kinda looked like he wanted to charge, so I stayed away from him just a bit. Plus they were standing in a lot of poop and I had flip flops on.
This is the Krishna temple. Its in Spanish Fork. Its really pretty and really really cool. I didn't realize another person was getting a picture too. But I think I look more happy and thumbs-upsy than her. But she looks more native. So I think that means we are at a tie.
This is when we were walking up there. It was a bit of a walk, but totally worth it! The architecture was so stunning and beautiful!
We watched a play and at the end they blew up a big huge bad guy.. and he burst into flame and fireworks. We were so close we got ashes in our eyes. I think it was a cool effect. If you look on the left side of the picture thats a monkey's head and above that is some arrows. Those were Raam's arrows. I guess he is one of the gods they worship. It was really insightful and really cool.

So we headed to the Indian fest (Renee, Lauren, Eun Joo, and I) and we got there and went inside the Krishna temple. We had to take our shoes off and we sat down on this huge rug. They had incense burning and it smelt pretty good. It was relaxing. Then there was some guys up at the front playing some authentic music. It was so cool! Then these two girls stood up and did a dance to the music. There was a shop downstairs and I bought a bag and a necklace made in India. After that we headed outside for the Llama petting zoo! One llama looked like it was going to charge. So we didn't stay too long. After that we watched a play and at the end the bad guy (as you can see above) got blown to pieces. It was really cool. Afterwards we booked it. Well, thats about it for my fun and eventful weekend! Oh except then Lauren and I went to a way cool party dance thing. And danced the night away and got caught in a mosh pit thing. We almost fell over and got squished. But it was still fun. Oh and after that we went to Renee's for some vegan cake. And it was actually pretty dang good! Well, I think that is all! Love you all!


We made a cake!! And we decorated it with Fruit Loops!!
We are getting our game faces on. WITH MATCHING SHIRTS!!!
The BYU Edwards Stadium. This place was HUGE and packed!!!
This picture is solely for my mom. She loves marching band type things. And so I thought of her and took this picture.
Lining up for a great play that led to a 59-0 victory!! Go Cougars!!

We had so much fun! Koriann came over on Friday and she woke me up from my nap. And we took her stuff into my apartment and then we chatted it up about all the ward gossip.. haha! And then we went out for pizza and it was soooooo good! And then we came back and tried to set up her Wii.. But we couldn't get it to work. So we decided to watch some movies. So we watched Just Like Heaven and The Italian Job and the Trek 2007 movie (it still makes me cry, I felt bad I was like bawling during it.) and then we turned on Enchanted. But before we turned on Enchanted we made a cake! It was like 12:30.. so we decorated it the next morning. The next morning we slept in late and woke up and ate Fruit Loops and decorated the cake and went to the BYU GAME!!!! It was so much fun. We totally kicked some butt. The best play hands down was when UCLA lined up to go for a field goal and BYU was going to try to block the kick. Well, BYU didn't get to block the kick in time, but the ball went way right of the goal post. We were laughing so hard. It was amazing! After the game we came here for some cake and ice cream to celebrate the win!! A little while after that Koriann had to head home. We had so much fun though. Thanks so much for coming down Koriann! Love ya! After she left some friends and I went to an Indian Fest, but I will tell about that in my next blog post.


