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The Holy Ghost

Choice 2 - 

Make a list after reading select scriptures about what disciples must do to receive to Holy Ghost and what the Holy Ghost will do.
  • Keep the commandments, the Holy Ghost will be with you
  • Don’t be troubled or afraid, the Holy Ghost will teach and bring remembrance
  • Bear witness, the Holy Ghost will testify of Christ
  • The Savior departed, the Holy Ghost reproves the world of sin
  • Listen to the Holy Ghost, the holy Ghost will guide you and glorify Christ
  • Choose the right, the Holy Ghost will develop the person spiritually
  • Listen to the Holy Ghost, the Holy Ghost will testify.
The Holy Ghost helped the Apostles fulfill their missions after the Savior’s death and resurrection by doing the following:
  • The Holy Ghost was with the Apostles
  • While the apostles taught the Holy Ghost testified their messages were true
  • The Holy Ghost guided the apostles
  • The Holy Ghost developed the apostles and those they taught and worked with spiritually
Recently my husband and I had the sell of our house fall through so we were not able to buy the house we were going to. This actually happened twice. This last time I wanted to take the house off the market but we left it up for a few days and within days we went under contract again. My husband and I started to look around for houses and my husband found a house about 35 minutes away but closer to family. He had been looking at this area for quite some time. Long story short we put an offer in on the house and the owners countered. My husband felt good and confident about countering or accepting the offer but I was very nervous and stressed. After a lot of prayer and fasting, I felt the Holy Ghost let me know we should counter or accept the counter offer. Later I learned my husband had been drawn to look at that area, and we both believe that was a prompting of the Holy Ghost. We haven’t moved yet, but I feel like this one is going to work and where we should move. 


A New Commandment

How can others know if we are disciples of Jesus Christ?
According to John 13:34-35 others will know if we are disciples of Christ if we love one another.
How would a disciple of Jesus Christ respond to these situations?

Someone you know is ridiculed or made fun of because of the way he or she dresses.
            I think a disciple of Christ would comfort the person being made fun of. Maybe even point out a thing or two they liked about the person’s outfit and tell them not to worry about what others think. If someone was being made fun of at that moment, the disciple would stand up for the person being made fun of and tell the others to stop.

You see a new person at church.
            A disciple would approach the new person and get to know them! Ask where they moved from, or what they do for a living. They’d ask where they live and welcome them to the ward.

I have made a list of things I can do for a certain person this week to show them I love them and exemplify the type of love the Savior would show.


The Widow's Mites and Preparing for the Second Coming

The Widow’s Mites

James E Talmage explained why the widow’s mites meant more than the amount the rich people donated. He states, “The rich gave much yet kept back more; the widow’s gift was her all. It was not the smallness of her offering that made it especially acceptable, but the spirit of sacrifice and devout intent with which she gave.” The widow gave all she had and did so because she felt compelled, had pure intent, and loved the Lord. It really was a sacrifice for her.

As I stated above, the amount the widow gave was all she had. It was a sacrifice and I’m sure it took faith to donate at all. In 2 Nephi 25:23 it states, “for we know that it is by grace that we are saved, after all we can do.“ The widow did all she could do, she donated all she could with the right state of mind. The amount of what we donate, monetarily or time, should be what we can do. In the story it states the rich donated a lot, but they also had a lot to give and then still kept a lot. The widow donated all she could. 

Aside from a monetary donation, I can donate my time. I can visit people in my ward and spend time with them. I live in an older ward so some of the people in the ward always enjoy visits.

Preparing for the second Coming

What believers can watch for:
Watch to not be deceived
Watch because all things have been foretold
Watch and pray because the time isn’t known

How to prepare for the Second Coming:
”Stand in holy places and be not moved”
Pray always and be ready
Listen and heed the Holy Spirit