Family photo

Family photo


This Month

I don't blog much anymore. I need to. I want to. I just don't. I feel like it is near the bottom of my totem pole of things to do. I'll try to do better.

I finally finished my school semester. I'm really excited about that. My last final website could technically be turned in tonight at midnight, but I wanted to be done so I stayed up really late Saturday night (2 AM!) and finished that stuff up! It will be nice to have a break for a bit. And this week Mike and I are both off, so it will be even more nice to have all the family time with Mike and Boston, yay!

This weekend there was a celebration for my grandparents. They celebrated 50 years of marriage. Wowzers! That is two of my lifetimes. Anyway, we went up to the celebration, it was great. We had to leave a little early, which was too bad. Some of my siblings and cousins were showing talents, it was fun to see but I wish I could have seen them all.

We left early to go see The Hobbit. I had already gotten the tickets before I knew about the 50th anniversary celebration. So we went to The Hobbit. It was good! I really liked it. I was a bit disappointed with the second one, but I really liked this one.

A few weeks ago we had family pictures taken. It was fun! The weather was great and Boston was a happy camper. I made Christmas cards and are in the process of sending them out. I really love how our pictures turned out. So fun!

My birthday was last month, that was fun. On my cake Mike put the number 300 and then 25 candles, because I was turning 300 months. Haha! Mike and Boston got me Mario 3D World for the Wii U and Zelda Monopoly.

Mike's birthday was earlier this month. He celebrated number 31! He got a good haul of tickets to see The Hobbit and tickets to see Less Than Jake in February.

Boston's birthday is coming up soon! Less than two weeks. I can hardly believe it! I'll make sure I post on his birthday.

Here is our Christmas Card! Merry Christmas!


Good Day

Today was a good day.

It all started last night. I'm in a few health groups on Facebook, and on one of them I jokingly said something like "I've broken two Kitchen Aid blenders by trying to be healthy." Funny, right? I had a few people comment saying to get a Ninja or Magic Bullet etc etc. Someone even mentioned to check Marshalls or TJ Maxx, which is a super great idea. One person also commented and said something like I'm actually a manager at Kitchen Aid, if you want you can message me and see if we can do anything.

I was thinking, eh, why not.? I didn't think anything could be done because one blender is five years old and the other I got earlier this year in the spring. And really the blenders aren't broke, it was the blades at the bottom of the jars. So I PM'd this person, who was an acquaintance. I'd never spoken to him before but I knew of him.

Anyway, he asked for the model number and serial numbers of both and I gave it to him. He got back to me and guess what he said! He said they would give me a new pitcher for my older blender and completely replace the newer one! A whole NEW BLENDER! WHAAAAAT! And for free! I'm still completely floored by this. I just have to send my blender back to them. And that's prepaid as well. I can't even believe all this! So awesome!

So I called, gave him my address and they will be here in a few weeks!

I think I must have thanked him at least 10 times. And he was so nice on the phone and then said Kitchen Aid really likes to take care of their customers. And I agree! First, I can't believe he would reach out on a FB post, and then help me with my blenders, AND the company allows their employees to do that! I'm getting a pitcher for my blender that is 5 years old! If that doesn't say "we love our customers" I don't know what does.

I called and told my mom about this. She has also had a wonderful experience with Kitchen Aid. They replaced her pasta maker when it broke! What a great comapny! Anyway, this thing has totally made my day.

And tonight, I was able to talk to my friend in Peru, Her name is Emily and she absolutely rocks. She said sometime she wants to come to Utah, I hope she does, I would love to meet her in person one day.

Such a good day. And it doesn't even count the normal good everyday things like spending time with my boys.

Great day.



Oh man. Mike makes me laugh. Here are a few things he's said the past few weeks.

I had just looked at the news on TV and it said The Utah Pano Man had died or something like that.
Me: Mike, The Piano Man died.
Mike: Oh. The violinist probably killed him with a G-string.
Me: Uncontrollable laughter
Mike: No, the string on the violin, Emily.

Mike: I went to the store today, so I'm going to reward myself with a Kool-Aid Jammer.
Me: Nice!
Mike: It says Artificial Flavor! That's my favorite flavor!

