Family photo

Family photo


It's beginning to FEEL a lot like Christmas

OH MAN! Thanksgiving is over and my shopping is done! Black Friday I went out with some friends and were in line at Mervyn's at 3 in the morning. Ü And boy did we shop! I got so much stuff and I am proud to say ALL my shopping is done... except for my dad. I have no clue what to get him. So if anyone has any clue at all as to what to get him, they should tell me. Thanksgiving was grand. I worked and got paid time and a half. We did turkey bowling in the front of the store when we got bored near the end. Then I headed over to grandma's where I ate a scrumptious dinner that was way good. Well, I guess it was lunch. Anyways. It was amazing. Then for the fun part. We sat down and looked at ads! And I plotted where I wanted to go! I had a way fun time shopping, its not as bad as you all make it sound. Then to home around 7:30 to sleep. Then to work at 3. But I got off and went with some friends to the Junction. We had fun. We did mini golfing, played pool, and bowled for like an hour and 15 minutes. Apparently for bowling there you pay for minutes, not games. On Saturday I had to work again. But I got off and went to Enchanted with some friends and my sisters. That has got to be ranked with the cute chick flicks that are also hilarious and you could watch them 5 times in a row and still like it. I think that is about all I did over the weekend. OH! We decorated our Christmas tree and wrapped presents. And I wrapped all the presents I got for people while wearing a Santa hat and singing Christmas songs. About that Santa hat. Well, two things. Josh really likes my Santa hat. I guess when my family unpacked it he took it and wore it all night. He wanted to sleep in it, but my mom and dad wouldn't let him. How rude is that. Just kidding. So the first thing he did when he got up was put it on. And wear it all morning. LOL Next story. Well, I decided to wear it to work (this was on Saturday). So I was driving my jolly self to work and I came to a stop light. So i stopped at the stop light. (which I do at every stop light unless its yellow or green, haha, just kidding mom, i stop at the yellow ones too). And this guy in the car next to me looked over at me. And I looked at him. And he shook his head a little at me. I guess it was cuz of the hat. So I waved and smiled and he waved and I pointed to my hat and smiled and gave him a thumbs up. And he shook his head again. Some people are just natural born scrooges I guess. Well, thats it for this week. Love you all!



Ah finally! The long awaited time of THANKSGIVING BREAK! I just love the first day you get off of school, cuz I sleep in fill whenever. And I wake up not being tired! Its a wonderful thing! Just so you all know, I get off of work at 1:30, so I won't be able to make all the yummy food but I will make the jolly hanging out and looking at ads time. Some of my friends want to go shopping on Black Friday, the only problem is half of us have never been. So it would be nice to get some pointers from you experts Ü. Fred, I already know what you would say. "GO HIDE IN A CORNER!" So we got new check stands at Acres. And they are retarded. They have conveyor belts on both sides. And they are dumb and so much less efficient than our other ones. I should know... I've been there for a year! It makes me sad, one of the managers at Acres would always say "Emily come bag for me" and then he'd tell the costumer I was the fastest bagger... cuz I was. But not with these check stands. I think I'll train to be a checker. And get a raise. Good idea huh. So just so you all know, 18 is not different from any other age. It feels the same as when I was 16 and the only difference is I can sign stuff and go skydiving (yes grandma, skydiving Ü) and get arrested and tried as an adult. So now I have to watch my steps close so I don't go commit some felony or something. Well, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Gobble gobble gobble!


This past week (the one I just sent out)

Hey all! This week has been pretty busy! I started a new tri last week on the 13th. My new schedule is alright. First I have financial literacy, second is Math 1050, third AP English, fourth seminary, fifth AP Gov, and sixth AP art. So needless to say I am running a bit of a busy schedule. I don't like my AP art teacher very much. She wears a white turban every day so she reminds me of a Q-tip. She also talks really really slow. I thought my seminary teacher talked slow. Oh man he's a speed talker compared to her! She talks really slow and then she will pause in the middle of a sentence and just look around for a while and the continue talking. She's a little bossy as well. She kept telling me I needed to do water color basics and stuff when I've already done them. I forgot to say that I'm in a beginning art class and there is 4 AP art students in that class and we do just whatever (as long as its within reason). So I showed her a picture I wanted to do and I could tell she wanted me to do it in water colors (which I don't like working with water colors very much). So I told her I was going to do my picture in colored pencils and she scuzzed me off the rest of class. I can tell me and this lady are not going to get along very well. But thats ok, cuz I don't get along with everyone. Like one of my managers Karli. One day I hope that I'm her manager. And then She will be under me. Haha! And I will be nice to her. And then she will wonder why I'm nice to her cuz she was such a witch to me! HAHAHAHA! I love revenge. Anyways, so this week I applied to 5 schools and then I withdrew one application. I applied to all three BYU's (Provo, Idaho and Hawaii), UVSC, and Dixie. Later during the week I was talking to my dad and he was telling me that even if I did get accepted to BYU Hawaii that I basically wouldn't be able to live and pay for everything, and it made sense, so I withdrew my app to my dream school :( but that is ok, because there is still Di xie in the warmness of St. George! 100 degrees or more fehrenhiet here I come. Just kiddin, I don't know where I want to go yet. I think I'm leaning towards BYU-I and Dixie (even though BYU-I is in an absolute desolate freezing place, I looked into it and it looks pretty nice as long as I'm not outside and the average room temperature is 75. My birthday was fun. I had a party with m friends on Saturday. My mom and I went shopping for my birthday on Saturday, and when I got home I showed my brothers and my dad what I got. Well, I got the cutest coat ever, but my dad started making fun of it and saying it was an old lady coat, but he was just teasing. But I was feeling a little sensitive that day, and he said it looked like a coat that Sister Shipley would wear. Well sister Shipley was an older woman in our ward a little while back that was like crazy and pack ratty and that sort of thing. Nice but kinda weird ya know. So I don't know what came over me but I just started crying, and usually I'll just shrug it off but I don't know what happened and I started crying and felt really dumb. It took me a little bit to stop crying and stuff. I felt really dumb. Just like Fergie says Ü "Big girls don't cry" haha. Anyways I love my coat and I got some really cute polos and my mom made me let her take them to wrap them. So Sunday morning rolls along and I unwrap my presents and lo and behold there is that wonderful coat of mine. The boys didn't know that my mom had wrapped it so Brandon says "Why did you get another coat like that? You already have one just like it." LOL. They make me laugh. On Friday night (2 nights ago) I went and saw the Bee Movie. I thought it was pretty good and funny. No where near Mr. Bean's Holiday, but it was still pretty good. Well, I think that is about it. I love you all. If you have questions, comments, concerns or anything like that let me know lol.

I got a blog.

Whoo hoo, I feel up to date again. I just got really jealous when I found out Ali and Britt are more technologically advanced than I was. That stuff is just unheard of. I think I am going to start putting my "This past week" on here, so feel free to check it out. Who knows, it might even change to "this past half week" or, "these past two hours". I'll put the one that I just sent out on here, so you all can see it again. and even comment on it!