Family photo

Family photo


Our Life in West Valley

Hello all! Look at me the blogging slacker finally BLOGGING! I started my new job on November 30th. I'm learning a lot and I was on the phone all day today. It wasn't too bad, but I am hoping this is my foot in the door to a better position eventually. That probably won't happen for a while. Tweeg is growing bigger everyday. He is doing really good with going potty outside and he is great at sitting, laying down and coming when we call him. If we take him out he stays right by us. He is doing pretty good, but he still makes me itch and gives me hives and bugs me. Oh well. Mike and I have been VERY productive these past few weeks! We are proud owners of gym memberships now and we go work out almost everyday. Mike looks great! We have our dishwasher in and it is SO NICE! What a luxury. My dad came down and helped us install it last Saturday. Well, guess what. It worked a little. But little did we know that there was not enough power to power the dishwasher. We were SO close to having a working dishwasher, clean dishes, and a sink that wasn't overflowing.. so close! On Wednesday my dad came down with Bill Ross and Sparky Bear helped us with the electrical problem. We appreciated that a lot! Thanks Bill and Dad! Now we have a dishwasher that runs wonderfully, clean dishes and a sink that we can see the bottom of. Mike and I also painted our ugly ugly white fireplace. We painted it green! It looks fantastic! Oh I LOVE it! We are also slowly accomplishing our thank you notes. And I know what you are all thinking.. "you aren't done with those yet? Didn't you get married back in August?" Why yes, we did get married back in August. And I must say, those buggers are definitely hard to accomplish and I can't believe we procrastinated so much and I feel embarrassed sending them out so late. But.. better late than never!! Just so you all know, I have not seen the purple jacket stinky man since that one horrifying Sunday. Mike is still enjoying his calling, they are making snow shoes! He was pretty happy to come home and show me those things. It looks fun. He really has fun with the scouts. At least he seems like he does. I have some more random facts for you all, just because I don't think the last ones were enough.

I am always very disappointed when I eat cereal in the morning and I don't have any milk left after I finish the cereal even though when I drink the milk it makes me super cold. And you are probably are wondering can you not pour more milk into the bowl?" No I can't. Because the milk at the end of the cereal is sweetened by all the sugary cereal. If I pour normal milk in, then its just normal milk. Not cereal soaked sugary milk.

Just in case you all didn't know... I absolutely hate the snow. If the snow was a person I would throw up on its lap on purpose and not feel bad about it. I hate the snow.

When I am driving on the freeway and someone is ticking me off because they are going too slow in the fast lane, or going the exact same speed as the other cars something like that, which irritates me immensely, whenever I finally pass that person I mentally flip them off. That is probably really bad, but come on people, be considerate on the road.

I had the scare of my life today and slid into a curb when I was going maybe 15 MPH. I tapped my brakes and I started sliding. It was so scary. Wake me when the winter is over.

I am a jeans person, and that is the item I LOVE to buy. I LOVE to buy jeans. LOVE it. I love buying Bullhead jean the most. They fit me so good.. and I look SO good. I wish I could have a closet full of jeans. And guess what. I would have the same pair of jeans like 2 or 3 times for every different color and/or style of jeans I had. And I hang my jeans up on hangers in the closet. I love jeans.

I don't really care a lot for Christmas music, but there are a select few that I don't think I could ever get sick of. Like Blue Christmas by Elvis. Or the Grinch song. Ya know.. "I wouldn't touch you with a 39 1/2 foot pole!!"

I love counting things. Not multiplying or doing math.. just counting. I love counting train cars. I love keeping tally of how many times a lady laughed unnecessarily and annoyingly in my training class. I love keeping tally of how many times my recent trainer said the word "literally". Just so you know in a 8 1/2 hour day excluding breaks he said it 50 times. I love counting how many tiles are on a ceiling, but I hate counting the dots on the tiles. I just love counting random things.

The Princess Bride is a classic, and it is my all time favorite. I LOVE IT. I used to watch it every night while I was going to sleep until Mike told me I had to stop. Anytime I hear someone quote The Princess Bride they are magically more intelligent and more witty in my eyes. I love that movie.

Well, I think that is all my random facts for now.. tune in next time, cuz there might be n



So today at church after sacrament Mike and I started heading to Gospel Doctrine class. Well , the class was FULL so we headed over to Gospel Essentials. As we walk in, I tell Mike not to sit on the front row. I hate sitting on the front row. So he chooses the back row. Which was totally fine. I was sitting right in front of the vent with my coat on, so the temperature was perfect. But then this gut wrenching, pungent, horrifying smell crept up my nostrils. I had no idea what it was. I kept looking at Mike and he looked just fine, so I thought he might've smelt it but wasn't reacting to be polite. I figured the smell would go away in a few minutes. But the minutes moved on and the smell stayed. Did a baby poop? Did someone puke and the smell remained? What was it?!?! IT WREAKED!! I had to know what it was. I had to. I leaned back a little to see if it was coming from the vent. It wasn't. I leaned over towards Mike to see if the smell was there. It wasn't. I sat back up, and gazed over my right shoulder. And sitting there reverently was a greasy old bag o' bones. With a purple blazer. Cue Seinfeld quote. "Oh, this isn’t even B.O.! This is beyond B.O.! It’s B.B.O.!" He was sitting there innocently, like he had no clue that I was about ready to wretch out my guts all over the floor and find some cotton balls to plug my nose with. HOW DID HE NOT KNOW HE SMELLED LIKE THAT? Well, I had to sit the rest of Gospel Essentials reverently, and act like nothing was going on. I kept running over what would I say to the teacher if I rushed out of the class? "Oh, its not your lesson, its the smelly man in the back." or "Sorry I'm leaving your class in such a rush, but I need to go to the ER to get my nostrils surgically removed". Luckily, I was able to control myself and sit the rest of the class. I just leaned over on Mike the whole time. If purple is the symbol of royalty. And if that man's blazer was representing his smell, then it did a royal good job. Well done, sir. Well done.



We got a puppy! And we named him Tweeg. He is a mix of: a heeler, border collie, weimaraner and lab. He is a cute puppy and very fun!



Mike and I have a lot of fun being married. We love playing games and one of the games we love playing most is Scattegories. This most recent time we played it was particularly fun. Mike is really good at getting the double letters or whatever for more points but this time he took it too far..

We were on the letter "A" and one of the things listed was "capitals". I put Annapolis, and Mike put Anchorage, Alaska. I told him he couldn't put Alaska because it just asked for the capital.. not the state! He said that it counted and he got two points. Well, we couldn't decide who was right so we called Britt.. she also loves Scattegories. So we told her of our problem and she said "Isn't the capital of Alaska, Juno?" Haha! I think we both felt pretty dumb in that moment.

After talking to Britt and Mike's friend, Adam, we concluded that IF the capital of Alaska was Anchorage, he could only count it as one point. But... in our case.. he counted it as zero because now we know the capital of Alaska is Juno.


