Family photo

Family photo



Mike and I went to the eye doctor probably about two weeks ago. I totally forgot to post about this.

We set up an appointment together, cuz that's what married people do so they don't have to waste gas with each going to the place separately. Haha. Anyway, the eye doctor called us back at the same time and I went first. Not too bad. I'm getting some lenses put in my sunglasses to see a little better while driving. My lenses I have for work still work really well and I don't get headaches so I'm just keeping those till next year when I get frames and lenses.

Mike is getting some lenses in another pair of frames he has and they will be transition lenses so he can see better playing sports. He didn't want to wear his really nice glasses playing, and plus sometimes it gets really bright in the evening when he is playing softball so he went with the transitions.

So after me, Mike gets in the chair and the eye doctor asks if he can read anything on the bottom two lines. Mike said, "I can't read those, but I can read the line above it, and it says F C". So then the eye doctor asked Mike a question and he said F C again and then had to read the whole chart, and he did fine until the F C.. and he said F C again.

Funny thing is that it was an F O. Hahahaha!

I was dying laughing on the inside! I just kept thinking, "it's not an F C, it's an F O.. you can't read it fine like you are claiming." Haha.

Also we have a birds nest in the backyard under our porch over hang cover thing. I'm going to sneak up there today with a ladder to see what I see. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll be able to get some pics with my camera.