Me: Hey honey, will you go pick up the pizzas? They are under my name.
Mike: So, is it under Emily or Will?
Me: MICHAEL! Get out!


So Close. But So Far.

If you ask Mike, I have a year left of school. If you ask me, I have two. It's somewhere between those two. I hope one day I'll be done. I really like my classes this semester, they are just time consuming. I'm taking Graphic Design and another Web Development class.

It's starting to get colder. Winter is around the corner. Egg nog is out (YUM!). It's getting close... I can't wait till spring. Get the winter over with.

Boston is 9 months old. I can't believe it. It's been so fun. I never knew having a kid would be THIS fun. Holy cow, I love it. Boston crawls so fast now. He giggle and laughs, and babbles. He loves looking in the mirror at himself. I have a mirror on the ground right now so he can play on it. So fun to watch. He has teeth coming in. Even though he's teething, he's so happy! He likes to blow raspberries and he likes to eat Cheerios.

Mike is handsome. And he is a hard worker. He is enjoying softball this fall. The season is coming to a close. He makes me laugh every day. Mike is my cheerleader and keeps me going.

I didn't really have a reason to blog. I just wanted to.

Oh! My sister Aimee got married the weekend before this last one. It was beautiful. I was able to take pictures. So fun. It was a beautiful ceremony. IT was kind of cold that day. And rainy. But it still turned out wonderful.

The other day I did crow pose for a few seconds. That was really exciting.

Well, I guess that's all. I have a lot of pics of Boston I need to upload, so expect an overload of pictures soon.


Tough Mudder 2014

Honestly I don't even know where to begin. I'll try my best to keep all of this in chronological order, but no promises.

A few months ago my friend DeWayne ran the idea by me to do a Tough Mudder course. I glanced at it quickly online and said I was in. We started to recruit people for the team. We threw it out to the SDLHC (Awesome FB health group that I'm in) and had some people respond. I was super excited. 

I started to train. I did the circuits the Tough Mudder website had listed. They were hard! But I kept at it. It was hard to juggle school, work, home life, and making time to work out. Really hard. 

As TM got closer I started to get worried. All of the obstacles looked fun to me. I don't have fears of tight spaces, falling, swimming, heights, jumping, etc. but I do have a fear of holding people back. I have a fear of needing people too much and being resented. 

I would text DeWayne at least once a week and say, "I don't think I can do this! I can't do it!" He'd reply by saying, "you're doing it." Thank goodness for friends who push you to do things. Looking back I don't know why I didn't think I could do it. I'm fit enough. I rock climb. I was working on upper body strength and running. I was scared.

Scared of what? A number of things. Failure. Holding people back. Making a fool of myself. My team not liking me. Not being a big enough contributor.

Fast forward to Mudder time. People flew in from out of state to participate in this Tough Mudder. A bunch of us got together the night before. We hadn't all met, so it would be nice to get to know each other before we went and did this thing the next day. We ate and laughed and talked. We had a great time. Eventually we all ended sitting in the living room and discussing our fears for the next day. We had a few people that had done Tough Mudders before, so it was nice to have their input on some of the obstacles. Some people in our group would be facing legitimate fears. For me, I didn't have a fear of physically doing something like climbing through a pipe or going under water.

For a minute I felt like I didn't belong. Everyone else had fears they would be battling. And me... well I just didn't want to hold people back. Anyone else I had talked to outside the group about what I was afraid of always brushed it off. "Oh you won't!" "You'll do fine!" "Don't worry about that, you'll do great!" It always seemed downplayed, but this is what I was really scared of! It got to my turn and I shared. I told everyone I was worried about holding them back.

And you know what happened? Instead of my fear being brushed aside, my group acknowledged it. Some nodded and others said they were also afraid of that. It felt nice to have others know how I felt. One person in my group voiced the exact same concern. I'm sad others had that same worry, but it's nice to know I wasn't alone. And I felt like I belonged again.

Too soon the night ended and we parted ways. I went home and went to bed. The alarm went off in the morning.....