New Job and Randoms

Guess what everyone!! I have found a new job! I will be working at Discover Card in West Valley doing Deposit Products. I get a sweet Monday- Friday day shift so I'll get to see my hubby more often :D Mike and I will be rivals now. How fun. I start the end of this month.

Mike and I have been playing Guitar Hero lately. Mike plays the guitar and I play the drums and boy do we make a great team on that game. We have also been running and eating healthy! Go us!

I am going to be 2 decades soon. 2 decades. That is kind of going over my head just a little bit.

I am just going to let everyone know that I hate hate HATE the song that says "tonight's gonna be a good night! Tonight's gonna be a good good night!" I hate it. It gets stuck in my head like it is now. And I HATE it.

There are some really stellar people that go through Lee's sometimes. I wish I could number my encounters. Like the lady that comes through and thinks its funny to be mean and raise her voice at me. She dresses less than classy, wears a bun on top of her head, always over shops or gets things she doesn't want and then gives them to me to put away and is plain rude. Or the lady that comes in 1-3 times a day and for a few weeks she came in every day when she had the SWINE FLU. She really can't get enough of that place can she? She does not like me and gives me mean looks. Excuse me for closing off the checkstands she went through as soon as she left and totally disinfecting them right top to bottom. I don't want your germs you walking germ house. Ooh or how about the guy that tells me to page someone over the intercom every time he comes in because he "likes the sound of my voice on the loudspeaker." Does he really have nothing better to do? Really?

When Mike and I were on our way to Oregon, we got little crackers and cookies or whatever on the airplane. Mike got some graham crackers in the shapes of planes. How cute. He had a mouthful and sneezed them all over the back of the seat in front of him and all over himself. Classic.

Most of the things I just typed I have been meaning to blog about for a month or two but I always forget about it when I sit down to blog.

I think that is all for now, love you all!!


Locked Out and Gratefulness

Well, this will be a fun story to tell. Mike has now started working his Monday-Friday and is off Saturday and Sunday. I still have Fridays off and works Saturdays. This morning after he left for work I got up a little later so I could get ready because I had a phone interview. So I got up and got ready and put on a skirt and a nice shirt and make up (yes, I know it was a PHONE interview, but I still wanted to dress up nice so I could get the full effect rather than interviewing in my jammies.). The interview was supposed to be at 9, I didn't get a call for a while and I started worrying. I finally got a call at 9:58. Apparently the lady who was supposed to interview me got caught in a meeting and couldn't get out. So someone else interviewed me. After the interview we set up another interview and this one I go in and interview. Its on Tuesday. I hope I do good. Anyway, after my interview I changed into some jeans and decided I was off to the mall. I took Mike's car cuz he took mine this morning. Mine was behind his so he just snagged mine. Well, I took his car an I couldn't find his regular keys so I just got his spare car keys and figured I was set. I thought he had a key on there to the door handle and not the deadbolt, so I didn't deadbolt the door when I left. Well a few good sales later I arrived home. Only to discover there was no key to the front door. BUT! I had keys to the side door! Score! So, I unlocked the door from the cold outside and as the door creeped open and I could feel the warmth of victory inside, and then BAM. The door wouldn't open anymore. Noooooo... the warmth was so close. I was freezing. All of you know I hate the cold, so even thought its probably like 50, its still frigid to me. So I get back in the car and text Mike telling him I am locked out. Luckily, he is going on his lunch break soon. So I drive to his work and spent lunch time with him. Now, I am sure you are all wondering where did the other keys go? Well, let me tell you. In the morning Mike has the habit of putting everything in his pockets a while before he needs to go so then he can just walk out the door. He didn't think about it and just picked his keys up without realizing it! Haha!! At lunch he took my keys out of his pocket and his pocket was still lumpy and I asked him what it was. It just happened to be the keys that he thought he left home. LOL! Funny boy. Quite an adventure. But now I am sitting in our warm house just blogging away, so all is well.

Today is a grateful day and I am grateful for...


Mike is really great and he teaches me a lot of things. Last night we were laying in bed chatting and I mentioned that I don't like having days when being married is a little hard and I just wish we had good days. He said "We're going to have hard days, Em. But its what we do after the hard days that matters."

Mike also has a great sense of humor. It reminds me of my dad because most the stuff he does, is stuff my dad has done to me before. Like... honk at me while I am walking in front of the car so it scares me. Or.. lock me out of the car for a few seconds when its freezing outside. Or.. run into the house so fast and lock me out of it.

Mike helps with housework and doesn't put it off or whine and moan about it. I hate washing the dishes and most of the time when the dishes need to be washed Mike washes and lets me dry them. He also helps me do the laundry and clean up when our house is a little out of order.

Mike sets a really good example for me. He makes sure we get to the temple once a month and makes sure we make it to church and are attentive and attend all our classes.

Mike humors me a lot and does stuff just because I want to, even if he doesn't want to. Like going shopping for skirts or watching the Office over and over or chick flicks or skipping an occasional baseball and football game to be with me because I don't want to watch the game or giving me neck rubs or going grocery shopping with me or cuddling me during a whole entire movie even though he gets really hot sometimes. When I get home from work really late he'll wake up and talk to me for a little bit or sometimes even try to stay up till I get home. He goes rock climbing with me even though it still scares him a lot and he is shaking and quaking up on the rock half the time.

I'm really lucky to have Mike and be able to be with him for eternity. He is the hottie hunk of a man that I've always dreamed of having! I am so grateful for Mike and the unconditional love he gives me and for his support and for everything he does. I love you Mike!!


Wedding Pics!

Our wedding pics are up! Just go to and click on "bride log-in" on the right side. That will take you to a new page and type in Emily Medsker in the box. That will take you to another page where you can look at our wedding pics, engagements and bridals!!


The last month or so..

Sorry I am a blogging slacker. One day I hope I will get with it. Mike and I have been trying to put our house together lately! We have everything here.. its just the organizing part now. Mike and my dad and Brandon put a wood floor in our kitchen and it looks fabulous! Its really nice! I am still looking fora job in West Valley and Mike is still at AmEx. The weather is cooling down.. and I hate it! I miss the summer. On Sunday we will be up in Ogden for church and the Medsker family dinner. Hooray!!!! Mike is loving that is baseball playoffs or whatever it is. I am not as excited as him, but whatever. Haha. Something crazy... I am going to be 20 next month. So scary. Nothing really exciting has happened the last few weeks, just getting used to living together.. and watching time fly! Man time moves fast! I think that is all I have to say today, maybe next time my post will be a little more exciting. Love you all!


