Family photo

Family photo


Work, Pictures and Girls!

First I am just going to start off by saying I have the two best sisters in the WORLD!! I love them SO much, they are the greatest. We have the funnest time shopping and watching movies and just hanging out!

So last Friday, my day off, Mike was out of town (and he still is... ahhh I can't wait till he is BACK!) my friend Lindsey and I went and got massages at Beyond Spa in Layton. Oh baby that was soooooo nice, I think that might become a monthly thing for me! Maybe not monthly.. but it was so nice and relaxing. It was great. I really enjoyed it. I was just so relaxed and it was so nice!! Anyway, we came back and Aimee and Syd and I went to the mall to pick up Aimee's dress for PROM and to look around. So we looked around and I found a cute shirt and so did Aimee and we picked up her dress (which she looked absolutely stunning in) and then we went back home for a while. I think it scares Aimee a little bit when Syd has shotgun and I'm driving, because somehow the music always ends up on full blast and Syd and I really get into the music and are dancing and singing really loudly. It probably doesn't scare Aimee, just embarrasses her I bet. After that we went over to my friend Heather's house and watched Oceans 11 and ate a lot of junk food. We had quite the blast! Syd was the youngest one there, but I hope she had fun, I was really happy she came. She is so funny, the whole day when she would stand close to me or touch me or anything I would tell her "you are tensing me up!" or "I'm getting tense!", because I told her the massage was so relaxing that she was tensing me up. By the end of the night she was sick of hearing that and would get really close to me or hug me or something just to bug me. Ha.

On Sunday went up to Grandma Medsker's to celebrate Syd's birthday. That was fun. the cake was so good. With Junior Mints (MY FAV) and chocolate everything.. mmmm.... we played a bit of Philadelphia that night, but I didn't do very well.

This week at work has been just another week at work. Nothing to report. Except for I made a song up to the tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and I sing it when the store closes. Ooooh funny story.. I will try to explain it, but I don't know if it will make sense. So Cinco de Mayo is this week so on the front of the store ad it says "Cinco de Mayo" about halfway down and then below that it has things like tortillas and re fried beans and such. Well it also has milk marked at $1.49/gallon. On the second to last page the same brand of milk is marked as 3/$5.00. Which isn't the same thing apparently. The reason its like that is if the price can be dropped down lower they change the price on the front page so everyone can see it, opposed to the middle pages that less people will see because its costly to change things like that. Anywho, so this older Caucasian gentlemen comes up to the desk with an ad so I ask him what can I help him with. So he points to the milk on the front page and then flips to the other page and points to it. Then he flips back to the front page and says "is this the price for them" and then turns to the other page "and this one is for me?" And he was dead serious. Luckily, I didn't laugh.. but it was sure hard not to. Oh boy, that moment made my WEEK.

Here are some fun pics of Eater at Grandma M's.

Me and some of my cousins and siblings on the trampoline. We were playing crack the egg. It was fun.
I love this pic of Syd and me. We are giggling and having fun.

I also love this pic of Mike and me!! He looks so cute :)

Climbing pics!This one is a carribeaner.. just hanging.

This one is on top of the rock and looking out.. with the rope in the foreground.

Well. Thats about it! I love you all!


Intercoms Relatives and U2

This past week has gone by pretty fast. Ali and her kids have been here and Chelle was here some of last week so we have had a lot of fun family time. Baby Luke is ADORABLE!! I love holding him he is such a happy content little guy. My favorite is when I was holding him and he was facing me and I was tickling him but then I stopped, and then someone said something funny or something, and I started to laugh and then he just started to giggle cuz I was laughing. So cute! The Easter egg hunt was fun, we hid the eggs and all the little kids went and found them. It was fun to watch them. The rest of this week was filled with work. Except for Friday!! Friday I woke up and went to the chiropractor and then I went and got my oil changed in my car. Now.. I felt pretty dumb that I didn't know I needed my oil changed for a while. I knew I had to take it in because the sticker on my windshield said I needed to.. but I didn't exactly know what for. So I asked loads of people and came up with the conclusion I needed my oil changed. After that I headed to West Valley for another best day with my boyfriend. I got to hold his sister in law's new baby named Isaac, and he is so cute!! Mike and I went and saw the new Fast and Furious movie, which was good. I liked it. We watched the Office, went swimming, ate at Chile's, just had a good time like always. SATURDAY!! I.. got tickets to the U2 concert in October that is in Vegas!! I still can't believe I got tickets to go see U2! I am going to be in the same place as Bono. We will be breathing the same air. I can't think of anything more wickedly awesome than that. I get to see them LIVE!! I am still jsut freaking out.Anyways. Also on Saturday I took the boys over to grandmas to say bye to Ali and her kids and to pick up Squidney... I mean Skidney.. wait.. Synbey.. Bugly.... ummm.. Sydney! We stayed for a little bit and had fun. I took the kids home and went to work. Work was super busy. We got out late. When there is no one in the store and its late at night we like to play with the intercom.. I've got some nice beat boxing practice from that thing. Well, it was 12 and Dustin was saying some dumb thing over the intercom and this lady rushes in.. like in a full sprint, pushing a cart. I'm not kidding, she was in a DEAD SPRINT! But as soon as she got through the doors she slowed down.. I wish she would've kept sprinting, she was in there till like 15 after! Anyways so Dustin is saying something funny over the intercom and then he pauses and then says "thank you." And hangs up. Well then 2 seconds later, someone in a different part of the store gets on the intercom and starts talking in a funny voice and says "Dustin.. your car is getting towed away. You are SCREWED!!" I was laughing hysterically. I hope that lady doesn't complain that we mess around or are being unprofessional. It was dang funny though. Today I went over to Mike's again.. he is leaving for Boston on Wednesday so I won't see him for 2 weeks. That won't be a fun two weeks for me. Anyway, I went over there and we watched the first Fast and the Furious movie, and we played some Bocce ball or however its spelled, put the plates on his car, ate a lot of strawberries.. I love strawberries. Mmmmm... I can't wait till they start growing in our backyard! Hooray! I think that is all I have to write about. Love you all!


