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Family photo


Every Girl's Horror Story

Well. Its happened. My first BYU horror story. And I can't wait to tell you all. And lets just say I feel bad. There is this guy that has been on my tail for a while and we will call him Harvey for sake of not exposing him. So this Harvey asked me out for lunch a week or so ago. So I went out with him and we went to Panda Express (mmm.. Chinese!) I can't remember if I blogged about that date or not, but anywho, he's asked me out a couple other times and I told him I was busy or I couldn't, etc. And I wasn't trying to be mean, its just like it seemed he had more motives than an occasional friendshippy date. Yeah. Dang BYU RM's. So he sits by me in my music class, and the other day (Monday) he sat a row behind me and his friend was apparently sitting a seat away from me. So they were talking and I was listening to some U2 (cuz they are my favorite band!!) and I guess they were talking about girls and "Harvey" just happened to raise his voice louder so it caught my attention and said something to the effect of he is just dating casually and he doesn't want a girlfriend or something like that. So after class I leave and start walking by myself. I hit a crosswalk and I've got my headphones in and next thing I know, I take a glance to the right and POOF! There is Harvey. So he starts walking with me and asks if I have any homework to do today and I say no (Mistake #1). After we walked for a bit he asked what I was doing when got home, and I old him I would do what I do every day when I get home. Which is sit on the couch for about a half hour then get something to eat (Mistake #2). So he asked if he could come over and we could watch the Newsies (Which I hadn't seen). So I don't have any reason to say no and he was saying earlier (and loudly) he doesn't have any motives but a casual friendshippy date. Ha! So he comes over and we start the movie and my roommate is home and then she leaves for class.. and the movie kinda goes in the movie crisis mode before things get better. (you know, it gets worse before better part) so I'm watching intently (and I give him full points for suaveness) and he asks if I'm okay and I say yeah I'm just hoping everything turns out in the end and he slides over (because we were sitting far away thanks to me :D) and puts his arm around me. I dunno about guys, but girls have this moment when a guy she isn't attracted to puts his arm around her and all these questions come. Like.. "Why is he TOUCHING me? WHO said he could put his arm THERE? WHY is he doing that?! HOW am I supposed to get OUT of this?! WHY DID I GO TO BYU?!?!?" So.. (I give myself double points for suaveness) my back was against the back of the couch, so his arm was like on the back of the couch but touching me, so it wasn't like a death grip hold it was a hey my arm is around you hold. SO.. I put my legs up on the couch by me and pulled my knees into my body and put my arms around my knees so I kinda slouched forward and his arm fell so he had to move it.. hahaha. He didn't try to make any more moves on me, thank GOODNESS! At the end of the movie when the credits barely started coming up I popped out the DVD and told him thanks for bringing it over and letting me watch it. And I think I told him like a week or so ago (cuz we were talking about movies) that I like to watch the credits, cuz I do.. I know, weird. But I think he knew that, but I really didn't care at this point. Well. I think thats the story of Handsy Harvey. Ha.
Oh and also, yesterday I tried calamari. Whoo!
Questions, comments, queries, concerns, etc- you know what to do! Love you all!


About me!

Here goes:
1. Being with my family!!
2. Sleeping in late.
3. Turning on the paper lanterns in the living room of the apartment and looking at them or sleeping on the couch under them.

1. Spiders
2. Getting sucked under an escalator at the top or bottom.
3. Someone hiding in the shower and I don't know.. hence why I check the shower every time I go in the bathroom and shut the door.

1. Showing you all up and not getting married for a long time!! HAHAHA. Seriously though, I don't want to get married for a while.
2. Getting down to Ogden soon to see my family.
3. Doing my laundry today.. I've had to do it since Tuesday I think..

1. I'm currently collecting.. friends? Its a slow process, but I'm working on it, LOL.
2. Current obsession.. my laptop. I can do basically everything important on it! Like homework and blog and email and watch movies.
3. BYU football. Its one of those things that just make Saturdays okay to the best ever.