Being Married And Other Things

Well, this is my first blog post since before Mike and I got married! Today is our two week anniversary, its been fun!! Our wedding day was basically PERFECT, the weather was beautiful, everything just worked out. Mike looked so handsome and I think I looked pretty good myself. We are still waiting for our pictures to be put up on the website. Our ceremony was amazing. I still think its weird that we are married! We had a lot of help with our reception where we ad ice cream floats, thank you to everyone who helped! The cake was pretty sweet, it got all over. We had a great turnout, it was so fun. We left and went to my house where my car was, and Mike;s brothers got the car. It was cute!

The next few days we hung out at our house and got our washer and dryer put in and did some house projects. And then we left for Niagara Falls on Tuesday. We got there late that night and my Aunt Marsha picked us up. Thank you Aunt Marsha for helping us out so much! We had so much fun. Niagara Falls is amazing, we got some good shots, I will try to remember to put them up on this post. We went on Maid of the Mist, checked out Cave of the Winds, went to the aquarium, got some sweet Hard Rock glasses, and just had a great time. We also went to Palmyra and that was fun. It was awesome to seethe sights that I have learned about my whole life. We also did a session in the Palmyra temple, which is so pretty! Its smaller than I thought it would be but it was gorgeous. We also looked at the Book of Mormon printing press, the Hill Cumorah, the Joseph Smith house, the sacred grove, the Alvin Smith grave, and the Martin Harris farm. We were there for a week and then..

We flew back to Utah for a day to relax and do wash. Then..

We flew to Oregon! We had a reception open house type thing and that was nice. I didn't really know anyone but it was fun. Its been nice hanging out with Mike's family. We went to Multnomah Falls and we hiked to Punch Bowl Falls. They were both really pretty! We've done some shopping (this no sales tax thing is weird, but really nice!) we got a kitchen aid :D and we got a toaster oven also.

We are flying out from Oregon tomorrow and then its back to work and such. If anyone knows of any jobs out in the West Valley area, let me know. I really don't want to be driving to Ogden every day for work.

Funny story.. so we got our washer and we did a load and left the washer and just thought it would do its job. So I got down later so switch it around to the dryer and the washer was moved and unplugged. So I yelled up to Mike and asked him why they moved it and stuff. He came down and said he didn't. So we tried it again and it started shaking and shaking and shaking A LOT and moving! So.. in order to get a load done, Mike and I had to sit on the washer and I had a bocce ball set on my lap. And we would be shaking, but the washer wouldn't move! So Mike called the next morning and talked to them. Turns out that we needed to take out some shipping bolts, which looked like they belonged there. Now our washer works like a dream.

I think that is about it for now. Love you all!

Palmyra Temple

Niagara Falls

Us in front of Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls


6 days!

Mike and I are getting married in 6 DAYS!!

Yesterday was a very very busy day. We got our marriage license first thing, which was nice because I have really been stressing out about that. Mike kept saying "Oh we got the bee out of Em's bonnet" blah blah blah. After that Fred and Janet met us at Ryan and Amber's house and we moved a lot of Mike's bigger things like his bed, TV's, computer, furniture, etc over to our house. My mom drove down the suburban with the boys and Syd with the remainder of my stuff that I couldn't fit into my car. It was just a big moving day! Boxes and boxes and boxes!

We finally got done moving everything in and not a moment too soon because I WAS STARVING! The Medsker grumpiness from lack of food had been on full force for a few hours. Mike and I went out to eat and everyone else left. After we ate we went and got a washer and a lamp and a dryer. And light bulbs. We went to eat at Chile's and then headed back to the house to start unpacking and organizing.

Our house has hardwood floors, but the carpet is over them. I guess Mike and his dad pulled up the carpet in our bedroom and the floor is beautiful! Together Mike and I have a lot of stuff! A LOT! We wrapped up organizing and unpacking and called it a night. On Monday I am going down to wait for the dryer to arrive and I am going to wipe down all the kitchen cupboards and organize the kitchen. That should be fun!

I think that is about it. Love you all!

Thank you Fred, Janet, Mom, Nate, Brandon, Josh, And Sydder for helping us move all our stuff! We definitely couldn't have gotten it done without you!!



First of all, I would like to let you all know I am starving for Spongebob macaroni and cheese. I don't know why, but I love that stuff so much.

Anyway- I had my bridals taken yesterday!! It was so fun!! Not to mention SO HOT! But mostly so fun! My mom and I went and looked at them today and now they are up for viewing on the internet. If you want to look at them go to and hit bride log in on the right side of the page. Then type "Emily Medsker" in the white box. When you are directed to the next page click view bridals.. and there they are! Let me know what you think and your favorites because I am torn between which ones to print out. At the bottom of the pictures there is sometimes a number (proabbly 1,2,3) and that is the rating. The higher rated ones are the ones we are thinking about which ones to print off. I love my pics, they were so fun to pose for! I love getting my picture taken when I'm all dolled up and everything. So fun!!

Love you all! 2 weeks 2 days till I'm married :) :) :)



Em telling a story to Syd about when Em and Julia saw a lady rolling around in a Rascal. (or Jazzi)

Syd: What is a Jazzi or a Rascal? Is it like a stroller?
Julia: It even has a tray in the front!!

Uncontrollable laughter from Emily and Julia for about 5 minutes.


4th of July Sydney-isms

Syd: Em guess what? Grandpa and I have the EXACT same hair color. His is just a little whiter than mine.

Syd: Man Em, you kiss Mike a lot. That is more than I have ever seen you kiss any boy before.
Me: He's my fiance.
Syd: Oh yeah.

(dog is breathing heavily under the tramp, grandpa on the deck, Syd me Mike and my mom sitting on the trampoline)
Syd: Who is breathing so hard??! Grandpa? Is that you breathing like that??
Mike: The dog is right under the tramp Syd. Its the dog.
Syd: Oh.

PS- The house of Mike and Emily is in West Valley :D



Mike and I will officially be house owners!! Not yet.. but our offer was accepted so now we just have to close and all the other stuff.. but. WE FOUND A HOUSE!! Hooray!



If you would like to see our engagement pictures just go to On the rights side click "Bride Log in". When it goes to the next page in the log in bar type Emily Medsker. That should bring you to another page where you can click "Engagement Pictures" and see our pics!! Let me know what ya'll think! Love you all!


Long Time..

