Family photo

Family photo


Tweeg and Evolv

This is our sad story of the weekend.

On Sunday morning (12/12/10) around 9:45 I got out of bed and went to the kitchen cuz I was going to decorate a cake for Mike's family birthday party which was happening that night. I looked out the sliding glass door and the dogs were on the side of the yard. Evolv was on the ground shaking a lot and Tweeg was standing by him. I yelled for Mike to come look because Evolv looked like he was having a seizure. He came out and looked and I threw some shoes on and ran out. Evolv couldn't get up and we has convulsing. His eyes were locked and he was foaming at the mouth. Tweeg was shaking and had his tail between his legs. I didn't know if that was cuz he was scared or if he was getting sick too. I tried to get Tweeg to sit because he is usually pretty good at sitting, but he wouldn't respond. I yelled for Mike to get my car out of the driveway so we could take his car and get the dogs to a vet. I ran inside and got a blanket for Evolv and Tweeg's leash. We got Tweeg in the backseat and I held Evolv in the front while Mike drove. We started heading to our normal vet and called them on the way. Mike told them the dog's symptoms and they said we needed to go to an emergency vet. We got the address and turned around. That was very discouraging since we were pretty close to our normal vet and the emergency vet was clear across town. So we started driving to the emergency vet. It was a very long and scary drive. I kept petting Evolv and telling him it would be okay. Tweeg started foaming at his mouth and started having seizures and was having a hard time standing up. Even though he was sick he was still worried about his buddy Evolv and tried to stay close to him. When we were close to the vet Evolv almost died and stopped breathing for a little bit and his body stopped shaking and he went limp. I started crying but then he started moving and gasped for air. We got to the vet soon after that. Mike got out and got Tweeg out of the back. When Tweeg got out of the car his legs collapsed and he couldn't walk. Mike picked him up and carried him in. He told them that I had Evolv outside as I got out of the car and headed in. A vet met me at the door and took him and rushed him in. Mike and I went to the desk and they had us fill out Critical Condition paperwork for the dogs. A lady came out shortly after and said Evolv was dying and wanted to know if we wanted them to do CPR. I asked what his chances were and she said they were pretty good if they started right then. I told her to go ahead. We went and sat down and started filling out more paperwork. I got up and went out to the car to grab my phone. When I came back inside Mike was crying. I asked what was wrong and he told me Evolv was gone. I only wish that was the worst. They took us back to a private room with a couch and chair and a tissue box and a phone. And we waited to hear about our little Tweeg. They asked what we wanted to do with Evolv's body and we decided we wanted to take it and bury him. Another nurse came in and told us she would take us to Tweeg. We went in the back and it was so sad to see him. He was hooked up to IV's and was still foaming at his mouth. He couldn't move. He had a funnel over his mouth so he couldn't choke on his dog slobber. His eyes were locked and he couldn't look at us.His eyes were locked but were still bright and lively as always. We pet him and cried. Thats all we could do. The head vet came over and told us he didn't know what got into their systems but whatever it was caused the seizures and foaming and locked up their upper respiratory system so it was hard for them to breathe. We asked what it would cost to treat Tweeg. The doctor said he would put Tweeg in a 12 hour coma and that would clear out his system. The vet said if we didn't have discretionary income we should probably put him down. We asked for a minute with Tweeg. We petted him and told him we loved him and that we were sorry. The vet came and injected something into his IV and he slowly left us. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen. Our poor little puppy Tweeg was gone. I went up to the front desk and through the tears I put the bill on the credit card. Mike and the assistant vets loaded the dogs into the back of the Subaru.On my way out another person there told me "I'm sorry. God bless your heart." What a sweet lady. On the way home I tried to call my grandma but no one answered so I called my mom and told her the dogs were gone and asked if she thought it was okay if we buried the dogs at my grandma's house. She said she was sure that was fine. We headed home, grabbed some clothes, said a prayer and got Mike's cake. We drove up to my grandma and grandpa's and my grandma and grandpa were waiting for us there with hugs. We went in the backyard and decided where to bury our poor little dogs. Mike and grandpa dug the hole. Then we went back up to the car with the four wheeler and a trailer. Mike and grandpa got the dogs and I grabbed Evolv's collar. When we got back down to where we were going to bury them Mike put Evolv's collar on him (Tweeg's was still on). I said a few words and then grandpa and Mike buried Tweeg and Evolv together. It was a very hard and sad day with a lot of tears. I can't help but cry writing this and thinking about our two cute dogs we lost that day.

