Family photo

Family photo


Mike is Thankful for:

I Mike Lowder am officially thankful and grateful for the following line items.

I am grateful that Emily puts up with my antics and humors me with an occasional College Football Saturday and watches the Red Sox with me.  She is starting to bleed Red and Blue.
I love Emily's smile and her cheerful positiveness.  She knows what I need and she is always there for me.

You are the love of my life and I am so happy that I get to wake up to you every morning.  You have taught me how to rock climb and that there is something else to do on Saturdays in the fall than watch football all day.  Which is really hard when the weather is crummy.  You are my #1 fan and always try to be at my softball and soccer games and cheer me on.  You let me win at cards because you know I don't like to lose.  You sometimes surprise me with breakfast or a yummy treat that you have made or brought me home from work because you know that I would like it.  You let me fall asleep during movies and you don't even get mad.  You were worthy to go to the temple with me and I am so happy that we are a forever family.  I love your smile and laugh and fun spirit.  You will hike and camp and get dirty and not complain.  Thanks for the last 2 years of being my sweetie and I can't wait for the rest of them.

You spill your water and constantly sneak into the neighbors yard.  You love going on walks and are starting to enjoy sitting down and enjoying a good movie.  Thanks for being a fun dog and a loved member of the family.

I am grateful for my parents and the things that they taught me when I was young.  You never know when you may need a particular item.

You have always been there for me.  You would take me to soccer and baseball practice and come to the games and stay for the all day tournaments.  Whenever I have been hurt you were always there for me.  Which I especially appreciated as an adult when I broke my face rather then just be on my own you let me come home and you took care of me.  I remember our fun trips to Florida and some of the tricks you taught me while flying.  I always get a full can of Soda because I ask for it rather then just saying what I want and getting a cup full of ice with two swallows of Coke.  Thanks for helping me financially through school.  Hopefully one of these days that degree will pay off.

I have enjoyed the trips that we have gone on when you took to Eastern Oregon.  Recently when we went to St. George with Ryan's family.  Remember when Evan woke you up?  I do.  Goblen Valley was a lot of fun and you taught me that even when camping with someone and they are with you when you acquire an air mattress from someone else you still need to make sure it will fit in the afore mentioned friends tent.   Also how can I ever forget the longest road trip that I have ever been on but one memory that occurred the first day still shines vivid in my head.  The van had overheated and I think at this point you were hotter then the radiator.  Shoulder deep under the hood and not really sure what you were doing I needed a laugh so I leaned forward and laid on that HORN.  That was the quickest I have ever seen you move as you got out from under the hood.  Just a little more fired up but I was at least now having a great time.  On that same stop you opened the back of the van and a whole gallon container of car wash fluid fell out and hit a rock and busted the bottom of it.  I remember you picking it up and trying to throw it like a discuss.  It was a terrible throw maybe like 5 feet but something I hope to never forget.

 I enjoy the fun Beach trips we have taken and the college basketball family reunions. MMMMSSSSSSPPPPTTTTT, What else could I tell ya?  Woah Woah Woah on to the rest of the family.

The D.J.
 If I ever need a playlist check.  If I ever need to drive a car for another 5 years after I can easily afford a luxury car check.  If I need information on stocks and bonds check.
But Seriously Dave I have enjoyed our relationship as I have gotten older and have got to come out and visit.  You have been very generous to me and have taken me to places I never would have gone.  New York, Palmyra and Niagara Falls for the first time, Cooperstown, Toronto, Baltimore, D.C. and Philadelphia to name a few.  I have some fond memories of the trips including looking for parking in the middle of down town Toronto to try and see the Blue Jays for a day game.  Paying like $8 dollars to drive across the Two Delaware bridges because we took the wrong exits to Phili because it was late and we weren't really sure how the roads intersected.  Other family members will also remember one of my fondest memories which occurred in 2005 at Sea World.  Thanks for being a great big brother and for taking me to do so many amazing things.

Ryan, Amber and the kids.
Ryan we have been extremely close from sharing a room as little kids to me being a resident in the basement for 18 months.  You have always looked out for me and I appreciate that.  I have had fun getting to play sports with you as an Adult whether its church ball or pick up ball at night, indoor soccer, or semi-competitive slow pitch softball.  We also have had some fun adventures.  We ran out of gas in the rental van while you were shoveling the sidewalks real quick.  I didn't bring shoes and you had to push me out of an icy parking lot and I was able to luckily maneuver into the gas station.  We went to Denver and saw Manny and the Broncos play the Chargers.  We have driven through the middle of the night to watch March Madness.  We have had lots of adventures and hope to have some future ones.