Okay, I am officially the biggest blogging slacker ever. Whenever I get on to blog I forget what I wanted to say so I just give up and figure I will blog later. I need to start writing things down.
Wedding plans are going good! I've got my dress and its all fitted so now I just need to make sure I don't gain or lose a lot of weight. Shouldn't be hard. The cake is ordered and so are the flowers. We are finishing registering this Friday and we are also going to look at our engagement pics that we had taken last Friday! Mike isn't super excited about sitting through tons of photos, but I am definitely excited. I had a really fun time taking those. Mike had fun too, the guy would be taking pics and Mike would be cracking jokes or just being himself. Cute boy. I can't wait to see the pics!! Ahhh... Sunday I taught my class and I had 6 sunbeams and one of me. Whoo. They were all such chatter boxes! I would take a breath and literally 3 of them would start talking and that would get all of them talking. It was funny, I paused for a second and I had Timmy start saying "if there is a fire we need to put it out with water" and Colton started telling me about his dog Tiger at the same time and his twin starts talking about the other dog that ran away. They are so fun. Handfuls sometimes, but definitely fun. Last week while I was gone I guess they pulled the kids out one by one and all the primary made a short DVD. We watched it on Sunday. It started and it was so cute. It was all the kids one by one saying thanks to their teachers or I love you. It was such a sweet movie. I was bawling by the end, it was so cute. My little sunbeams were in it and it was precious. Oh, I went skydiving this weekend! That was a blast!! Definitely going to do that again. I LOVED it. The scariest part for me was just flying up. Jumping and free falling were soooo fun!! Mike and I are looking at a house down in West Valley, its really nice, I like it so hopefully that works out. If any of you know of any jobs down there that I could do and would possibly enjoy let me know if you would. Syd and Aimee left this morning for Girls Camp, its sunny right now so hopefully it stays like that for the week. I am talking at Girls Camp tomorrow night. I am also talking in church on Sunday. Whoo... Well, I think that is about it! Love you all!



Sydney-ism: "I used to think hobos lived at the church. But then I found out they live at the Hobo Center"



Okay, so I know I'm AGAIN slacking in the blogging department. I will get better.. hopefully. Today was Sunday. I went to the Spanish ward because one of my friends is leaving on his mission. So I went to his ward (at 9).. talk about early.. and I get there about 10 minutes early. Well, by the time I find out they are handing out headsets the meeting is about to start so I figure I won't get one. Then I find out that there weren't anymore anyway. It was really cool to just listen to the whole meeting in Spanish. I could pick out a few words here and there but I think I need to learn Spanish. It was a really cool meeting. It was also really nice to see my friends there that I haven't seen in a while. After that I went to my home ward. The talks were good, it was FREEZING FREEZING FREEEEEEEEZING in the chapel today. Whoo, I am surprised I made it out of there alive. Good thing I have little gentleman brothers who will let me use their suit jackets. After church Syd and I headed up to Grandma Medskers house. We were the first ones up followed by J&J&J&J (Jonathan, Janet, Jasmine, Jade). The J's and Syd and Grandpa played Bum Scum. I took a nap and woke up for dinner. My family wasn't there yet, which was a little odd. Well, we ate Parmesan chicken and it was DELISH and I tried calling my family. No one answered at home. They came in the door about 5 minutes later and my mom had made cinnamon rolls. Oh boy were those good!!! After that the twinkies and I took a walk and the others played a card game I think. After that we listened to grandma tell stories about when she went over to England and all our other relatives. That was pretty fun.
Today in sunbeams it was my turn for crowd control. They were pretty good today, I think we just had 6 kids. They were cute.. all boys! Sister McArthur was teaching today and she was telling them about how Jesus healed a blind man so he could see. She asks Conner "Conner, if Jesus healed you and blessed you, would you tell him thank you?" And he said no. And she asked him why not. And he said "Because I don't need to be blessed ane healed!" So she asked if he was sick and needed to be blessed if he would tell Jesus thank you. And he said yes to that. They are so fun. I love my calling.
Things are going well with the wedding planning!!! 89 days! My mom and I get to go talk to the photographer on Wednesday. Dress shopping is next week, so that should be fun.
Well, I love you all! Have a good week!


Friday May 8th, 2009


That being said... I'm engaged, I'm engaged and I don't care who knows it!! Here is the story... so.... Mike came over yesterday (Friday) and we ate some pizza at my house and then we left for rock climbing. We went up to 9th street and there was a group up there already of like 6 people or so on the climbs we wanted to do. So we went up higher and hooked up to one up there. Mike wanted to climb first and he tried but didn't make it up. So I climbed it and made it to the top and then came down. By then the larger group had left and another had come but they were throwing in by us. So we went down and hooked the rope up to the climb Mike can do. So I belayed and he climbed and then on his way down he said "Em I want you to do this climb" and I told him no cuz I've done that climb a million times and he said "I'll be mad all day if you don't do this climb" so I said okay I'd do it. Just to make him happy. LOL. So he gets down and I tie in and he is belaying me and I climb up really fast and on the way up he is like "oh man November is going to be so good!" and I kinda got mad and said "Mike it makes me so mad when you say that! Quit it!" or something like that and then I got to the top and when you get to the top you are supposed to kiss the caribeaner before you get down. So I quickly kissed the beaner and then I said "okay now let me down" and he said "did you look at the bolts?" and I said no and my first thought was he messed with the caribeaners up there and undid one so it wasn't safe. LOL. Anyway so I looked at the bolts.. AND MY RING WAS HOOKED TO THE BOLTS ON A CARIBEANER! Wow!! I definitely didn't see it coming! My first thought was.. "Wow! Is that REAL?!" So then I can't really remember what I was saying down to Mike but it was something like "Mike is that REALLY my ring?! Like REALLY?!" and then I sat there for a few minutes cuz I couldn't wrap my head around it, I thought I was getting it in a few months. So then he asks if I'm ready to come down and I told him no give me a few seconds. Then I told him I was just going to hop over the top and climb down the back. He already likes to tease me that I didn't belay down. Anywho. So I unhook and start going down the back and he starts coming up. We meet halfway and he takes the ring and kneels down and says "Emily, will you marry me?" and I said yes the first time (none of that second time around crap like my mom ;) ).. and that is my story!! He did a super good job picking it out, he did a really good job! I love it!! And now I have a wedding to plan! Hooray!!


6 months!!!

Just so you all know.. Mike and I had our first date 6 months ago as of today! Hooray!


Work, Pictures and Girls!

First I am just going to start off by saying I have the two best sisters in the WORLD!! I love them SO much, they are the greatest. We have the funnest time shopping and watching movies and just hanging out!

So last Friday, my day off, Mike was out of town (and he still is... ahhh I can't wait till he is BACK!) my friend Lindsey and I went and got massages at Beyond Spa in Layton. Oh baby that was soooooo nice, I think that might become a monthly thing for me! Maybe not monthly.. but it was so nice and relaxing. It was great. I really enjoyed it. I was just so relaxed and it was so nice!! Anyway, we came back and Aimee and Syd and I went to the mall to pick up Aimee's dress for PROM and to look around. So we looked around and I found a cute shirt and so did Aimee and we picked up her dress (which she looked absolutely stunning in) and then we went back home for a while. I think it scares Aimee a little bit when Syd has shotgun and I'm driving, because somehow the music always ends up on full blast and Syd and I really get into the music and are dancing and singing really loudly. It probably doesn't scare Aimee, just embarrasses her I bet. After that we went over to my friend Heather's house and watched Oceans 11 and ate a lot of junk food. We had quite the blast! Syd was the youngest one there, but I hope she had fun, I was really happy she came. She is so funny, the whole day when she would stand close to me or touch me or anything I would tell her "you are tensing me up!" or "I'm getting tense!", because I told her the massage was so relaxing that she was tensing me up. By the end of the night she was sick of hearing that and would get really close to me or hug me or something just to bug me. Ha.