Life In Happy Valley

Lets see.. what do I have to say since last time I blogged.. Well. Its kinda rainy and gross lately. I haven;t had to walk in a downpour yet.. but I probably will soon. You guys should see all the parties down here with all the alcoholic beverages! I never knew they were so easy to get!! Just kidding. Its pretty much like I live in a bubble here. I'm not sure I like the bubble yet. I'm pretty much afraid to say anything about politics now hahaha. On Sunday we had regional conference. It was held at the Marriott Center and it was packed. Even the nose bleeds were packed.. but anyways. President Uchdorf was presiding and President Packer was also there and so was Sister Dibbs and guy from the first quorum of the seventy. But I don't exactly remember his name. They all talked and it was pretty good. That night there was a CES fireside and Elder Holland spoke I think. I finally got my BYU shirt. Finally. I've been trying to get one since I got down here and yesterday I just decided I would check because I needed to check if a book for one of my classes was in.. which I still need to get. But anyways.. there they were. A WHOLE TABLE FULL! So I took advantage of that. And now I can say I have a BYU Quest shirt. WHOO HOO. I might be in Ogden this weekend.. :D My friend Jaime goes here too and he's headed back up to Ogden for the weekend. So I might just might go with him. We'll see. This week my Family Processes class is cancelled. So I get a whole extra hour to do whatever.. like.. get a jamba. Which is like the floor below me. Tempting. I hope it gets warmer before it gets cold. My roomie Megan wants to go down the Provo River on tubes. My roomies are pretty cool still. Lauren has gotta be my favorite. Megan is pretty cool.. but this last week she reorganized the fridge and freezer 3 times. Lol. Hope likes things really clean. Like if I leave my keys on the table she asks if she can put them away.. it bugs just a bit. The other day Lauren and I decorated our apartment. We got paper and crayons and made murals and hung them up. We also hung up paper lanterns.  So I try to clean up after myself and keep my key and sunglasses leaving to a minimum.. My friend Kirsten has a new friend. His name is Seth. And he is weird. He was telling us how back in the day he was a little rebel, and how some people "can't pull off just one earring in their left ear.. but I can." The way he said that.. wow I had a hard time not laughing at him. CUZ HE COULDN'T PULL IT OFF EVEN IF HE TRIED. That's a pretty mean thing to say too.. I better stop with the mean stuff. Oh we had FHE the other night. That was pretty fun. We played this game to get to know everyone and we ate brownies. Pretty fun. Well I think that is about it for now.


A Post.

Well this week has been pretty cool. I guess I will start out at church that was at 2 o'clock. And it was fast Sunday.. And you Medskers know how we get moody with no food. Well, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. But as soon as I got home I think I ate a lot of snacks and then Ramen or spaghetti-o's or something. I think I miss my mom's cooking. On Monday it was FHE and that was pretty fun.. and cold!! It was pretty dang chilly. We met at a park and we drove (Lauren, Kirsten, me, and some random kid named Greg.. no he wasn't cute. He was kinda.. mlegh... There aren't many attractive men here just so you all know) and we got lost on the way to the park. We finally found it and our ward and we played some games and ate Krispy Kreme's and hot chocolate and then we left. Well, me and Kirsten and Lauren met this girl named Ashley and she lives across from me and Lauren and so we took her instead of Greg home. But we saw him later that might so he didn't die. After FHE we went to campus and kinda walked around and tried to find buildings in the dark, and it was pretty well lit, so we were pretty successful. Tuesday I didn't have classes so I went to campus and found where my classes would be and then I took the OST (Office Skills Test). Today was my first day of classes. I had Living Prophets first and that was pretty fun. We just went over things and went around saying our names. Next was Family Processes and its kinda how families work and how certain circumstances can alter how families are and how well they work. Then I had Music 101, and that wasn't too bad. After that I came home and applied for some jobs and then me and my friend hiked to the Y on the mountain. And then I came home and showered and... sat around!! Oh by the way I did a bit of homework that consisted of reading syllabus'. Thats it for now. Me and my exciting college life. Love you all!


Happy Valley!