1. I didn't wake up to my alarm this morning. It was supposed to wake me up at 8 and I didn't wake up till 8:27.. two minutes after I was supposed to leave for class! But.. I made it right on time thanks to my amazing long legs and speed walking. LOL, probably just fast walking.
2. I would much rather eat brownie batter and cookie dough than the finished product.
3. Now that I don't live at home I drink out of the milk carton because it saves me washing a dish and pouring too much.

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Indian Fest

This is me, doing a cool yoga pose by a cool architectural design of a decorative spire thing of the Krishna temple.
There was a Llama petting zoo!! So of course we had to go check it out. The brown one kinda looked like he wanted to charge, so I stayed away from him just a bit. Plus they were standing in a lot of poop and I had flip flops on.
This is the Krishna temple. Its in Spanish Fork. Its really pretty and really really cool. I didn't realize another person was getting a picture too. But I think I look more happy and thumbs-upsy than her. But she looks more native. So I think that means we are at a tie.
This is when we were walking up there. It was a bit of a walk, but totally worth it! The architecture was so stunning and beautiful!
We watched a play and at the end they blew up a big huge bad guy.. and he burst into flame and fireworks. We were so close we got ashes in our eyes. I think it was a cool effect. If you look on the left side of the picture thats a monkey's head and above that is some arrows. Those were Raam's arrows. I guess he is one of the gods they worship. It was really insightful and really cool.

So we headed to the Indian fest (Renee, Lauren, Eun Joo, and I) and we got there and went inside the Krishna temple. We had to take our shoes off and we sat down on this huge rug. They had incense burning and it smelt pretty good. It was relaxing. Then there was some guys up at the front playing some authentic music. It was so cool! Then these two girls stood up and did a dance to the music. There was a shop downstairs and I bought a bag and a necklace made in India. After that we headed outside for the Llama petting zoo! One llama looked like it was going to charge. So we didn't stay too long. After that we watched a play and at the end the bad guy (as you can see above) got blown to pieces. It was really cool. Afterwards we booked it. Well, thats about it for my fun and eventful weekend! Oh except then Lauren and I went to a way cool party dance thing. And danced the night away and got caught in a mosh pit thing. We almost fell over and got squished. But it was still fun. Oh and after that we went to Renee's for some vegan cake. And it was actually pretty dang good! Well, I think that is all! Love you all!


We made a cake!! And we decorated it with Fruit Loops!!
We are getting our game faces on. WITH MATCHING SHIRTS!!!
The BYU Edwards Stadium. This place was HUGE and packed!!!
This picture is solely for my mom. She loves marching band type things. And so I thought of her and took this picture.
Lining up for a great play that led to a 59-0 victory!! Go Cougars!!

We had so much fun! Koriann came over on Friday and she woke me up from my nap. And we took her stuff into my apartment and then we chatted it up about all the ward gossip.. haha! And then we went out for pizza and it was soooooo good! And then we came back and tried to set up her Wii.. But we couldn't get it to work. So we decided to watch some movies. So we watched Just Like Heaven and The Italian Job and the Trek 2007 movie (it still makes me cry, I felt bad I was like bawling during it.) and then we turned on Enchanted. But before we turned on Enchanted we made a cake! It was like 12:30.. so we decorated it the next morning. The next morning we slept in late and woke up and ate Fruit Loops and decorated the cake and went to the BYU GAME!!!! It was so much fun. We totally kicked some butt. The best play hands down was when UCLA lined up to go for a field goal and BYU was going to try to block the kick. Well, BYU didn't get to block the kick in time, but the ball went way right of the goal post. We were laughing so hard. It was amazing! After the game we came here for some cake and ice cream to celebrate the win!! A little while after that Koriann had to head home. We had so much fun though. Thanks so much for coming down Koriann! Love ya! After she left some friends and I went to an Indian Fest, but I will tell about that in my next blog post.


