Family photo

Family photo


The Horn

So, today I dropped the girls off for mutual. And on my way home I saw some Beehives that are in my ward and they were walking to mutual and they were right where I had to turn but on the sidewalk instead of the road. So I get in the turning lane and I honk the horn at them really loud. And I guess sort of long, cuz when I turned the corner the horn started going off without me touching it and just kept going off. And it wouldn't stop!!! So I'm driving home and the horn won't stop going off. Wow I have never laughed so hard while driving in my whole life and been so embarrassed at the same time. So I was frantically trying to figure out how to make it stop. And I figured out that if I held my hand on the horn and just pushed it a little it would stop. So I get to the stop sign at the top of the street and I have to turn, and I couldn't keep a constant pressure so the horn starts going off again. So I call my mom at home and she can barely understand me cuz the horn is going off and I was laughing so hard. So I get home and in the garage and my mom comes out and I tell her the whole story and we are both cracking up. Well, she tried to get my dad while I was on my way home but he was in the bathroom. And with him you never know how long he will be in there. So my mom goes inside and just leaves me out in the garage alone. At this time my arm starts to hurt, cuz I can't move it. So I call the best car man I know... Fred. Well, he answers the phone and asks whats up. So I tell him whats up and I ask him how to fix it. And he gives me a couple ways. So we get off the phone and my dad pops his head into the garage and looks at me and goes back inside. So I honk at him. He finally comes out after my arm had officially formed car horn holding muscles and asks me why I broke the horn. Well that just got me going and as you all know I can't tell a story while laughing. Good thing my mom can interpret so she told him what I said cuz I was laughing so hard I was crying and I couldn't stop. My mom decided she needed pics and went to get her camera and my dad fixed the car. Debbie had this happen to her a few years ago and I remember laughing so hard and thinking I would die if that ever happened to me. Well, I'm still alive. Don't tell me Heavenly Father doesn't have a sense of humor, Cuz I'm pretty dang sure him and all his angel friends were laughing pretty hard. The end. Questions, comments, queries, you know what to do. I love you all!


This past forever!

Hey all! Sorry I've been slacking uber on blogging! I'm sure most of you have heard my most recent embarrassing story, but its always fun t retell. Oh and Ali, you haven't heard it! So here it is!!! The night... of.. Senior Cotillion... it was Weber's Senior Cotillion, and my friend Luis asked me to go with him. So, that day we went to Toad's and we did go karting, which was fun, and mini golfing, which was fun but I was not good at any means. So then I go home and madly start getting ready, and then we had Brandon's baptism, which was amazing. After that we went home and I was getting ready and I had like 3 little attendants haha. Jasi, Jade and Syd were all helping me get ready and paint my nails and with makeup and my hair. So I get ready and I remember that I want to take my phone, because what if something happened like I needed to get out of there some reason ya know. Well, I don't like to tote around a purse and my phone was the only thing I was bringing... so we decided my bra would work just wonderfully. Well, we all know my chest isn't huge, so its kinda hard to like hide a phone down the front of my dress. But with the help of the 3 girls and all their hands down my dress we figured it out. So we go upstairs and ask Britt if she can tell I have a cell phone there, and she almost died laughing. (Everyone was over at our place after the baptism). Well, Luis comes and we take pics and then we went to dinner at La Ferovia's MY FAVORITE PLACE!!! AH ITS SOOOO GOOD! Then we headed to Weber for the dance. So we get there and we were meeting our friends Jaime and Robli there... well, we can't find them. So Signs (thats Luis' nickname I gave him forever ago) asks me if I have my phone. And I said yeah. And he asked if I wanted to call Jaime. I said "let's keep looking". Haha, so we keep looking and we cannot find them ANYWHERE! So we go back out in the hall. And Signs says, "I think you should call Jaime." "you want me to call him?" "Yeah, call Jaime." "Ok... if you want me to." SO.. I take his shoulders and turned him around, and he missed the memo for him to stay turned around, and he turned around and saw me with my hand down the front of my dress pulling out my pink Razr. Yep. So I instantly go bright red, and he says really loud, "Oh.. OH!" And turns back around really fast. So, I try to call Jaime, and he doesn't answer. So, I've got my phone, and he is like watching me. So I say I have to go to the bathroom. So I go to the bathroom and put my phone back, and I come out again, and he is like staring right at my chest. So I'm bright red again, and then he stops and we start walking back in and he's like "I was wondering where your phone was when you said you had it." I just about died. So the rest of the night was pretty uneventful. That's about it except for there are 10 more days not counting weekends till I'm out of school!!!! WHOO HOO! FINALLY! Oh! Yesterday Reggie taught me something. Cuz he has two horses up at grandma's that aren't' trained so he taught me "pressure and release" so I can go up and work with them a bit Ü so I think I will go up there soon to do that hopefully. Well, school is going well, sort of... I just need to BE OUT OF THERE!!! Haha, I love you all! Ali tell the girls hi for me and I'm excited to see them!