I really hate Utah.

So.. let me just vent for a minute. I HATE UTAH!!! It has been so nice and sunny and a bit rainy, and rainy is fine. Its just fine. But then.. this morning. I wake up a little later then usual and think "today is going to be a good day. I am going to get up and go running and actually do something before I go to work" so I get out of bed. I walk into the next room and look out the window. And what do I see? I see disgusting little cold wet white flakes falling from the sky. And its not just a flake here and there. OH no, its a BLIZZARD!!!! I do not care if it will be melted in a day or two, no I don't care at all. That is besides the fact. It is SNOWING outside RIGHT NOW in the MIDDLE of APRIL!! So. If anyone would like to up and leave Utah (or even just Northern Utah) for a warmer and not dumb weathered place, let me know.

Okay. I am done venting. Since the last time I posted I think a bit has gone on. But I really can't remember much of it, like always. We had my mom's surprise 40th birthday party, which was a blast! It was really stressful before, because we had it at the Ogden Senior Center and they were supposed to be there to unlock the doors just before 5. Well.. 5 rolls around. And 5:05.. and I was really freaking out. I was like.. did they get lost? In a car accident? Did they forget? So I called my friend Stacie, who works for the place that rents out that place and I tell her. I think I called her twice.. just to make sure they were coming within a 10 minute period. Yeah, I was a little stressed. Anyway, so we got in and decorated and got the chocolate fountains going. A lot of people showed up and then my family showed up (minus Syd and I because we were setting up. Oh and Aimee because she was in DC) and my mom totally did not expect it at all! It was really stellar. She didn't expect it at all and we got her to bawl and everything.

Brandon also had his birthday! We had his party the night of the Sunday Session of general conference I think. We had some family over and stuff so that was fun. I made his cake and I thought it turned out pretty cool.

Mike and I have been having fun. I took him rock climbing and he didn't like it as much as rock climbing in the gym.. which isn't really rock climbing. Its climbing a wall with holds on it to stay in shape for the real rock climbing during the summer which would be nice if it got here.. But he did good for his first real rock climbing adventure. It scared him to pieces but it was fun. There were these two guys up there and their kids (not together, they didn't have kids together. They were brothers and then each one brought a kid) anyway, the kids were like 3 years old. We hike up to the rock and see them there and I ask if we can climb next to them. They say yeah and one of the boys had curly blond hair and glasses and he was so cute. He came up to me and gave me a little purple flower that he had picked right by where they were climbing. It was soooo adorable. After that I went and set the rope up and we did a bit of climbing. It was fun. After that we headed to Grandma's to see Ali and her kids and also Michelle. It was so fun to have all the family together!! We had a birthday party for grandma and it was fun.

Easter Sunday rolled around. I had to talk that Sunday with my dad in a different ward and my dad gave me the assignment with him on Thursday night while I was at work. Well Thursday night I got home late from work, Friday was my day with Mike and so Saturday I tried to work on my talk. The thing is, is when I work on talks, I think a lot about it and then write it all down when I am done putting it together in my head. So I was thinking I would do that after work. Well I get home from work at like 12:45 because some dumb lady wouldn't leave the store. Plus I had a nice huge headache turning into a migraine. So I figured I would write all my thoughts down Sunday morning. So I wake up Sunday morning and my headache is still there so I go back to sleep until about 10. We have church at 11. So I tell my mom I won't be going to our ward and I am going to stay home and write my talk because I was speaking at 1. Then! Mike texts me and asks if he can come up for Easter and stuff and that made my day! But.. he wanted to come to church with me too and I was thinking.. this talk is going to suck.. should I let him come? Haha. So I tell him yeah and what time and stuff. He comes over, I'm still writing my talk, I finally finish it and I have like 10 minutes maybe 15 and it was supposed to be 20. Well good thing things ran over so my dad was like sit down by such and such time and I got through all my talk stuff and it was like 10 minutes. That was nice. It was an alright talk, I have definitely done better. After church we go up to Grandmas again for a yummy dinner, cards, and an Easter egg hunt for the little kids. I was feeling pretty lazy that day so I didn't play cards much, I just napped on the couch. And I also played with baby Luke. He is the cutest little chunk ever!

I think this blog post is getting pretty long, so I will stop writing. I love you all! Questions, comments, queries, you know what to do.