They were the best. They were such good friends. Even though Tweeg was sick too he wouldn't leave Evolv's side. Tweeg was really good at doing his tricks and he would show them off to anyone. He would sit, lay down, crawl, and he even would "reach for the sky." He also knew fetch. He was a very patient dog when it came to getting fed and would wait patiently for his food while Evolv went wild and got his food first. Anytime we looked in the backyard they would be laying in the sun together or playing and jumping on each other. When we left the house or came back home they would always run to the gate to see us even if it was bad weather. We were looking forward to the spring where we could take them on hikes. They were the best of friends and very fun. Tweeg was good at not jumping up on people and Evolv was working on that. I feel bad I wasn't able to play with them more because I was allergic and they gave me hives. They were very good dogs with very good temperaments and very sweet. I'll miss them very much and the happiness they brought to our little family. One thing my grandma said that I liked was "they went out together when the sun was shining."


I lost my dogs Sunday it was a terrible day. I will miss them forever and try and think of the things that I miss most about them. I will miss feeding them in the morning and going to work with paw prints on my pants. I miss coming home and seeing them paws up on the gate just so excited for me to come over and pet them and saying hello. I miss going out at night and seeing where in the yard they had carried their bowls to so that I could grab them and take them their food and water.

When we woke up Sunday morning and Emily called me and I saw Evolv shaking by our garden I froze and really didn't know what to do. Seeing him shake in the car with Emily holding him was terrifying. When the vet told us that he was gone my heart sank. When we were escorted back to Tweeg and he was laying there uncomfortable it was awful. Not knowing what was wrong with him was the worst part. Talking to the Vet and knowing that I didn't have the money to save him cause we didn't know what was wrong just made me sick. I will never forget holding Tweeg as he took his last few breaths and just telling him I was sorry. I felt so helpless.

Where to begin with all of my memories of you. I had been telling Emily for awhile that I wanted a dog and one day while she was still working at Lee's she told me there was an ad up for a free puppy. She went and got one and came home with the most adorable black puppy with white toes and a white spot on his chest. I already had his name picked out. I named him Tweeg after the villain from my favorite cartoon Teddy Ruxpin.

When winter came and we were potty training Tweeg we let him in the backyard to go potty and a few minutes later I heard a noise on our front screen door. Tweeg had snuck out through the gate in the back and had walked around to the front door and was pawing at it. It was so cute and we let him in.

When I would do the dishes Tweeg would stand in between my feet and just wanted to be by me.

We took him to obedience class and he learned to sit, come, stay, lay down, and Emily taught him to stand.

When he was sleeping in his Kennel in the basement we would run downstairs every night and he would follow me and sit right in front of it. I would pet him and tell him I Loved him and point to the Kennel and say Tweeg go to your bed and he would walk right in.

Just recently I let Tweeg out when we were shoveling the snow and he wandered off around some of the neighbors drive ways and eventually across 3600 W to the park. After a few more blocks of unsuccessful calling he finally trapped himself in a corner of two fences and as he tried to get by me I was able to dive and tackle him.

He was so quick and he loved when he had something and he knew that I wanted it. He would drop it on the yard in between his legs and just watch me. When I would go for it he would grab it and run around and dodge me. He was so fast and just loved playing keep away.


We got Evolv the day before our anniversary as a friend for Tweeg so that he had someone to play with while we were at work. Evolv was so cute with his little spots on his legs.