Life In Happy Valley

Lets see.. what do I have to say since last time I blogged.. Well. Its kinda rainy and gross lately. I haven;t had to walk in a downpour yet.. but I probably will soon. You guys should see all the parties down here with all the alcoholic beverages! I never knew they were so easy to get!! Just kidding. Its pretty much like I live in a bubble here. I'm not sure I like the bubble yet. I'm pretty much afraid to say anything about politics now hahaha. On Sunday we had regional conference. It was held at the Marriott Center and it was packed. Even the nose bleeds were packed.. but anyways. President Uchdorf was presiding and President Packer was also there and so was Sister Dibbs and guy from the first quorum of the seventy. But I don't exactly remember his name. They all talked and it was pretty good. That night there was a CES fireside and Elder Holland spoke I think. I finally got my BYU shirt. Finally. I've been trying to get one since I got down here and yesterday I just decided I would check because I needed to check if a book for one of my classes was in.. which I still need to get. But anyways.. there they were. A WHOLE TABLE FULL! So I took advantage of that. And now I can say I have a BYU Quest shirt. WHOO HOO. I might be in Ogden this weekend.. :D My friend Jaime goes here too and he's headed back up to Ogden for the weekend. So I might just might go with him. We'll see. This week my Family Processes class is cancelled. So I get a whole extra hour to do whatever.. like.. get a jamba. Which is like the floor below me. Tempting. I hope it gets warmer before it gets cold. My roomie Megan wants to go down the Provo River on tubes. My roomies are pretty cool still. Lauren has gotta be my favorite. Megan is pretty cool.. but this last week she reorganized the fridge and freezer 3 times. Lol. Hope likes things really clean. Like if I leave my keys on the table she asks if she can put them away.. it bugs just a bit. The other day Lauren and I decorated our apartment. We got paper and crayons and made murals and hung them up. We also hung up paper lanterns.  So I try to clean up after myself and keep my key and sunglasses leaving to a minimum.. My friend Kirsten has a new friend. His name is Seth. And he is weird. He was telling us how back in the day he was a little rebel, and how some people "can't pull off just one earring in their left ear.. but I can." The way he said that.. wow I had a hard time not laughing at him. CUZ HE COULDN'T PULL IT OFF EVEN IF HE TRIED. That's a pretty mean thing to say too.. I better stop with the mean stuff. Oh we had FHE the other night. That was pretty fun. We played this game to get to know everyone and we ate brownies. Pretty fun. Well I think that is about it for now.


A Post.

Well this week has been pretty cool. I guess I will start out at church that was at 2 o'clock. And it was fast Sunday.. And you Medskers know how we get moody with no food. Well, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. But as soon as I got home I think I ate a lot of snacks and then Ramen or spaghetti-o's or something. I think I miss my mom's cooking. On Monday it was FHE and that was pretty fun.. and cold!! It was pretty dang chilly. We met at a park and we drove (Lauren, Kirsten, me, and some random kid named Greg.. no he wasn't cute. He was kinda.. mlegh... There aren't many attractive men here just so you all know) and we got lost on the way to the park. We finally found it and our ward and we played some games and ate Krispy Kreme's and hot chocolate and then we left. Well, me and Kirsten and Lauren met this girl named Ashley and she lives across from me and Lauren and so we took her instead of Greg home. But we saw him later that might so he didn't die. After FHE we went to campus and kinda walked around and tried to find buildings in the dark, and it was pretty well lit, so we were pretty successful. Tuesday I didn't have classes so I went to campus and found where my classes would be and then I took the OST (Office Skills Test). Today was my first day of classes. I had Living Prophets first and that was pretty fun. We just went over things and went around saying our names. Next was Family Processes and its kinda how families work and how certain circumstances can alter how families are and how well they work. Then I had Music 101, and that wasn't too bad. After that I came home and applied for some jobs and then me and my friend hiked to the Y on the mountain. And then I came home and showered and... sat around!! Oh by the way I did a bit of homework that consisted of reading syllabus'. Thats it for now. Me and my exciting college life. Love you all!