On Sunday went up to Grandma Medsker's to celebrate Syd's birthday. That was fun. the cake was so good. With Junior Mints (MY FAV) and chocolate everything.. mmmm.... we played a bit of Philadelphia that night, but I didn't do very well.

This week at work has been just another week at work. Nothing to report. Except for I made a song up to the tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and I sing it when the store closes. Ooooh funny story.. I will try to explain it, but I don't know if it will make sense. So Cinco de Mayo is this week so on the front of the store ad it says "Cinco de Mayo" about halfway down and then below that it has things like tortillas and re fried beans and such. Well it also has milk marked at $1.49/gallon. On the second to last page the same brand of milk is marked as 3/$5.00. Which isn't the same thing apparently. The reason its like that is if the price can be dropped down lower they change the price on the front page so everyone can see it, opposed to the middle pages that less people will see because its costly to change things like that. Anywho, so this older Caucasian gentlemen comes up to the desk with an ad so I ask him what can I help him with. So he points to the milk on the front page and then flips to the other page and points to it. Then he flips back to the front page and says "is this the price for them" and then turns to the other page "and this one is for me?" And he was dead serious. Luckily, I didn't laugh.. but it was sure hard not to. Oh boy, that moment made my WEEK.

Here are some fun pics of Eater at Grandma M's.

Me and some of my cousins and siblings on the trampoline. We were playing crack the egg. It was fun.
I love this pic of Syd and me. We are giggling and having fun.

I also love this pic of Mike and me!! He looks so cute :)

Climbing pics!This one is a carribeaner.. just hanging.

This one is on top of the rock and looking out.. with the rope in the foreground.

Well. Thats about it! I love you all!


Intercoms Relatives and U2

This past week has gone by pretty fast. Ali and her kids have been here and Chelle was here some of last week so we have had a lot of fun family time. Baby Luke is ADORABLE!! I love holding him he is such a happy content little guy. My favorite is when I was holding him and he was facing me and I was tickling him but then I stopped, and then someone said something funny or something, and I started to laugh and then he just started to giggle cuz I was laughing. So cute! The Easter egg hunt was fun, we hid the eggs and all the little kids went and found them. It was fun to watch them. The rest of this week was filled with work. Except for Friday!! Friday I woke up and went to the chiropractor and then I went and got my oil changed in my car. Now.. I felt pretty dumb that I didn't know I needed my oil changed for a while. I knew I had to take it in because the sticker on my windshield said I needed to.. but I didn't exactly know what for. So I asked loads of people and came up with the conclusion I needed my oil changed. After that I headed to West Valley for another best day with my boyfriend. I got to hold his sister in law's new baby named Isaac, and he is so cute!! Mike and I went and saw the new Fast and Furious movie, which was good. I liked it. We watched the Office, went swimming, ate at Chile's, just had a good time like always. SATURDAY!! I.. got tickets to the U2 concert in October that is in Vegas!! I still can't believe I got tickets to go see U2! I am going to be in the same place as Bono. We will be breathing the same air. I can't think of anything more wickedly awesome than that. I get to see them LIVE!! I am still jsut freaking out.Anyways. Also on Saturday I took the boys over to grandmas to say bye to Ali and her kids and to pick up Squidney... I mean Skidney.. wait.. Synbey.. Bugly.... ummm.. Sydney! We stayed for a little bit and had fun. I took the kids home and went to work. Work was super busy. We got out late. When there is no one in the store and its late at night we like to play with the intercom.. I've got some nice beat boxing practice from that thing. Well, it was 12 and Dustin was saying some dumb thing over the intercom and this lady rushes in.. like in a full sprint, pushing a cart. I'm not kidding, she was in a DEAD SPRINT! But as soon as she got through the doors she slowed down.. I wish she would've kept sprinting, she was in there till like 15 after! Anyways so Dustin is saying something funny over the intercom and then he pauses and then says "thank you." And hangs up. Well then 2 seconds later, someone in a different part of the store gets on the intercom and starts talking in a funny voice and says "Dustin.. your car is getting towed away. You are SCREWED!!" I was laughing hysterically. I hope that lady doesn't complain that we mess around or are being unprofessional. It was dang funny though. Today I went over to Mike's again.. he is leaving for Boston on Wednesday so I won't see him for 2 weeks. That won't be a fun two weeks for me. Anyway, I went over there and we watched the first Fast and the Furious movie, and we played some Bocce ball or however its spelled, put the plates on his car, ate a lot of strawberries.. I love strawberries. Mmmmm... I can't wait till they start growing in our backyard! Hooray! I think that is all I have to write about. Love you all!


I really hate Utah.

So.. let me just vent for a minute. I HATE UTAH!!! It has been so nice and sunny and a bit rainy, and rainy is fine. Its just fine. But then.. this morning. I wake up a little later then usual and think "today is going to be a good day. I am going to get up and go running and actually do something before I go to work" so I get out of bed. I walk into the next room and look out the window. And what do I see? I see disgusting little cold wet white flakes falling from the sky. And its not just a flake here and there. OH no, its a BLIZZARD!!!! I do not care if it will be melted in a day or two, no I don't care at all. That is besides the fact. It is SNOWING outside RIGHT NOW in the MIDDLE of APRIL!! So. If anyone would like to up and leave Utah (or even just Northern Utah) for a warmer and not dumb weathered place, let me know.

Okay. I am done venting. Since the last time I posted I think a bit has gone on. But I really can't remember much of it, like always. We had my mom's surprise 40th birthday party, which was a blast! It was really stressful before, because we had it at the Ogden Senior Center and they were supposed to be there to unlock the doors just before 5. Well.. 5 rolls around. And 5:05.. and I was really freaking out. I was like.. did they get lost? In a car accident? Did they forget? So I called my friend Stacie, who works for the place that rents out that place and I tell her. I think I called her twice.. just to make sure they were coming within a 10 minute period. Yeah, I was a little stressed. Anyway, so we got in and decorated and got the chocolate fountains going. A lot of people showed up and then my family showed up (minus Syd and I because we were setting up. Oh and Aimee because she was in DC) and my mom totally did not expect it at all! It was really stellar. She didn't expect it at all and we got her to bawl and everything.

Brandon also had his birthday! We had his party the night of the Sunday Session of general conference I think. We had some family over and stuff so that was fun. I made his cake and I thought it turned out pretty cool.