Tweeg took awhile to warm up to Evolv and would growl at him when he would try and eat out of his bowl. I loved it. They soon became best friends and could be found laying with each other in the yard basking in the sun. They would play tug of war with sticks and Evolv would chase Tweeg around the yard.

My favorite thing about Evolv was that he loved having his belly rubbed Tweeg never really liked this, I loved on a summer day sitting on the steps and just holding my little puppy and rubbing his belly.

What I will miss most

I never taught Tweeg to play fetch all of the way sometimes he would get the ball and bring it back sometimes he would get distracted and he never quite grasped the concept of bringing it to me and letting go when I grabbed it. I never got to take Tweeg and Evolv on hikes or rock climbing with us where they could just lay in the sun and hang out.

I always wanted to teach Tweeg to catch a frisbee. I miss going out in the morning and telling them excuse me as they would get in my way while I got their bowls.

I didn't take them on enough walks or and didn't spend enough time with them. I never got to say goodbye to Evolv at least I saw Tweeg walk on Sunday and got to hold him as I said my last goodbye,

What I learned from this.

I really didn't think I was this attached to them. I would get frustrated when Tweeg ruined our garden and didn't always come when I called him. Sometimes we couldn't stay the night in Ogden or would have to leave early cause the dogs needed to be fed and that was annoying sometimes. Yet I still loved them and loved when they would be waiting for me at the gate.

This also was a wake up call to how fast we can lose things especially those thing that are so precious and we think that we are going to have forever.

Tweeg and Evolv we miss you and we Love you so much. Thank You for all of the happy memories and smiles that you brought to our faces. If I could tell you anything its we Love you and miss you and we are so sorry that we couldn't do more for you when you needed us most. Tweeg I love you and making the choice to say goodbye to you was one of the hardest things that I have ever done. Evolv I'm sorry that we didn't get a chance to say goodbye and that we loved you.


Tweeg- I was so excited to bring you home. I sent Mike a pic and begged him to let me bring you home. It was hard for me at first since I was allergic to you and you kept us up at night. Mike would always get up and take you potty in the middle of the night so I could stay in bed and thats one of the first times I learned while we were married that he would be an awesome dad for our kids. You got so good at doing your tricks and you could even catch the treats in your mouth! You loved to go on walks and you were so good at loose leash walking and walking right by me. You wouldn't jump up on me and I really liked that you wouldn't, but you would jump up on Mike, cuz he loved it and petting you when you would greet him like that. I hated that you would jump in the garden and ruined all my bell peppers but it was funny that you only ruined the bell peppers.. the only thing I was excited for in the garden. You looked like a deer jumping over the fence. You were so cute when you were little and I would throw a towel on you and you would freak out. Or your feet would slip out from under you while you were in the kitchen. You did not like baths. But it was fun to try to give them to you. We miss you and love you a lot and won't ever forget your mischievous personality and the smiles and laughs you gave us.

Evolv- We were on the fence about getting you. You were too cute to not keep though. We brought you home and Tweeg thought you were interesting. He couldn't help but keep coming up and sniffing you. You were so scared though! You would freeze up and let Tweeg smell you. You were so cute and you would sleep on the step and take naps. You had the cutest spots on your legs. You never liked walking on a leash and you liked it when we would let you run free. When you first got out you would get out of our yard and I found you numerous places. I found you in our neighbors yard, one time we thought we even lost you and (my favorite) we found you at our other neighbors while he was washing his car. You were sitting there watching him and then I walked over and called your name. You got so happy and ran right over to me and jumped up on me. I won't ever forget how excited you would get when I came outside, you would jump all the way in the air and do a circle in the air. You made the cutest sounds and you loved getting your belly rubbed. You would pee when you got excited. It was hilarious. We will miss you so much and are sad we don't get to train you how to do all the tricks that Tweeg did.

We can't wait to be with you two again. Please watch over us and know that we are missing you terribly.