Family photo

Family photo


Mike's Bead Ceremony

On June 22, 2013 Mike was awarded his Woodbadge beads! He had actually completed his ticket a few months prior, but waited to be awarded until his dad was in town. Here are the pictures. Thank you, Ryan, for taking pictures of us while I was up at the front! Before the ceremony we ate out at Maddox, which is always a treat. Mike has always said he'd rather just have my dad (the course director of his course) hand him his award and that would be it. I thought Mike put too much time and effort into this award to not be recognized, so we compromised with a small ceremony at my parents house. Thank you mom and dad for letting us use your house and doing Mike's ceremony. It was wonderful!

Here are a few photos before the ceremony.

Presentation and posting of the flags.

My mom talked for a minute about Woodbadge.

My dad then talked about the award Mike was receiving and the pieces that went along with it.

I got called up to assist Mike in putting on all his new things!

Good job Mike!

The flags being taken down.

Mike's leader couldn't make it, but had a present waiting for Mike. Thanks Mattie!

The congratulations cake! It was delicious. When we ate the cake, Isaac reminded us all that we needed to sing happy birthday - there's not cake without a birthday! So we sang!

Joshua the Magic performed a magic show for us, it was great!

Isaac even got a turn to try a trick.

Family photos


Zion National Park

Over Memorial Day weekend Mike and I took a trip down to Zion National Park. We had a blast! It was  great weather the whole time, and the hikes couldn't have been better. Mike had never been down there before, and needless to say, as a Native Utahan I was excited to show it off!

The Lower Emerald Pool waterfall.

Even in the desert there are flowers!

Angels Landing!

Looking out from the top of Angels Landing.

Weeping Rock from Angels Landing. It's pretty cool you can see Weeping Rock from there.

We did it!

Walters Wiggle

Switchbacks. These things were brutal.

Angels Landing from Weeping Rock.

On our way up to Hidden Canyon.

An arch we found in Hidden Canyon.

A wooly caterpillar! These guys were everywhere.

On the way back down from Hidden Canyon.

There were chains to hold onto for this hike, too.

Weeping Rock again.. this time looking from Hidden Canyon.

On our way up Watchman Trail. I think I got like 50 pictures of that deer.

Absolutely gorgeous view from the top of Watchman Trail. The pictures don't do justice, especially with the darker clouds rolling in.

We hit Cedar Breaks on the way home. It was really pretty, but really cold! 40 degrees! It was quite the change when we were in high 70s and 80 degree weather all week.

Next trip.. San Diego, California!