AHHHHH IT'S TODAY. Obviously I hadn't successfully backed out of this. Gulp. But I was kind of excited.

I got up, got ready, and met with some of my teammates. We drove to Cedar Fort. Soon enough we were all there. We wrote our numbers on our arms and got ready. We warmed up and hopped over a wall. Then we were almost ready to go....

My whole team seemed so pumped and excited. All morning they all seemed SO excited. I was honestly just trying not to throw up my Cheerios from my nerves.

And then... GO.

We took off. We walked the whole course. I liked it that way. I was able to talk to my team members and try to process what we were doing. I really enjoyed each obstacle. Some I wasn't worried about. Others, I was worried. The obstacle I was most worried about was Funky Monkey. This was monkey bars, but at an incline. Only 40% of people successfully complete it. This was the obstacle I wanted to finish, but doubted myself more than ever.

We got to Funky Monkey. I was nervous. I stepped up and put my hands on the bars. My gloves were slippery. I stepped aside and took my gloves off. I kept remembering how I had done monkey bars at a playground by my house to practice and I thought they were hard to get through. In my head I kept saying "You can't do this. Save yourself the embarrassment and jump in the water or let go on the second or third rung. You can't do this."

Deep breath.

I put my hands on the first rung. I was nervous. I took my feet off the ground. I went to the second then third rung. Fourth. Fifth. "I think maybe I can do this!" Sixth. "Who am I kidding, I can't do this. I can't. I can't do it." But even with my self defeating thoughts I kept going. Finally I was three rungs from the end. "I should just drop. Just in case I don't make it to the end." "No. I made it this far, I may as well try." Two rungs to go. One. Swing to the ground.


I couldn't believe it. The one obstacle I was absolutely SURE I couldn't do, I did.

At another point on the course we had to carry bags of sand. Guys were generally taking two bags, and girls, one. The man facilitating told us that we could take as many as we wanted, but he hadn't seen a girl do more than two. "What the hell" I said to myself. And I had someone help me get three. I was going pretty slow. But I was making progress. My friend Ashley stayed with me. And I was so glad she did. I told her she could go ahead, she looked me straight in the eyes and said, "I'm not leaving you." And she didn't. She cheered me on and encouraged me the whole time. She kept telling me "you got this! You can do it!" even when the voice in my head kept saying "You took too many bags, you can't do this." But her voice was louder than the voice in my head. We rounded the last bend and I was telling myself, "just a few more steps! Just a few more steps! You can do it!"

And I made it! I carried 3 sandbags. 120 pounds. Nearly as much as I weigh. On my shoulders. I did it.


Another part of Tough Mudder that sticks out is the second to last obstacle. I had been helped and had helped strangers along the way. At the second to last obstacle there was a huge ramp. The ramp got steeper and steeper (and quickly too) until it was vertical. The goal was to get on top. Our team eventually all made it to the top. I was one of the last ones up. A few others not on our team were also trying to do the obstacle. At one point a woman fell, slid down, and sat at the bottom of the obstacle. She was crying. I knew that feeling. The feeling of defeat. No matter how hard you try and give 110% you still can't do it. I've felt like that before. A few of us at the top and some people at the bottom started talking about helping her get up to the top. A few of our team members slid down the ramp and with a few others made a human ladder up the ramp. The woman climbed up the ladder to us at the top. And she made it.

The thing I love about Tough Mudder is how highly they rank teamwork and helping others. I honestly don't know what our time was and I don't care to know. This event wasn't timed for me, it was getting everyone across the finish line. And we did it.

After digesting this event for a few days and looking at myself internally I've learned a few things. The first and biggest thing I've learned is I'm amazing. I seriously rock. I'm not trying to be cocky, but really I am awesome. I accomplished so much more than I thought I could. I had self defeating thoughts because I thought an obstacle looked hard. And I had already nearly lost the battle before I even put my hands on the rungs.

I've decided to change my outlook. I've been working on it since the end of Tough Mudder. It's not easy, but it's coming along. I feel more confident in what I do. I tell myself I CAN do things. If I'm not sure if I can do something, I try. And while I'm trying I tell myself I can do it.