Well, I am now officially living in Provo!! Whoo hoo! Happy Valley! Anyways, I moved down Tuesday night. My parents drove with me and we unpacked all of my stuff and everything. My mom kept snapping pics of me looking around and unpacking, so those pics are probably on her blog if you want to check them out. When my parents left I was all alone.. none of my roomies would be coming until Wednesday. So.. I turned on my music because it was just so dang quiet! I’m so used to the noise of my siblings and it was just way too quiet. I ended up making my first meal my mom was all ecstatic about this and kept emphasizing my first meal on my own. Geez.)The Spaghetti-o’s were delicious. Then I put on Mr. Bean’s Holiday and watched it and just chilled out. I finally went to bed but it took a while because I WAS ALL ALONE. I woke up and had my first breakfast. Cereal. Whoo hoo. My roomies finally arrived! Finally! Megan came first and she is from Draper and she had her mom and dad and grandma. Then came Lauren and she is from Grand Junction. And then came Hope!! She lived in West Jordan. She lives in my room with me and she is pretty cool! She plays the acoustic guitar too. We all should be having some fun times. Wednesday night there was a BBQ and that was fun. The food was good and the company, enjoyable. There was a movie on a field but we headed back home to watch Enchanted! You gotta love chick flicks and snacks! Today Hope and I went to campus and got lost.. oh boy. That was fun. But we made it back to home! Well, that’s about it for now! Love you all!


Just so you all know..

This blog is in response to the many comments received about me and men and the Y. Yes, I'm moving down to the Y.. but no I am not going to get married. I think I will be staying single for quite some time. Just thought you all might want to know. I hope I didn't get your hopes up for an announcement in the mail. The end. :)


Another Post

Well, here we are again. Telling weekly stories. I think I will start with my horror of the week of getting my wisdom teeth out. So I get up and have my dad give me a blessing before I went in with me mom. My mom and I headed in and I got all hooked up to multiple machines.. I never knew they needed so many machines to pop a couple teeth out! I had a couple things hooked up to make sure I didn't flat line and die and another to check my breathing and then oxygen through the nose and then an IV. With all the electrical lines and everything I started to get a bit scared and stressed because the doctor (Michael Broadbent) started putting stuff in the IV and I think it was a good thing because all of a sudden I was waking up and I wasn't stressed anymore. I was scared. DEAD SCARED! I wasn't in the same room I started in and some lady was watching me. So.. I started to hyperventilate.. And the lady told me to breathe slower, but I couldn't! I don't even know why I was scared, I was having all these weird emotions, like I started crying and I was shaking all over. It was pretty bad. Anyways. I think the lady got worried because she started asking me all these weird questions, like to move my right and left hands and then feet. And then she was asking me what I like to do and who the president is (which when I came to the realization it was still Bush I was pretty bummed HAHA!) and what year it was. It took me a while to answer all the questions. But I finally calmed down and my mom came in. Afterwards we went to my dads work to say hi and then home for sleep. I think that the scariest part was waking up hands down. But the best part was the blessing my dad gave me before. I was asked to speak on Sunday and I was pretty worried about that with my teeth getting cut out and all. My dad gave me a blessing and he said that I would heal quickly, and that was said a couple times and he also said that I would be able to speak on Sunday. Which I did today! I haven't had hardly any pain at all the whole time. I have just been a bit tired and thats all. Today I got to be in the nursery one last time and I loved every minute of it! Those kids are just so so cute! I'm going to miss being in there. So lately I've been trying to pack a couple things here and there to make my mom happy because she is stressing out. And its finally hit me that I'm moving on Tuesday night. I'm not sure whether I am happy or sad. I think its a mix of both. I don't think I have any more stories. Except for my new favorite line from Finding Nemo.. I heard this line when I woke up and couldn't sleep because it was too quiet (weird I know) so I put on Finding Nemo and fell asleep to it and somewhere in the movie I was only half asleep and Dori says "Give it up old man, I was built for speed. " And I thought it was pretty funny. Not funny enough to wake up and laugh. But my brain laughed. Questions, comments, queries, quizzical somethings of any kind you know what to do with them! Love you all!


Don't Read If You Are Planning To Read The Twighlight Series!!

I just finished Eclipse.. this holds info about that book :)

Okay, so I just finished Eclipse and I just need a little venting time. Aimee told me she would give the ending away if I kept going off. Anyways. So I admit.. I'm furious that she picked Edward over Jacob. ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS! Yeah yeah she needs Edward or whatever but I think Jacob is better for her. I like his personality so much better. And he's half human so that's gotta be good for something. And just contrasting werewolf and vampire.. I'd hands down pick werewolf. Hands down. Plus how Jacob is somehow always warm sounds pretty nice. I'm not a person for cold and hard people. I wish she picked Jacob. I still have one book to read and I hope she gets with Jacob. Well, that's all for now.