Mike and I have been having fun. I took him rock climbing and he didn't like it as much as rock climbing in the gym.. which isn't really rock climbing. Its climbing a wall with holds on it to stay in shape for the real rock climbing during the summer which would be nice if it got here.. But he did good for his first real rock climbing adventure. It scared him to pieces but it was fun. There were these two guys up there and their kids (not together, they didn't have kids together. They were brothers and then each one brought a kid) anyway, the kids were like 3 years old. We hike up to the rock and see them there and I ask if we can climb next to them. They say yeah and one of the boys had curly blond hair and glasses and he was so cute. He came up to me and gave me a little purple flower that he had picked right by where they were climbing. It was soooo adorable. After that I went and set the rope up and we did a bit of climbing. It was fun. After that we headed to Grandma's to see Ali and her kids and also Michelle. It was so fun to have all the family together!! We had a birthday party for grandma and it was fun.

Easter Sunday rolled around. I had to talk that Sunday with my dad in a different ward and my dad gave me the assignment with him on Thursday night while I was at work. Well Thursday night I got home late from work, Friday was my day with Mike and so Saturday I tried to work on my talk. The thing is, is when I work on talks, I think a lot about it and then write it all down when I am done putting it together in my head. So I was thinking I would do that after work. Well I get home from work at like 12:45 because some dumb lady wouldn't leave the store. Plus I had a nice huge headache turning into a migraine. So I figured I would write all my thoughts down Sunday morning. So I wake up Sunday morning and my headache is still there so I go back to sleep until about 10. We have church at 11. So I tell my mom I won't be going to our ward and I am going to stay home and write my talk because I was speaking at 1. Then! Mike texts me and asks if he can come up for Easter and stuff and that made my day! But.. he wanted to come to church with me too and I was thinking.. this talk is going to suck.. should I let him come? Haha. So I tell him yeah and what time and stuff. He comes over, I'm still writing my talk, I finally finish it and I have like 10 minutes maybe 15 and it was supposed to be 20. Well good thing things ran over so my dad was like sit down by such and such time and I got through all my talk stuff and it was like 10 minutes. That was nice. It was an alright talk, I have definitely done better. After church we go up to Grandmas again for a yummy dinner, cards, and an Easter egg hunt for the little kids. I was feeling pretty lazy that day so I didn't play cards much, I just napped on the couch. And I also played with baby Luke. He is the cutest little chunk ever!

I think this blog post is getting pretty long, so I will stop writing. I love you all! Questions, comments, queries, you know what to do.


Cuties, Dads and Colors

Cuties- Well, one day this week my mom and I were sitting at the table eating a nice lunch and chatting and laughing like we usually do when the doorbell rang. I got up to get it and there was this guy. He was probably about 22 or 23 and he started talking pretty fast and mumbling. Next thing I know I have a list of magazines in my hand and he asks for my name. I say Emily and he writes it down and he says "Now how do you spell your last name? Is that C-U-T-I-E?" He thought it was pretty clever but I shot him down with a straight face and a "No." I guess I could've been nicer but that's just what panned out. Oh well.

Dads- Well on Friday I went to hang out with Mike as usual. But this time.. I was meeting his dad. his parents live in Oregon but he was down here so I was going to meet him. Now I was really stressing out the whole week and I was hoping he would like me and all of this stuff. So I drive to Mike's house and I was about one minute away from his house and he told me the TV guy wasn't there yet (Mike was getting his TV fixed that morning and the guy was super late) so I was thinking that was good because then Mike would be there while I got drilled by his dad. So I drive up to the house and there is a TV van. Joy. So I go up to the door just hoping that Mike or Mike's brother or sister in law or one of their kids or anyone but his dad would answer the door. No such luck. I knocked and the door opens and it was Mike's dad. I say hi and he lets me in and calls Mike up. Mike says hey and says he will be downstairs for a while so I should talk to his dad. BY MYSELF.. AHHH.. No one else was home. So I sit down and talk to his dad for like 45 minutes. I think his dad could tell I was super nervous because he did a lot of the talking and didn't ask a lot of questions. After the TV guy left Mike came up and the 3 of us went to Applebee's. Then back to the house for an episode of the Office and basketball games. We had steak for dinner and it was really good. I ended up leaving a bit early because of a migrane. His dad was really nice and fun, and Mike says he likes me so bonus!




Chalked upWhoo, I love it!

This was at the Festival of Colors, it was super fun. Basically a celebration of Spring coming and Winter leaving. A lot of festivities and dancing and singing and chalk throwing. The whole place was just filled with chalk, it was like a dust cloud of chalk. It was so fun!



So this post is about my cute sunbeams. I love teaching them!! They are just so cute! And a handful.. but they are so fun to teach. Yesterday we leaned about "I Am Thankful For Animals". So I had some pictures of animals on my laptop on a PowerPoint and I showed them the pictures. When a picture would come up I would ask them what the animal was and what the animal said. The first picture was of a baby duck. And I asked them what it was and Timmy said "its a bird!" and I told him good job and asked what type of bird. He thought for a second and said "its a chicken bird!" I thought I could've died laughing. When we got to the elephant picture, Preston guessed that one right. I asked him what they used their trunks for and he said to pick things up and I told him he was right. Then he put his hand on his nose and said "but I can't pick things up with my nose its too short." And then Timmy put his hand on is nose and started pulling down on his nose and said "My nose is long now! I can!" Oh boy they are so funny sometimes. We went through the rest of the pictures and we drew pictures of animals and we also played a game where someone would think of an animal and give hints about it and everyone else would guess. I think the highlight of the class was when I had my dad bring Brandon's bunny into class for me. He came in and we put away our crayons and I took out Bob (the bunny's name.. not anything else). They loved it! At least Timmy and Preston did. Luke didn't want to pet it or anything. When it would hop by his chair he would put his little boots up on his chair. He was scared of it. But Preston and Timmy had a great time petting the rabbit and holding it and watching it hop around. Bob went behind a stack of chairs in the corner and wouldn't come out. So Timmy got down on all fours and stuck his head right where the bunny would have had to come out and he said "Come out! You come out here right now!" They are just so fun. I think that is all I have to say for today, love you all!


The past weeks..

Okay all, I am sorry I am such a slacker at blogging. I really need to do better. We had a FHE about keeping journals a while ago, and we figured that my blog counted as a journal. Well, I need to do better writing things down so not all will be lost when I get old and insane. The past few weeks have been fun, mostly work. I do have some fun stories though. Mike came to church with me last Sunday!! Syd and I sang in church so he came to watch. It was fun. He helped me teach the sunbeams, he was pretty good at crowd control. After church we went to my grandparents for dinner, cards and dessert. We came back here for a Sunday movie, and we watched Charly. My goodness was that a bawling fest if I've ever seen one! Syd, my mom and I were all just bawling. Good movie, but I don't think I like crying that much haha! At least we know Mike can handle me when I'm crying all over and everything.