Tough Mudder has helped me find self confidence I didn't have before. It's helped me find lifelong friends I didn't have before. And it helped me learn how to be a better person.

I hope I was able to contribute as much as the others did on my team. Some of my team members overcame amazing fears and doubts. It was incredible to just be a part of their story. My story, although different, is mine. And I love it.

I can't wait till Tough Mudder 2015. Who's in?


Comic Con - SLC 2014

This year I went to Comic Con. Here's my story.

I parked the car at the Gateway and hopped on the Trax. Someone told me there was a seat open. I went and sat down. There was a kid standing by my seat and his shirt said "I Survived the Sharknado." Awesome. I commented how I liked his shirt and we talked for a minute. After we got off the trax he was walking the same way as me to Comic Con so we kept talking. Neither of us knew exactly where to go. We hopped in a line and everyone said it was the correct line. Well, we waited in that line for like an hour and a half and then found out it was the wrong line. So then we ran to the other line. Long story short we spent 4 freaking hours in line. 4!!! But that's okay, because I made a friend! He's pretty cool, his name is Jake. We played Charades, talked about school, talked about people's costumes, and even accidentally asked a cross-dresser what he was dressed up as.. oops. Oh, and my friend's name is Jake. Super awesome guy. Hopefully I'll run into him again!

WE FINALLY MADE IT IN! It was pretty busy. There were a lot of artists booths, which were pretty cool to look at. I liked the artwork. 

Jake got a photo with Sam Whitwer and we talked to Ian Ziering. Ian Ziering was in Sharknado and he liked Jake's shirt. He was a pretty nice guy to talk to! There were a lot of stars there. Christopher Lloyd cancelled, so he wasn't there. I was bummed. But Cary Elwes was there. I never got to see him. Sad. I wanted to get his autograph, but it was $40 and they were only accepting cash. LAME. Who carries cash around these days? Not me. Alan Tudyk was also there, but I didn't get his autograph. And there were a few more people I recognized from smaller roles. It was pretty cool! 

I bought some posters. They were a really good price, so I got a poster for the Hobbit and one for Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back. I'm really excited for one day when I have a movie room and can hang all my posters up!

I really enjoyed all the people dressed up! I asked a lot of people for pictures, some people went all out and looked incredible! I'll post pictures below. 

On Thursday we went to a panel for the Aquabats. That was pretty fun. Darth Vader was asking them questions. 

I ended up going Thursday and Saturday. I was able to get in for free on Saturday because of how long I was in line for on Thursday. 

All in all Comic Con was really fun. I'll definitely go for a day next year. Hopefully they won't have all those lines. And hopefully they will have a bigger place because it was PACKED!

Joker and Harley Quinn


Barf. I picked the picture that was blurry on accident. Haha.

A cute little dog at Comic Con!


My new friend, Jake, and I!

Getting fresh with the Pale Orc.

He was a little tense so I backed off.

If you zoom in you can see the actor. I know him as the Chinese Restaurant Guy on Seinfeld. 

Sam Whitwer

Sam Whitwer and Jake.


The DeLorean. So sweet.

Mike TeeVee fomr Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Ian Zeiring. 

The Bat Tumbler.

I was the droid they were looking for!


Gandalf wouldn't let me pass without taking a photo with him.

The Aquabats

Darth Vader asking the Aquabats questions

One of the Mythbusters guys

Alan Tudyk

Professor Trelawney

Droid building

Dragonball Z group

Subzero from Mortal Kombat!

A woman with a snake

The end of a droid battle. The little ewok got to say hi to R2.

We are twinners!

Link! Hands down my favorite picture I got taken.

A lego city!

This was so awesome.

And no glue!

No glue at all!


General Grevious


Princesses, Eric, and a Stormtrooper

Look at that mustache and beard. Wowzers.

Spiderman and Batman

Iron suit

The elf guy from the Hobbit

Eliza Dushku

Iron Man


Mad Eye Moody


Getting my head chopped off

Oh no!

My capa was detated.

I don't even know what these guys were, but the one on my left looked nice.


Han Solo in real carbonite

Troll from the Hobbit