Family photo

Family photo


Pics of Boston

Boston went to the chiropractor with me a week ago. He got checked out and he is looking pretty good! The chiropractor taught us some exercises to do with him to help his muscles develop better.

Here are some pics of the cute boy! he is getting chubs on the cheeks, I LOOOOVE it! He is so super smiley and happy. Goodness, I love him!

And also I chopped my hair.


Our bathroom door handle sticks like none other. Mike and I never shut the door all the way because of it. Usually we just have the door touching the frame. The door is pretty hard to get open, and it's even harder if you just washed your hands or if the bathroom is steamy from hot shower water. I think one day my brother in law, Brandon, might die in there. It takes him a bit of muscle to get out. I told him to keep him alive we may have to slide deli meat under the door. Ha!

First Day Back

Today was my first day back at work. It was hard to leave Boston. But it was a busy day, so that is good. It kept me occupied. Everyone wanted to see pictures of Boston, so that was fun.

I teared up after I dropped him off, but I knew he would be well taken care of. I got a surprise picture of him in the middle of the day, and that made my day so much better and easier! I'm really glad I could find someone so close and great to watch him. Love it.

I was happy to come home and see him! Mike was home and had him, so I took Boston and fed him and spent some time with him. I missed this little guy!


Essential Oils and the Zoo

I am a big Essential Oils fan. Loooove them! I sometimes put Lavender on Boston's feet. Mike asks for me to put lavender on his feet sometimes, too. And yes, I do. Cuz I love him! I use peppermint for migraines, headaches, and neck aches. I use eucalyptus for colds. I use Cyprus for sore muscles after I work out. My newest Essential Oil is On Guard. And I now love it!!

Last night I started getting a sore throat. It hurt really bad to talk and swallow. This morning was even worse. So I googled Essential Oils for a sore throat. I read to put two drops of On Guard and two drops of Lemon into a small amount of water. Then gargle for a little bit and swallow. And then do this every few hours. I'm happy to report after doing this once my throat felt a lot better, and after doing it twice it feels even more better! I can still tell it's a little sore, but this stuff really works! And it worked within minutes!

I love Essential Oils!

Also, I think Boston is getting excited to go to the zoo. I tell him about the zoo and all the animals and he smiles a lot. Especially when I say "elephant". Maybe it's cuz I say "elephant" more than the other animals. But I think he is pretty dang excited. I can't wait for warmer and sunnier weather!



The other day Mike and I were talking to his brother, David. We got on the subject of baseball and I mentioned Wrigley field would be around for 100 years this year. Neither of them knew that! So here is my braggy post that I knew something about baseball that Mike and Dave didn't. Yeah!!

Two Months

Little Boston is already 2 months! I can't believe it! He is so fun. He is such a content and happy baby! He's finally got some chunk on his cheeks, it's the best. Boston learned to smile around 6 weeks old. He smiles so much, and I love it!


Brian Regan

This past Friday Mike and I went to the Brian Regan show. It was hilarious!! Oh my word, I laughed and laughed and LAUGHED! At the end of the night my cheeks ached and my c-section scar hurt. Before the show we met up with Deb, Heather, and my Grandma Andrushko. We went to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and looked around the Gateway for a few seconds. After that Mike and I met up with some friends and went to the show. The show was so great. I definitely want to see him again. At work that day some important people were there. So Mike had to dress up. I had a super sexy date!

My mom watched Boston and said he was super good. She had a fun time bathing, dressing, and playing with him. He is a pretty good smiler now!