The Past Little While..

I haven't blogged for a while, so I figured it was that time again. I finished up my class. The last day of class, before it started I headed up o the University to check out the art they had there.. THEY HAD MONET! I really like his stuff, but they didn't have any Rembrandt, and he's my favorite. They also had some Picasso. It was really neat and there was a lot of really gorgeous pieces. Most of them were done in oils on canvas. How the crap do things like that last this long? I went to class and took my final.. I had it done pretty quick, but I went over it three times before I turned it in and I was still the first one done. SO either I knew the material pretty well, or I just thought I knew the answers and I didn't. I'm hoping for the first option listed. After I went to the Gateway then to temple square and around the visitors center and then to the Conference Center for a tour. Wow, its really pretty there! And then I went and listened to the choir and they sounded so good even in practice! Eventually I made it home. Nothing really else happened this week. Except for Saturday I was dumb enough to work a 12 and 1/2 hour shift.. I hurt so bad today. Wow, my back was trashed. Today I got to help in the nursery again. Those kids are just so so so cute! There is this little shy boy named Luke and he is such a cutie! He would kick a ball around till I said "Wow Luke, yo kick the ball really good!" And then he'd smile and look at me and then keep kicking it around. At the end of class he brought my shoes over to me so I could put them on. It was cute. A girl names Shaylea was running around in my shoes earlier and she came up to me and said, "look how good your shoes fit me!" and Rylin gave me a dandelion. And lets see.. Kambria liked to hold my hand when we were walking around outside and Preston was running around singing the Star Wars theme song. I asked him if it was Star Wars and he said "Yeah! I have that show and it is so good!" and Conner has the best dinosaur impression to scare the girls. They are all so cute and have so much energy! We got the balls out to play with and wow, they were all running around as fast as their little legs could carry them. Anyways. I like the nursery. The boys are really into the Olympics so that's what has been on all day long. We're having fun with it though. Well, love you all!


Happy Tagging!

Thanks Sister LaRose!!

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- I can't stand it when Syd leaves her hair in the bathtub drain or in her brush. Or squeezes the toothpaste from the middle of the tube. Even though she has a different hairbrush than I do, I still can't stand it to see all her hair wadded up in it. GROSS!

- I don't like a couple foods some people can't live without.. like.. Potato chips. Root Beer. Licorice. Carrots. Almond Joys. Oatmeal.

- When I talk I say potato with a "B" on accident so it sounds like botato. And my mom makes fun of me.

- I have to check the shower every single time I go into the bathroom and shut the door. To make sure someone isn't in there, like Sydney trying to scare me or something.

-I have to wear a belt with my jeans no matter what. It doesn't matter if they are a bit big or a bit tight, I ALWAYS have to have a belt. ALWAYS.

-I'm a sleep-holic. I love sleeping. It doesn't matter if I'm tired or not, I LOVE sleeping!! I could sleep all day! Especially Sundays. The day of REST :) I'm a night person and I like sleeping late in the morning and my mom says "I'm sleeping my life away" :)

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This Might Be Short..

Nothing much has happened since I last wrote on here. We had the Summer Family Reunion which was pretty much rockin with tire and duck throws and mattress riding behind a four wheeler and Frisbee golf with car hubcaps and horseshoes with toilet seats and the amazingly spectacular food! They went pretty much all out on the redneck theme. Uncle Scott told the bear story and it was really good like every other year. I swear that bear gets bigger each time.. just kidding. Its been so nice to have Ali and her family close! And Staten and Cherie! Last night there was a birthday party for Rylee at her other grandma's house cuz they have a pool, so we hung out there for a while. I had to leave early for work. My heavens. 10 1/2 hours is too much for one day. At least I'm getting paid though! On Sunday I got to hold a baby all through Relief Society. His name is October and boy is he a cutie! They also asked me to lead th music in sacrament, I think they are trying to get my time in before I leave. I've had to talk, give a couple prayers and then lead! Ha! Oh on the 24th my friends and Syd and I went to Causey and then to the Monastery. That was pretty cool. Today after my class I'm going to the Bees game with a guy named Zach and some people from work. It should be fun. I'll post pics. Well, that's about it! Love you all!


