Family photo

Family photo



If you would like to see our engagement pictures just go to On the rights side click "Bride Log in". When it goes to the next page in the log in bar type Emily Medsker. That should bring you to another page where you can click "Engagement Pictures" and see our pics!! Let me know what ya'll think! Love you all!


Long Time..

Okay, I am officially the biggest blogging slacker ever. Whenever I get on to blog I forget what I wanted to say so I just give up and figure I will blog later. I need to start writing things down.
Wedding plans are going good! I've got my dress and its all fitted so now I just need to make sure I don't gain or lose a lot of weight. Shouldn't be hard. The cake is ordered and so are the flowers. We are finishing registering this Friday and we are also going to look at our engagement pics that we had taken last Friday! Mike isn't super excited about sitting through tons of photos, but I am definitely excited. I had a really fun time taking those. Mike had fun too, the guy would be taking pics and Mike would be cracking jokes or just being himself. Cute boy. I can't wait to see the pics!! Ahhh... Sunday I taught my class and I had 6 sunbeams and one of me. Whoo. They were all such chatter boxes! I would take a breath and literally 3 of them would start talking and that would get all of them talking. It was funny, I paused for a second and I had Timmy start saying "if there is a fire we need to put it out with water" and Colton started telling me about his dog Tiger at the same time and his twin starts talking about the other dog that ran away. They are so fun. Handfuls sometimes, but definitely fun. Last week while I was gone I guess they pulled the kids out one by one and all the primary made a short DVD. We watched it on Sunday. It started and it was so cute. It was all the kids one by one saying thanks to their teachers or I love you. It was such a sweet movie. I was bawling by the end, it was so cute. My little sunbeams were in it and it was precious. Oh, I went skydiving this weekend! That was a blast!! Definitely going to do that again. I LOVED it. The scariest part for me was just flying up. Jumping and free falling were soooo fun!! Mike and I are looking at a house down in West Valley, its really nice, I like it so hopefully that works out. If any of you know of any jobs down there that I could do and would possibly enjoy let me know if you would. Syd and Aimee left this morning for Girls Camp, its sunny right now so hopefully it stays like that for the week. I am talking at Girls Camp tomorrow night. I am also talking in church on Sunday. Whoo... Well, I think that is about it! Love you all!