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Locked Out and Gratefulness

Well, this will be a fun story to tell. Mike has now started working his Monday-Friday and is off Saturday and Sunday. I still have Fridays off and works Saturdays. This morning after he left for work I got up a little later so I could get ready because I had a phone interview. So I got up and got ready and put on a skirt and a nice shirt and make up (yes, I know it was a PHONE interview, but I still wanted to dress up nice so I could get the full effect rather than interviewing in my jammies.). The interview was supposed to be at 9, I didn't get a call for a while and I started worrying. I finally got a call at 9:58. Apparently the lady who was supposed to interview me got caught in a meeting and couldn't get out. So someone else interviewed me. After the interview we set up another interview and this one I go in and interview. Its on Tuesday. I hope I do good. Anyway, after my interview I changed into some jeans and decided I was off to the mall. I took Mike's car cuz he took mine this morning. Mine was behind his so he just snagged mine. Well, I took his car an I couldn't find his regular keys so I just got his spare car keys and figured I was set. I thought he had a key on there to the door handle and not the deadbolt, so I didn't deadbolt the door when I left. Well a few good sales later I arrived home. Only to discover there was no key to the front door. BUT! I had keys to the side door! Score! So, I unlocked the door from the cold outside and as the door creeped open and I could feel the warmth of victory inside, and then BAM. The door wouldn't open anymore. Noooooo... the warmth was so close. I was freezing. All of you know I hate the cold, so even thought its probably like 50, its still frigid to me. So I get back in the car and text Mike telling him I am locked out. Luckily, he is going on his lunch break soon. So I drive to his work and spent lunch time with him. Now, I am sure you are all wondering where did the other keys go? Well, let me tell you. In the morning Mike has the habit of putting everything in his pockets a while before he needs to go so then he can just walk out the door. He didn't think about it and just picked his keys up without realizing it! Haha!! At lunch he took my keys out of his pocket and his pocket was still lumpy and I asked him what it was. It just happened to be the keys that he thought he left home. LOL! Funny boy. Quite an adventure. But now I am sitting in our warm house just blogging away, so all is well.

Today is a grateful day and I am grateful for...


Mike is really great and he teaches me a lot of things. Last night we were laying in bed chatting and I mentioned that I don't like having days when being married is a little hard and I just wish we had good days. He said "We're going to have hard days, Em. But its what we do after the hard days that matters."

Mike also has a great sense of humor. It reminds me of my dad because most the stuff he does, is stuff my dad has done to me before. Like... honk at me while I am walking in front of the car so it scares me. Or.. lock me out of the car for a few seconds when its freezing outside. Or.. run into the house so fast and lock me out of it.

Mike helps with housework and doesn't put it off or whine and moan about it. I hate washing the dishes and most of the time when the dishes need to be washed Mike washes and lets me dry them. He also helps me do the laundry and clean up when our house is a little out of order.

Mike sets a really good example for me. He makes sure we get to the temple once a month and makes sure we make it to church and are attentive and attend all our classes.

Mike humors me a lot and does stuff just because I want to, even if he doesn't want to. Like going shopping for skirts or watching the Office over and over or chick flicks or skipping an occasional baseball and football game to be with me because I don't want to watch the game or giving me neck rubs or going grocery shopping with me or cuddling me during a whole entire movie even though he gets really hot sometimes. When I get home from work really late he'll wake up and talk to me for a little bit or sometimes even try to stay up till I get home. He goes rock climbing with me even though it still scares him a lot and he is shaking and quaking up on the rock half the time.

I'm really lucky to have Mike and be able to be with him for eternity. He is the hottie hunk of a man that I've always dreamed of having! I am so grateful for Mike and the unconditional love he gives me and for his support and for everything he does. I love you Mike!!


Wedding Pics!

Our wedding pics are up! Just go to and click on "bride log-in" on the right side. That will take you to a new page and type in Emily Medsker in the box. That will take you to another page where you can look at our wedding pics, engagements and bridals!!


The last month or so..

Sorry I am a blogging slacker. One day I hope I will get with it. Mike and I have been trying to put our house together lately! We have everything here.. its just the organizing part now. Mike and my dad and Brandon put a wood floor in our kitchen and it looks fabulous! Its really nice! I am still looking fora job in West Valley and Mike is still at AmEx. The weather is cooling down.. and I hate it! I miss the summer. On Sunday we will be up in Ogden for church and the Medsker family dinner. Hooray!!!! Mike is loving that is baseball playoffs or whatever it is. I am not as excited as him, but whatever. Haha. Something crazy... I am going to be 20 next month. So scary. Nothing really exciting has happened the last few weeks, just getting used to living together.. and watching time fly! Man time moves fast! I think that is all I have to say today, maybe next time my post will be a little more exciting. Love you all!