This Might Be Long..

Hello All! This might be a little long considering all the many things I must tell you all! Last week my friend Amber Houghton was competing in Jr. Miss and her Young Women's leader (its so weird to say that cuz now I'm in Relief Society) and I decided we were going to decorate her room on Tuesday night. On Tuesdays I have my class in SLC, so I was headed home and I called home and asked the boys to blow up tons of balloons. So they blew up a ton of them. So I get home and I make a couple signs and I grab the balloons and we already told Amber's family so she was out of the house. So I head over and start hanging up balloons and sings. I call Sister Anderson and she says she's on her way. Not even two minutes later she calls me and says Amber is home! I guess she pulled in right behind Amber and her sister! So she flipped her lights off and drove away. So I'm stuck in the house almost having a loss of function. I'm running frantically around oh man the adrenaline rush was intense! I guess Heather (Amber's sister made Amber go in the backyard so I run out the front door and drive my car over to Sister Wayment's (two doors down) and meet Sister Anderson there and we run back to the house with some balloons she brought and ran downstairs and threw them in Amber's room and ran out and to our cars and away! We couldn't stop laughing the whole time. Oh man, it was so fun! I think I got my workout for the month. Then! On Friday it was Heather's sweet sixteen. So I made a cake and I put a tiara on it that had a 16 on it and it was all silvery and sparkly and we went and dropped it off. I had the boys take it up to the door and when she came to the door they knelt down and sang Happy Birthday. It was so cute. Saturday was uneventful, I think.. I can't really remember. Sunday was a fun day. I said the closing prayer.. again. I went to church and at the beginning of Relief Society the Primary President came in and asked if I would help in the Nursery! I was so so so excited! So I go in and there was this little boy named Conner and he wanted a book read to him. So I get the book and I sit him down on my lap and pretty soon I had at least 5 kids around me and looking at the book. So we sat on the ground and oh it was so fun! There was an animal book and I'd ask them what animal it was and they would tell me and I'd ask them what sound it made. The cutest is when I asked them what sound a duck made, because they all started quaking and then wiggling their arms like wings. Oh it was adorable! Then we had singing time outside and they all held hands two by two on the way out and in and on the way in Conner wanted to hold my hand. After that I got to help pass out treats (and no I didn't eat them) and then they colored. It was so fun. I was a bit worn out after church though. LOL. That night I went to a fireside with my friend Alyssa and we sat by our friends Jon and Blake. Almost to the end I got a little bored. So did Alyssa. And out of nowhere this kid behind us (he was probably a deacon) passed some gas. And we lost it. Oh heavens. We were laughing silently but we were like having convulsions from laughing so hard. I felt kinda bad cuz the kid was probably embarrassed. And you all know that I cry when I laugh really hard, so I'm like crying and laughing and Alyssa is laughing and the two guys are laughing at us cuz we can' t stop laughing. Oh it was so funny. It might've just been funny because we were bored. Or immature. Or both. On Monday I got to take Josh to the dentist and after we stopped by the store and saw grandma so that was fun. That night we went Frisbee golfing in Riverdale. It was really fun. My mom lost a Frisbee. The group ahead of us was like drunk and they had beer so we could smell it when they left the T off and we went there. I think that is about it. Now I'm just on my way to SLC for my class. Love you all! The end.