On Monday after FHE KoriAnn and I decided we needed to hang out! We definitely had a blast. I went and picked her up and we drove aimlessly for like 10 or 15 minutes, we didn't know where to go for a bite to eat! We finally decided on Denny's. We pulled in and parked. When we got out of the car she stepped in a huge puddle.. LOL. It was so freezing outside and I didn't park particularly close. Well, we go in to eat and I got french toast.. it was soooo good. French toast is definitely my favorite breakfast food. So, we get done eating and go up to pay the bill. KoriAnn pays hers first with her card. Then its my turn. So I hand the lady my card. She asks if she should run it for the amount, I said run it for $2 over. And she looks at the back and it says "See ID" so she asks for my ID. Well, I had left it out in my car. This doesn't happen often, but when it does the person is usually like "oh no biggie, its okay" etc. But not this lady. I told her it was in my car and she said "Well, I need to see it." SO I HAD TO GO OUT TO MY CAR IN THE FREEZING COLD AND GET MY ID." Now I could've let that fly eventually but it gets worse. When I get back I give it to her, and you know what she says to me? Just take a guess. She says "Don't you hate it when people follow the rules?" And it was in a mean like "haha, you had to run out to your car in the freezing cold and I am a jerk and I don't care" voice. Oh I was ticked. But I took it and coolly said "no" and then left. Geez. Did she fill her nice quota for the day? Couldn't let one more person slip by? Having a contest with her waitress friends? I have no idea. But I was mad. But anyways, we left and went to the theatre and saw "New In Town." I really liked it, I thought it was good.

Work has been pretty uneventful lately. I can't really think of any funny stories or anything. But... an important event.. U2 IS COMING TO CONCERT IN DECEMBER!! They just had a new CD come out, and it ROCKS! I really hope I can go to their concert, because its been a life dream of mine to see them live in concert and they will probably be retiring soon.

Friday was fun! Mike and I hung out with Fred and Janet for a while. we went to dinner and played cards and ate brownies. Fred helped me fix the lights on my car. Well, he showed me and I helped a little. I really had a great time hanging out with them.

I counted the boys freckles. They have a lot. Nate is in first place for most freckles. Then Brandon in second and Josh coming up in third.

Thats about all I can think of to write at this point.. so until next time.. Hasta!


I've Finally Named My Car!!!

Ooooooohhh Suzie Q, oh Suzie Q,
Oh Suzie Q, baby I love you, Suzie Q.

I like the way you walk, I like the way you talk Suzie Q.
I like the way you walk, I like the way you talk Suzie Q.
Well, say that you'll be true, well, say that you'll be true,
Well, say that you'll be true, and never leave me blue, Suzie Q.
Well, say that you'll be mine, well, say that you'll be mine,
Well, say that you'll be mine, baby all the time, Suzie Q.
Oh Suzie Q, oh Suzie Q,
Oh Suzie Q, baby I love you, Suzie Q.
I like the way you walk, I like the way you talk,
I like the way you walk, I like the way you talk, Suzie Q.
Oh Suzie Q, oh Suzie Q,
Oh Suzie Q, baby I love you, Suzie Q.

Mmmm.. :) my cute little Malibu's booty.

Heating and cooling, and stereo system. Also, my emergency water, Mountain Dew and gum. (Britt are you so proud of me! I even have a hoody in the back seat. I am starting my 72 hour kit. Its getting there.) Steering wheel

Do you like how the paper is in its little blue bag on the ground, HAHA!

So all you Medskers out there (and anyone else who wants to play), who sings the song?! Its quiz time! No using the Internet, you just have to know off the top of your head! Next blog post I will post who sings the song, hooray!

My life has basically consisted of work lately. And making cookies! And hanging out with Mike! At work I have a lot of fun usually. I have saran wrapped my bosses office twice and "BYU-ed" it once (blue streamers and a sign). And I get away with it. Its great. I really enjoy working at the front desk a lot. Sometimes its a little stressful, but for the most part its really fun. There is a bagger named Garrett, and he is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! He is autistic and he is just he cutest ever. Yesterday I was singing the Subway "5, $5, $5 footlong!" song and he sang it with me. He is so fun. He was standing up at the desk and I had just pulled off the last piece of tape off the role and I said "Garrett do you want the last piece of tape from the roll?" And he said "uh.. sure." So I gave it to him and about 10 minutes later I said "Garrett, can you go get some carts outside please?" And he said "Yeah, but what do you want to do with this piece of tape?" He still had it! Haha! It was so cute, I told him he could throw it away. He is so fun. One day he did his hair combed to the side so Lindsey (my friend) and I both told him his hair looked nice and he smiled so big and just lit up. SO cute. The other day my friend Justin and I filled an office in the back full of crates, and during the night a stack of them fell in front of the door and the people who came in the morning had to go through the light in the ceiling and get the crates out that way.. I love my job. Most the time. I am not sure what else to write, so this will be the end of my post. Love you all!

I have spring fever so badly! I cannot wait until it is nice and warm and I can go outside!! Mike will start softball in the summer and I am excited for that so I can go watch him play some games sometimes in his nice little softball or baseball pants whoo whoo!! It will be so nice when its warm and I can start running again!



Okay everyone, I am sorry I am such a slacker!! I will try to blog more. I was going to post pics with this blog of my car, but I decided then it might never get done, so I will post the pics whenever I take them. I will just write the post right now. So the weekend before last, my dad and I took off Saturday morning and headed out... CAR SHOPPING! I had a car I wanted to check out in Centerville. So we headed to the place where the car was at, and I looked at some other cars and also that one. It was a really pretty color, but it had said it was an automatic on the Internet and it was a manual. Not that I have anything against manuals, I just don't want one. LOL. So we thank the guy for letting us test drive some of his cars and leave. We start heading northward and hit a couple other lots and just kind of look quickly. Then we go to Murdock Chevrolet, and we walked in the doors and can you say BEAUTIFUL CORVETTE?! Now can you say FOUR? Oh man, I was drooling all over those little babies. So we walk in and the general manager, Mike, comes up and shakes our hands and says hello. He hooks us up with a guy named Tommy who asks what kind of car I am looking at. I say I want to get a Chevy Cobalt, so he pulls out a nice one that was on the lot. Totally tricked out with the sound system, XM raido, new wheels, everything. So I took it for a drive and I really liked it! So we went in to talk prices and apparently he had mixed up the numbers of this car with those of another one, so the car leaped like 3,ooo in price. I was pretty upset. So he brings over his sale manager, and we talk to him. His name was Trent. He asked us what price range we were looking at and we told him, and we said even if it was like a couple hundred more we could work with that, and he went back and looked at his inventory and brought out the names of two cars. One was a Hyundai Elantra, and I didn't want that. And the other was a Chevy Malibu. And I was like.. well lets look at the Mailbu. So Tommy pulls it around and it was a gorgeous sage green color. So we look at it and I take it for a spin. And I liked it more than the Cobalt! It was a bit bigger, so it was more roomy and I just liked it more. Not totally tricked out like the Cobalt, but it still had a nice stereo and gas mileage and stuff. So we go back in, and we start talking prices with Trent. And the price he got it down to was like 700 more than what we had told him. And so my dad got really mad and they were kind of arguing, and my dad says he wants to speak to the general manager. So Mike comes over and my dad is explaining his frustrations to him, which are valid, and I was frustrated too and I just didn't want a car anymore. So Mike goes back and says okay this is what we can get you the car for and my dad was like "Okay I said a couple hundred, you guys keep showing us cars and then raising the price like this, etc etc" and Mike said "What is a couple hundred to you? is 200 a couple hundred?" And my dad says yes and so they work it out and I feel like crying because I hate people fighting and I end up getting the car and 3 free oil changes and he offered to fill up our suburban. That is my car story.
Last weekend, I went to Mike's.. in my CAR :) :) and we went to the Draper Temple Open house, and it was SO GORGEOUS! Wow, it was so pretty wow wow wow! It was so pretty and the feeling was jsut amazing. After that we went out to eat at Johnny Carino's and that was some excellent Italian food. We also went to Circuit City then we went back to his place and watched some "How I Met Your Mother" and then we ate dinner and took his two nephews and his niece swimming. That was so fun! They are all so cute, and they like me more than Mike. LOL. They are really fun kids. This week Mike and I are going to the Logan temple probably to do baptisms, so that will be fun. After that I hope it is good weather for a hike or some rock climbing.
A lot of you have been wanting to see a pic of Mike.. so here is a pic!


