Family photo

Family photo


The Thoughts Of a 21 Year Old

I'll admit it. I like Justin Bieber's music. I think he is a talented kid, and I'll be the first to turn up the radio when he comes on. I just got done listening to "Baby" and "One Less Lonely Girl". Bieber Fever? Probably.

We went to the Less Than Jake concert a week ago. It was really fun. I even knew some of the songs. Mike almost lost his voice. It was a fun concert to go to, and it was fun to go with my man. I can't wait till the U2 concert. At the end of the concert the bass player threw out the guitar pics that he and the guitarists used. One of them got thrown right by us and landed on the ground. Three guys dove after it and were scrambling to get it on the ground.. but no one got it. It could not be found. After they stood up, I kept my eyes peeled for it on the ground. Some guy lifted up his foot a little and I saw it. I didn't waste any time. I went over to him, said "Move!" and gave him a little shove. And grabbed the pic. YEEEAAAH!!! I gave it to Mike since its his fav band.

Yesterday we tried to make ribs. They lit on fire on the grill. Twice. There were still some good bites though. Mmmm...

The spare bedroom (AKA the Manny Man-crush Room) is officially done, hats and all. Here are some pics of my wonderful work. I will never paint diagonal stripes on walls ever again. Those are all of Mike's hats.. Well, almost all of them. There are some that aren't in the pics. Crazy.

I can't wait for it to be spring. I can't wait for my flowers to come up so I can take pictures. I am excited for hiking and our trip to Boston, but I am especially excited for ROCK CLIMBING.
I love rock climbing. I haven't been since we got married, which is sad. But we didn't have money for gear and didn't have money for a gym membership. But now we've got some spare money to get the rest of the gear we need for an awesome rock climbing summer.

PS everyone that reads my blog that has not given me your email address.. I need it! I'm making my blog a private blog soon and need your email addy to put it on my "acceptable people" list. Thanks!


Going Private

Hey all, I have been debating on this for a while, but I think I am going to make it so my blog is a private blog. My friend at work told me how to look at my blog stats which showed where around the world my blog was being viewed, the frequency it is being viewed, etc and it freaked me out so I am going private! If any of you would like to continue reading my blog please leave a comment, send me an email, write me on FB or send me a texty text with your email address so I can add you to my list of who can see my blog.

I'm pretty relaxed on who can see my blog as long as I know OF you, so those of you who are readers because of my witty humor and smart comments, or know one of my family members or friends and would like to keep tabs on my hilarious posts and my life, shoot me a comment or an email as well.

I know its a pain to have to sign in to read blogs, but I am freaked out about being stalked and stuff.

Thanks everyone!



As you all know, yesterday was Vday, also known as Valentine's Day. but Vday is easier to type so that is what I refer to it as.
This year Vday was awesome and interesting. Mike got me Little Big Planet 2 but gave it to me a week early since I love the first game so much. I got Mike concert tickets to his favorite band, Less Than Jake. There is a story behind that.. here it is.
Mike has liked LTJ for a loooong time. Last time he saw them in concert it was like 10 years ago. So I thought since they have a concert on the 19th it would be a perfect present for him. I ordered the tix and I told him he couldn't look at the credit card online till after Vday. No problem there, he is awesome at not looking. One day we were driving and he mentions he has a friend at work who sometimes can get free concert tix and that he had asked her if she could get tix for LTJ. I started asking "well, are you sure you want to go to that concert?" and trying to hint that he shouldn't try to get tickets. He then said "yeah I'd really like to go, it would be awesome if we could get free ticketts. I wouldn't pay $20-25 per ticket to go see them". Sad. Thats what I had spent. So then I think that I got a horrible Vday present for him so I start tearing up and crying (unfortunately I'm a baby sometimes) and he is like "whats wrong? Ohhh.. that is what you got me for Vday. I just ruined it." Turns out, he really does want to go to the concert, but I got him a video game he's been wanting for a while just in case he was lying about really wanting to go to the concert that I paid $50 for.
Vday morning rolled around and as I was sleeping Mike got up and said that I could sleep a little bit more and he had something to do. I won't ever turn down more sleep. So I slept for about an hour more, and Mike came home and woke me up. He brought me out to the kitchen where he had chocolate milk, doughnuts, chocolate orange sticks, gerber daisies (my fav flower) and a cute note on the white board waiting for me. It was super cute and really thoughtful of him. The doughnuts were delicious. We went out to Applebee's for dinner and had a good day.

And here's for the mushy part about my Valentine!
Mike is awesome. I wish I had a better word for it. Hmmm... Amazing, handsome, thoughtful, funny... you get the idea. We've been married for a year and a half now and I wouldn't trade it for anything. He's my best friend and he always knows what I need whether its a hug and a kiss or a funny joke and a laugh. He gets me and he has always been there for me when I need him. He spoils me and takes me on really fun trips. He is adventurous and outgoing. He is super smart and talented. He can also juggle. I wish I could juggle. He is the love of my life, and I am so happy that we get to be together forever.

I love you Mike!! Thanks for being my Valentine!



As some of you may know, Papa Johns had a special going with the Super Bowl. February 7-9 you can get a cheese pizza at regular price with 7 free toppings (since that was the number of touchdowns at the Super Bowl. Mike and I decided to take advantage of that deal (even though the pizza is severely overpriced.. seriously $10 for a cheese pizza?! Get real.) and we decided to order it online because you can say when you want to pick it up. So we decided on our 7 toppings and I tried to check out but it made me register. Ugh. So I registered and then checked out. After that we went to the church and Mike played church ball. After church ball we went and picked the pizza up. I got the pizza and brought it out to the car. IT smelled so delicious. I couldn't look at it cuz if I looked, I would start eating the toppings. So I did not look even though I was SOOOO hungry and it smelled SOOOO good! WE had to put gas in the car and then we headed home. Upon arriving at home I put the pizza on the table and went to wash my hands. As I did so Mike opened the pizza box and said "its just cheese"

REWIND. WHAT?!! JUST CHEESE?! I WAS STARVING I DIDN'T WANT JUST CHEESE! Plus I wasn't going to pay 11 something for a cheese pizza.
So I called Papa Johns. I talked to a nice girl who told me that my order came through as a cheese pizza. Then I told her I put these toppings on. She put me on hold and I got handed to the manager. The manager told me that my order was just cheese and by this time I was starving so I told her EXACTLY what I put on my pizza. After that she told me I could come in and switch my pizza out.

Thank you Papa Johns for making an incorrect pizza.. but then correcting it and kinda giving me a hard time about it.

Mmmm... Pizza.