This Past Week

I think I will now blog when I'm on the FrontRunner. Its just so convenient! So I'm on my way to SLC right now and today I get to turn in my paper that I had to write today. I hope I get a good grade on it. He had us choose a question relating to doctrine we didn't know the answer to and then pray and search and find the answer. My question is why is my body so important? Why do we have bodies? Sort of thing. If any of you want to read it, just let me know and I'll either print it off for you or email it to you. This week I went and saw Kung Fu Panda with some friends from work and then Aimee and Syd, and we all thought it was pretty dang good and really funny. Syd and I really liked the end. There was this really funny part right at the end and Syd and I laughed and laughed and laughed. Oh it was funny. Everyone else thought we were just a bit weird for thinking that it was that funny. Afterwards we all headed to Pop's Malt Shop and got shakes. Which were pretty good! I got chocolate banana (my favorite) and it was SO GOOD! On Sunday we went to our church meeting and then afterward my mom and dad and Nate and me went to AJ and Jenny Kapino's baby blessing. They named her London, and she is so cute! After we got home we went to grandmas and some of Aimee's camp buddies met us up there. Britt Pryce is getting so big and he is so so uber adorable! That's the only child I saw besides my siblings because my mom and I left with Aimee and her friends to take them to Aspen Ridge. After we took them back we decided to stop by Cherise and Kenny's. Sarah is getting so tall! when we drove up Cherise had this look like... who is that? But she finally caught on that it was us and we had a great time talking, Sarah was going to try out for a short film in Salt Lake on Monday so hopefully she did well! After we left we headed home and just had fun chatting. Mom and I. We get along pretty well. Especially if she plays my favorite song on the piano. But she doesn't do that very often. LOL. Fourth of July was fun. I went to the parade and to the stake breakfast and then to work from 12 to 8:30. So I got my share of holiday pay :) and then we went to the fireworks and had some at grandmas. The boys put on quite an amazing firework show down on the court while the rest of us sit on the deck and reminisce and have fun talking and watching. We had fun playing with sparklers and such. The boys had fun when I told them to see who could make it to the fence by the barn and back faster than their sparkler would burn out. We got our exercise that night. I think that is about it for the fun-ness of this week. I love you all!


Life on the Front Runner

As most of you know I started a Doctrine and Covenants class at the BYU Center in SLC. And the question arises how do I get there? Well my friends let me tell you! I ride the Front Runner! Every Tuesday and Thursday, I get to ride it back and forth. In fact, its what I'm doing right now. They've got a sweet Wi-Fi connection, so I just grab my little laptop and type away. (Thank you so much mom and dad for the sweet laptop! I love you guys!!) I started the class on Tuesday and so far so good. The teacher is awesome. Our class is really REALLY small... 6 of us to be exact. On Tuesday I came out of the class and I was just wowed, my brain felt like exploding from everything I learned in just two hours and the spirit was incredible. One of the really really REALLY other cool things is that the Gateway is like a five minute walk from my class. They are right next door! So, we all know where I will be heading after classes. Also the Clark Planetarium is down there too, and my mom and I went in there, and all I have to say is that place is way cool! My favorite thing I saw was an advertisement for a U2 show they have (my favorite band) and then there is this HUGE thing that balls roll through and around and oh boy I could just watch that stuff all day long!! Anywho. This week has been pretty uneventful. I got the raise I've been needing badly, and more hours!! So things are going good. Oh. Yesterday one of Syd's guinea pigs died. Sad. I was gone rock climbing with some friends when she died and got buried I guess. Rock climbing was really fun, I haven't been for a really long time, so I'm just a bit sore, but it was uber fun! I led climbed half of a route, but then I fell and let someone else try it. I was lead climbing another route and got above where I was clipped in and was heading for the next bolt, and I fell, that was pretty intense. Just about 5 feet or so, but wow, it was a little scary till the rope caught me. LOL. The other weekend for my mom and dad's anniversary they took a mini vacation to SLC, and stayed down there from Thursday afternoon till Saturday evening. On Thursday the boys and I had a blast! (Syd was gone at Girls Camp and Aimee is at the scout camp), as soon as mom and dad left we ate popsicles and then played in the water outside. After that we had some pizza and then went to feed the ducks at Acres. After feeding the two ducks and some seagulls (haha) we headed to the park at the bottom of the hill where G&G Medsker lives. Joshua started having a really hard time breathing, so we headed up to Grandma's because they are closer and have an inhalor Josh can use. So we went up there and played for a bit then headed home for a movie. I made cookies while the boys ate ice cream and watched Cody Banks. Then the boys were all funned out and we headed to bed. It was quite the day! Oh ho! On Saturday after work I went to my friend Lance's house, to watch his kids for like twenty minutes cuz he had errands and his wife was having a girls day. Anyways- he has a little boy named Westley and ha is so cute! I would guess he's around 3 or 4. Anyways. So we were chilling on the couch while his other kid was sleeping (an adorable little girl!) and Westley had my phone because he LOVES cell phones and whenever I see him I let him play with my phone. So he remembers me as the "Lady with the pink phone" LOL. So he was tapping away on the buttons on my phone and he looks at me. And he just kinda looked me up and down and his eyes kinda stopped at my chest, and he takes his hand and puts it right where he was looking! And he says "Whats this?" And I move his hand and say "That's my chest". And he puts his hand back and says this is your chest?!" And I move his hand and tell him yeah that's my chest. So then he goes back to playing with my phone. Well, Lance comes home and I'm holding his little girl and I give her to Lance and Westley is standing by me and Lance is taking care of his daughter and Westley says "Daddy! This is a chest!" And puts his hand where it was before! I just about died! Lance wasn't paying attention though. LOL. I think that is all my amusing stories for now. Love you all!



