Family photo

Family photo


State Fair

I am sure you all are aware.. but I wanted to brag just a little bit more. For the utah State Fair this year I submitted 3 pictures. One of my pictures won honorable Mention in the category I entered it in! Go me!


A Delicious Surprise For Mike

Doesn't this look so good?!


I Suppose I Should Blog...

Okay, the reason I have been slacking is because I don't have time to do a looong post about or trip to Boston. It was amazing. I am going to put places we went and a few key things and that will have to suffice.
- We went on a Duck Boat Tour. I even rove the duckboat!
-We went to the Old State house where the Declaration of Independence was read on the 4th of July. It was really hot that day.
-We went on a short harbor cruise. That was really fun to go out in the water go around listening to different things.
-We went to the New England Aquarium. Besides all the kids that don't care if you are tripping over them or not, it was really fun and really cool.
-We went to Faneuil Hall and watched a magic guy do tricks and got food. We also met up with some friends there and then went to the Italian part of town for some amazing food.
- We went to the most amazing pastry shop. EVER. It was delicious. We went there twice.
-We went to the Paul Revere House.
-We went to the Old North Church. We also went in the top of the church where they ring the bells and underneath the church where people are buried. It reminded me of National Treasure.
-We saw the USS Constitution going around the harbor. It was one big boat.
-We went on a Swan Boat ride.
-We did some shopping. I love shopping.
-We went to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. It was beautiful with a lot of art.
-We also went to the Museum of Fine Arts. Mike is such a good sport!
-We went to Fenway Park. We went for 2 games and we went for a tour of the park!
-We went to the Harvard Museum of Natural History. That was a very cool museum!
-We went the the Sam Adams Brewery. When it was beer taste testing time we got a root beer. Everyone else enjoyed their beer. It was interesting to see how the beer is made. Mike got a picture with the Sam Adams brew master.
-We went to Plymouth Rock. I was surprised how small it was.
-We also went to the Newport Mansions. We couldn't take any pictures inside, but they were HUUUUUGE! I was really tired afterward from walking around them.
-We went to the Ben and Jerry's factory. Yummmmy!
-We went to Stowe, VT to the Joseph Smith monument and birthplace.
-We also went to Bar Harbor, ME and went sea kayaking! That was a blast! We saw some seals in the water swimming around, one was even following us.
- We went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, so now I have another glass for my collection.

I think I got almost everything. It was a great trip, and I had a lot of fun. Thanks Dave for letting su stay with you!!

On another note, school has started. I don't hate it as much as I knew I would, but I don't like it as much as I hoped I would. I already changed my major from Business to Photography. I know.. everyone does photography.. but I absolutely love it.