You have been an example of a great mother and good qualities to look for in a woman.  Many of the things that I saw in you that I thought were great, I found in Emily and lucked out by finding a great one. Thanks for your example.  I have enjoyed making jams and pie fillings and apple sauces with you.  It has been fun.

When I think of trouble I think of you.  You are always down for playing some video games.  You have given me some great mario kart challenges.

First thing that comes to mind is your ghost costume, man I love that thing.  You were always my little pal and were the only one that would stick around and watch star wars with me.  Thanks for being such a great buddy.

You are the little princess of the family and even though it wears you out you are always so happy. When Em and I come over, and you have big hugs for us.  Thanks for always being so loving.

I love your sports enthusiasm.  I know that you would go outside and shoot hoops with me in a blizzard or take some batting practice with me in a down pour.  You are always so concerned with where everyone is and you always check on Waffles to make sure she is still at home.

It has been fun watching you grow up in the most dynamic living arrangement possible for a teenager.  You excel at just about everything that you do but I didn't need to tell you that I am sure you already knew that.  I am excited to see where your future takes you.  You have a chance to get into a great college and to get a degree in a specialized field and to be successful.  You still can't take me on the basketball court and you are far from the best athlete in the family but I enjoy your tenacity and can't wait till we can lace them up again and play.

The Big Easy.  You always have candy which is awesome and I can always count on the gummy candies when I am there because you know they are my favorite.  You even stock the fridge with Mountain Dew because you know Emily likes it.  I enjoyed coming up late at night and watching movies and visiting when I was living at home.  I enjoy discussing the gospel with you and going over some of your view points.  I am glad you didn't fall over that one day in the MAX because I would have laughed really hard and looked really mean.  Thanks for being so fun and always being up for going to the mall or an adventure.

Grandma Carlyle
You always got us the best Christmas presents, nice name brand shirts and the Birthday money was always on time.  My trips to Florida were a blast.  I remember you and TT giving me extra seltzer water in my Soda and I always thought I was so cool when I got that.  I have enjoyed seeing you when I come home to visit.

The In-laws


You are Mr. Fix It and have helped me with several home projects.  Installing my kitchen floor and stove and dishwasher.  Without your help Emily may still be doing the dishes by hand.  I also enjoy playing cards and board games with you.  You play to win and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Thanks for always making me feel included and a part of the family.

Well I enjoy teasing you and you know that and are a great sport.  I still say your awesomeness is only exceeded by your humility.  You have raised a great family and I was lucky enough to get the best one.  Thanks for your example of love and kindness and always being happy and positive.  It doesn't go unnoticed.

You make the yummiest desserts.  It is always nice coming over after you have made a creation in the kitchen.  You are super sweet and kind and always check to see if there is anything that you can help with.  Even when you come to my house which you barely get to do you are looking for something nice to do around the house.

Well Bugly you are quite the character.  And you are growing up so fast and will be driving before we know it.  You are always so funny and goofy.  You are also super kind and sweet and our an amazing girl keep being awesome.

You have gotten tall.  I am getting worried that you will be taller then me in the next few years.  I enjoy when you get a chance to play some video games or some Settlers of Catan.  You are always a good sport and up for a game.  Maybe one day you will be 2 times pimp just like me.

Mr. Tool Man himself.  You are always right there ready to help whenever a project needs to get done.  I think that is great you are so selfless and willing to help and I have never heard you say "but I am doing this".  You just run up the stairs get your tool box and help.

As much as I wish you still needed a booster seat so I could make sure you had it whenever you go somewhere with me and Em you are getting grown up and no longer need it.  You always have some new thing that you have made to show us when we come over which is really cool and I enjoy the magic shows that you perform as Joshua the Magic.

Grandma and Grandpa Medsker
Are the cards dealt?  Well they better be I always enjoy a good game of cribbage with Medsker or whatever else the family is playing at the table.  Grandma you have made me some cool stuff I love my cub scout pillow and the blanket that you helped Emily make of my old T-shirts.  I have enjoyed living close to a set of grandparents because I lived far away from mine as a kid.  I have always felt welcomed and just like one of the other grand kids.  Grandma I love the grape juice that you let me take home it's delicious.  Also enjoy getting hooked up with all of the apples and apricots very awesome.