You Are Cinderella!
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Dignified and hard working. With a gentle and soft-spoken manner you have something many people don't. Patience. Even through the moments of heartbreak you're still able to hold onto all of your hopes and dreams. Bide your time; your dream will come true.

Which Disney Princess Are You?

I saw this on Britt's blog while I was loking at it and who doesn't want to see which princess they are?!


Scaring The Birdies

So I hope this uploaded right... its just a movie of one of the things I really like doing :) haha enjoy!!!

Cali Pics

Fish faces in front of the fish tank
We love sea stars! Ans Starfishes... like Sydney :)
We be midgets!!
A pink long necked, long legged bird
And a little dolphin friend

Pics from Cali

Rylee playing on the beach.
Jossy in the sand
On the way to SeaWorld.. with my speech impediment!
I'm so excited so see all the sea creatures!!

4 things :)

Four jobs I’ve had:
1. Bagger and Checker at Lee's (Acres)
2. Camp Counselor
3. The downstairs person at Grandma's Closet
4. The official babysitter for my family :) haha

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:
1. The Notebook
2. Pride and Prejudice
3. Just Like Heaven
4. Hairspray

Four places I’ve lived:
1. Ogden, Utah
2. Hull Valley, Idaho
3. Pleasant View, Utah (when we lived with grandma)

Four TV shows I watch:
1. The Office
2. King of Queens
3. Everybody loves Raymond
4. Sienfield

Four places I’ve been:
1. California
2. Washington D.C.
3. Baltimore
4. Wyoming

Four people who email me regularly:
1. My Grandma Medsker
2. My aunt Ali
3. BYU
4. My Grandpa Medsker

Four of my favorite foods:
1. Anything Italian
2. Junior Mints
3. A nice big greasy pizza
4. Doughnuts

Four places I would like to visit:
1. Jamaica
2. Hawaii
3. Bahamas
4. Anywhere warm with the ocean :)

Four things I’m looking forward to in the coming year:
1. Going to school
2. The 4th of July
4. Being with friends and family



Hey all! Cali has been a blast, and tomorrow night we are leaving, but debating on whether or not we really want to get on the airplane. We might just miss it. Anywho- this week has gone by really fast. We've done tons and tons of shopping, tanning, swimming, getting hit on, eating tons, sleeping, you name it! Its been hands down the best vacation ever! I will put some pics on of numerous things... like.. Sea World. On our way there we had an old man hitting hard core on us. Just ask and I'll tell you the story, but its got to be in person or on the phone or it doesn't do justice. Anywho- I'll sum up my whole vacation after I'm back, I just wanted to let you all know I'm still alive :) Love you all!