Family photo

Family photo


The Robin Outside

I was in the kitchen washing off some potatoes to get some mashed potatoes going. I looked out the back window, and there was a robin tugging on a looong string in the backyard. The string was from my hammock that Banshee ruined, probably 8 feet long, and was stuck on something. I called Mike over and pointed it out. He asked if he should go get the string unstuck, so I said "It'll probably fly away, but maybe it will come back so sure!"

I go back to what I'm doing and Mike goes outside to get the string unstuck. It took him a little longer than I thought it would, so I look out the window to see what's up. Mike was standing in the yard with the long sting, cutting it up in smaller pieces, and throwing them on the ground.

And my heart melted, and I thought to myself, "I sure love him."

The End.


Out of School

Next week we have our trip to Zion National Park and I am really excited! Mike has never been there. Today we did some shopping for a few things we will need. I hope the weather will be really nice. It will be nice to take a trip with my man.

I was hoping to get a lot done once school got out, but I haven't accomplished much. It's been hard to get motivated because it's been so nice not having very many things after work! Mike and I have started to walk a half hour every night though. It's been fun to get out and walk with the weather being so nice.

This semester I finished up with a 4.0 GPA. Hooray! My first one in my college career. This semester wasn't difficult though.. I enjoyed a lot of my classes. That puts me at a 3.73 cumulative GPA for my Associates degree. Not bad.

Today is Nate's birthday, my little brother. He is a full 15 years old. I can't believe it. He is growing up way fast. Happy Birthday, Nate!



Well, I did it! I'm done with SLCC!!

HOORAY! Que a good song to dance to by ABBA or another 70's/80's band. Maybe even "I Hate Myself For Loving You" by Joan Jett. Not a fitting song but man I love that beat! Also, she's great. Maybe "Summer of '69"? I don't know. Que a GREAT song. AC/DC maybe? CCR? Just find something GOOD.

DONNNE! I am dooonnne! Unfortunately my associates degree won't be coming until the end of the summer when I'll technically by graduating (because I put that as the semester I'd be graduating). But whatever. I'm done, and I get the summer off. I haven't had a summer since I started. Then I have to go back to school in the fall...

A big thank you to my sweetheart, Mike, for being so supportive and helping me along the way. I really appreciate all the encouragement he offered me and all of the homework help he gave.

I'll be graduating SLCC with 67 credits. I needed 61 I think. Not too bad. I can't wait till my grades are posted. This semester I took a few easier and fun classes which I've probably already written about. In my First Aid class I passed the CPR certification and First Aid Certification. So basically I'm an asset to society especially if someone gets hurt.

Feel free to shower me with praises and money.


*Joking on that last line, not the whole post. I really did finish all the requirements to graduate from SLCC with my Associates.

The End.

PS I'm done with my associates degree. Just in case you didn't get that.