Grandma Andrushko
Emily and I always enjoy when we get a chance to see you.  Thanks for always letting us in whenever we show up because it is usually unannounced.  You are so kind to us and we appreciate your love and concern for us.


Well, with the rate of how busy life is, I better get this post in now, or I never will! I always like dong a thankful post or list around Thanksgiving, so I can reflect on all my blessings. So here it is.
- First and foremost, I am thankful for Mike. He is such a strength to me. He knows exactly when I need to be held or cuddled, when I need to be tickled, when I need to be left alone, he knows when I need food, and he knows when I need help with homework and he knows when all I need is an "I love you". He is so loving, kind, fun, tricky and sneaky, outgoing, and smart. I'm so happy I can call him my sweetheart. I am so grateful he understands me and loves me. I'm so lucky.
- I am thankful for my mom. Although growing up was a bit rough, I am so glad I can call her one of my best and closest friends. She is an amazing woman with an amazing spirit.
- I am grateful for my daddyo. He passed on his love of the outdoors to me and I am thankful for that. I am also grateful that he is an amazing dad and he and my mom raised me and my siblings in a loving home centered around Christ.
- I am grateful for Aimee as a sister. She has a fun personality and is really funny. She has such a big heart and is willing to help anyone. I am so happy we are such good friends.
- I am grateful for Sydney. She was and is always there when I need someone to listen to me. She understands me and my craziness. She is so cute and so kind. I am so happy we got to share a room together and be sisters.
- I am thankful for Nate. He is getting so big, and he is way smart. Whenever I come over, he is waiting to give me a hug.
- I am thankful for Brandon. He is so funny! He has a contagious laugh. He is always so excited to see me when I come over.
- I am thankful for Josh. He is very artistic with his paper things he makes. He is so sweet and I love when he talks to me on the phone.
- I am grateful for my extended family and all the support and love they give me. Whether it is a hug, or a talk, or a game of cards, they are there.
- I am thankful for my mother in law, Brenda. She is always there to listen and give support. She is very helpful and has awesome recipes.
- I am thankful for Steve, he is a great handyman. He teaches Mike something new every time he comes out.
- I'm grateful for Dave and for the awesome presents he gives Mike and I. I am grateful that he let us come out and stay with him, He has a great sense of humor.
- I'm grateful for Ryan and Amber and their kids. Ryan is super funny and is down to earth. Amber is so nice and loving. I'm grateful for her friendship and the love she gives us. I'm grateful for their friendship.
- I am grateful for Brandon. He is way smart, and he is way fun to hang out iwht. Hanging out with him makes me feel not so old. I can't wait till he comes out to Utah again.
- I am grateful for Elva. She has a great point of view and is way funny. She is also very talented in her knitting.
- I am thankful for our dog, Waffles. She does some great tricks, and is hilarious.
- I am thankful for my opportunity to go to school and further my education.
- I am thankful for my job.
- I am thankful for the lessons we've learned while Mike has been laid off. Hopefully he will find a good job soon, but I am grateful for the things we have learned about each other, ourselves, and together during this trial.
- I am grateful for my testimony.
- I am grateful for Mike's testimony and faith that he has.
- I am so grateful for the priesthood and that Mike can give me blessings when I need it.
- I am thankful for all the places we have been able to go in our first few years of being married. It's been so fun to see so many places.
- I am thankful for the outdoors and the beautiful places Heavenly Father has created for us.
- I am grateful for  photography and the pictures I can take.
- I am grateful for electricity that keeps me warm when the weather gets cold.
- I am grateful for junior mints.
- I am grateful for the warm weather when it is here.
- I am grateful for the warm weather when it is not here.
- I am grateful for sunsets.
- I am grateful for the grass on my G&G Medsker's lawn between the trampoline and basketball court that grows so long.
- I am thankful that Mike and I got married for eternity in the temple.
- I am thankful that we can attend the temple and church.
- I am thankful for the walks that I get to take with Mike. I love going on walks and going with him makes it that much better.
- I am grateful for the gospel and the hope it gives me.
- Once more.. I am so grateful for Mike. The words I say really can't give him justice. I love you Mike!