Family photo

Family photo


Cuties, Dads and Colors

Cuties- Well, one day this week my mom and I were sitting at the table eating a nice lunch and chatting and laughing like we usually do when the doorbell rang. I got up to get it and there was this guy. He was probably about 22 or 23 and he started talking pretty fast and mumbling. Next thing I know I have a list of magazines in my hand and he asks for my name. I say Emily and he writes it down and he says "Now how do you spell your last name? Is that C-U-T-I-E?" He thought it was pretty clever but I shot him down with a straight face and a "No." I guess I could've been nicer but that's just what panned out. Oh well.

Dads- Well on Friday I went to hang out with Mike as usual. But this time.. I was meeting his dad. his parents live in Oregon but he was down here so I was going to meet him. Now I was really stressing out the whole week and I was hoping he would like me and all of this stuff. So I drive to Mike's house and I was about one minute away from his house and he told me the TV guy wasn't there yet (Mike was getting his TV fixed that morning and the guy was super late) so I was thinking that was good because then Mike would be there while I got drilled by his dad. So I drive up to the house and there is a TV van. Joy. So I go up to the door just hoping that Mike or Mike's brother or sister in law or one of their kids or anyone but his dad would answer the door. No such luck. I knocked and the door opens and it was Mike's dad. I say hi and he lets me in and calls Mike up. Mike says hey and says he will be downstairs for a while so I should talk to his dad. BY MYSELF.. AHHH.. No one else was home. So I sit down and talk to his dad for like 45 minutes. I think his dad could tell I was super nervous because he did a lot of the talking and didn't ask a lot of questions. After the TV guy left Mike came up and the 3 of us went to Applebee's. Then back to the house for an episode of the Office and basketball games. We had steak for dinner and it was really good. I ended up leaving a bit early because of a migrane. His dad was really nice and fun, and Mike says he likes me so bonus!




Chalked upWhoo, I love it!

This was at the Festival of Colors, it was super fun. Basically a celebration of Spring coming and Winter leaving. A lot of festivities and dancing and singing and chalk throwing. The whole place was just filled with chalk, it was like a dust cloud of chalk. It was so fun!



So this post is about my cute sunbeams. I love teaching them!! They are just so cute! And a handful.. but they are so fun to teach. Yesterday we leaned about "I Am Thankful For Animals". So I had some pictures of animals on my laptop on a PowerPoint and I showed them the pictures. When a picture would come up I would ask them what the animal was and what the animal said. The first picture was of a baby duck. And I asked them what it was and Timmy said "its a bird!" and I told him good job and asked what type of bird. He thought for a second and said "its a chicken bird!" I thought I could've died laughing. When we got to the elephant picture, Preston guessed that one right. I asked him what they used their trunks for and he said to pick things up and I told him he was right. Then he put his hand on his nose and said "but I can't pick things up with my nose its too short." And then Timmy put his hand on is nose and started pulling down on his nose and said "My nose is long now! I can!" Oh boy they are so funny sometimes. We went through the rest of the pictures and we drew pictures of animals and we also played a game where someone would think of an animal and give hints about it and everyone else would guess. I think the highlight of the class was when I had my dad bring Brandon's bunny into class for me. He came in and we put away our crayons and I took out Bob (the bunny's name.. not anything else). They loved it! At least Timmy and Preston did. Luke didn't want to pet it or anything. When it would hop by his chair he would put his little boots up on his chair. He was scared of it. But Preston and Timmy had a great time petting the rabbit and holding it and watching it hop around. Bob went behind a stack of chairs in the corner and wouldn't come out. So Timmy got down on all fours and stuck his head right where the bunny would have had to come out and he said "Come out! You come out here right now!" They are just so fun. I think that is all I have to say for today, love you all!


The past weeks..

Okay all, I am sorry I am such a slacker at blogging. I really need to do better. We had a FHE about keeping journals a while ago, and we figured that my blog counted as a journal. Well, I need to do better writing things down so not all will be lost when I get old and insane. The past few weeks have been fun, mostly work. I do have some fun stories though. Mike came to church with me last Sunday!! Syd and I sang in church so he came to watch. It was fun. He helped me teach the sunbeams, he was pretty good at crowd control. After church we went to my grandparents for dinner, cards and dessert. We came back here for a Sunday movie, and we watched Charly. My goodness was that a bawling fest if I've ever seen one! Syd, my mom and I were all just bawling. Good movie, but I don't think I like crying that much haha! At least we know Mike can handle me when I'm crying all over and everything.

On Monday after FHE KoriAnn and I decided we needed to hang out! We definitely had a blast. I went and picked her up and we drove aimlessly for like 10 or 15 minutes, we didn't know where to go for a bite to eat! We finally decided on Denny's. We pulled in and parked. When we got out of the car she stepped in a huge puddle.. LOL. It was so freezing outside and I didn't park particularly close. Well, we go in to eat and I got french toast.. it was soooo good. French toast is definitely my favorite breakfast food. So, we get done eating and go up to pay the bill. KoriAnn pays hers first with her card. Then its my turn. So I hand the lady my card. She asks if she should run it for the amount, I said run it for $2 over. And she looks at the back and it says "See ID" so she asks for my ID. Well, I had left it out in my car. This doesn't happen often, but when it does the person is usually like "oh no biggie, its okay" etc. But not this lady. I told her it was in my car and she said "Well, I need to see it." SO I HAD TO GO OUT TO MY CAR IN THE FREEZING COLD AND GET MY ID." Now I could've let that fly eventually but it gets worse. When I get back I give it to her, and you know what she says to me? Just take a guess. She says "Don't you hate it when people follow the rules?" And it was in a mean like "haha, you had to run out to your car in the freezing cold and I am a jerk and I don't care" voice. Oh I was ticked. But I took it and coolly said "no" and then left. Geez. Did she fill her nice quota for the day? Couldn't let one more person slip by? Having a contest with her waitress friends? I have no idea. But I was mad. But anyways, we left and went to the theatre and saw "New In Town." I really liked it, I thought it was good.

Work has been pretty uneventful lately. I can't really think of any funny stories or anything. But... an important event.. U2 IS COMING TO CONCERT IN DECEMBER!! They just had a new CD come out, and it ROCKS! I really hope I can go to their concert, because its been a life dream of mine to see them live in concert and they will probably be retiring soon.

Friday was fun! Mike and I hung out with Fred and Janet for a while. we went to dinner and played cards and ate brownies. Fred helped me fix the lights on my car. Well, he showed me and I helped a little. I really had a great time hanging out with them.

I counted the boys freckles. They have a lot. Nate is in first place for most freckles. Then Brandon in second and Josh coming up in third.

Thats about all I can think of to write at this point.. so until next time.. Hasta!