This past week.

Hello all! This past week has been pretty fun! It started off with getting a promotion at work! Whoo hoo!! I am now a front desk manager, so if you come into Lee's, look to the front desk, because I might just be there working! I'm still training and I hope I do okay! As for the car issue, I am looking at a Cobalt right now that I like. We will see what happens with that. Basically all I do with my life is work now. I work full time, so I usually sleep in, get up, lounge, get ready and head to work . Fridays are usually my day to hang out with my cute boyfriend!! This past Friday he came over and I made spaghetti, I thought it was pretty good. Mike told me a couple times throughout our day that it was really good, so I am guessing he liked it as well. LOL. After lunch we watched The Office.. ITS BACK ON FOR THE YEAR!! Whoo hoo!! I am so excited its back on! After The Office we headed out to the Megaplex for a movie. He made me decide and I chose Mall Cop. Good choice on my part! It was so funny! After that we were in a mall mood so we went to the Newgate for a while. Then we picked up a Little Cesar's pizza and headed to my place for some DDR and to watch Night at the Museum. And that was our day! He is so great! Today at church I got to teach the Sunbeams!! They are all so cute. It was really fun. My mom and I went in and she did the crowd control while I taught about Heavenly Father having a body. We played follow the leader around the church (reverently!) to illustrate what we could do with our bodies and the Heavenly Father can do that stuff too. We also drew pictures of our bodies. I drew a little stick figure of me, but I put blue hair on me. I held it up and said "Does this look like me?" And they all said it looked like me. A boy in our class named Timothy got up and kept telling me pretty excitedly that "that looks JUST like you!!!" It was so funny. When we were walking down the hall playing follow the leader the little girl in the class named Brooklyn walked straight into a wall! She was okay, but a few minutes later when we were walking back I heard one of the kids say "I won't bonk into a wall. Nope, I won't bonk into a wall like her." LOL!! They are so funny! I think one of my favorite parts was when I was teaching and the bishop's son, Preston, stood up and came up to me and said "I have to tell you something" and I said "What do you need to tell me?" And he said "You have sandals just like Jesus wears." It was so funny! I had to try not to laugh, but then I realized that I had brown sandals on and they had straps going over my feet, and in the pictures of Jesus he does have brown sandals on. How observant! After church we went up to my grandmas, and I don't know why, but everyone thinks I'm going to get married or engaged soon. Just so you all know, I will tell you this one more time. It won't happen for a while. So no need to be crossing your fingers. Anyways, this week should be a good one. Just full of work and more work!! Love you all!



As many of you know, I am thinking about getting a car in the very next soon while. The only dilemma is.... what kind of car?! I really would like a Jeep Liberty. I want one of those really bad. The other car I am possibly looking at is a Honda Civic, and from the deals I have found they would cost about the same to get. Gas mileage is a little worse on the Jeep, but.. the Honda is definitely not as cool! Keep in mind a Honda Civic does not fit my rock climbing crazy outdoors personality. My mom thinks I should get a nice little car, because it is more economically friendly, and I don't need a bigger car right now, plus as I said before, gas mileage is better.... but I REALLY WANT A JEEP LIBERTY REALLY BAD! I think I would just look better in one and I would enjoy it a lot more than little car. So... if anyone wants to chip in their opinion, that would be GREAT!!! Love you all!



It has been such a long times since I last blogged! I apologize to all you avid Emily's blog readers out there, you must have been dying without my posts to entertain you! Just so you all know, I am now currently residing in Ogden again and working at Lee's just livin' the dream. Now I am back living with parents and that has been quite the adjustment in itself. Christmas was really great!! We had a lot of fun, my brothers and dad got automatic NERF guns from Santa and they love to terrorize everything that moves. There is still snow here and I hate it, like every other winter. Today my family and I went to Infinia (the old folks home) and we got to do the sacrament program for them. I gave a talk on loving one another and my dad gave a talk and then all the Medsker kids sang a song. My mom played the piano and she did such a great job. She is really good at playing "Music Box Dancer" which is my personal favorite piano piece and she loves playing it for me. Actually, she only plays it every once in a while. So I had to go buy it on iTunes, my first piece of classical music bought on iTunes, woah! And possibly my only piece as well.

A glimpse of what just happened in the Medsker household:
Syd: Dad your so cute.
Mom: I tried telling you that at church today. I said whoo whoo, holy hubba!
Dad: You said holy hubba?

Yesterday Syd and I went and saw Bride Wars. It was pretty funny. It kind of reminded me of How to Lose a Guy In 10 Days, where Kate Hudson is driving me absolutely nuts because she is being so crazy but you still have to love the movie. Kate Hudson was in this one and so was Anne Hathaway, and I really like both of those actresses. They go after each others weddings and it is hilarious, but drives me a little crazy at the same time. At the end Syd and I were both crying, not full on bawling, but we were crying a bit. It was good. Today in church I led the music in Relief Society. That was fun. On Friday Mike came up :)... we are still together and dating. He makes me so happy!! He came up and we went to the temple and did baptisms, then to Gandolfo's, oh man, he has me addicted to that place now, those sandwiches are SO GOOD. Then back home for Oceans 11. We had fun just hanging out all day. My brothers were all excited that Mike was coming over, its pretty funny. It has simply been too long since I have blogged so I can't remember everything I wanted to say. So hopefully I will have some witty comments next week.