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Family photo


Nothing to Blog About

Well, I really don't have anything to blog about. A few minor things have happened since I blogged last. We got our garden planted!! A shout out to Travis in our ward. He came over and helped Mike multiple times to get a sweet sprinkling system for our garden going and to also till the garden and make the garden area bigger. This year we are planting: cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, banana peppers, red green and yellow bell peppers, jalapenos and anaheims. We also did some broccoli, zucchini, corn, cantaloupe, watermelon, honeydew, and lettuce. We are also gong to do some onion and I am growing cilantro and chives in my windowsill. I got all my flowers planted that my grandma gave me!!! I am so excited for them to grow and bloom! Hopefully one day I will have a garden as beautiful as my grandmas!

I also won some U2 tix on the radio! I sold my ones I had previously for a little more than I had originally bought them for and now I have free tickets for Mike and I AND passes to a tailgate BBQ party before the concert! Wooo!

Waffles got fixed yesterday. She has been kinda mopey, but she is doing good. I need to post pics of her. She is getting so big!!

On Thursday I took a placement test to see what classes I need to take when I go back to school. I am going to be starting at SLCC in the fall. I did good with the English and I will start out in English 1010. Math I totally bombed! I really hate math and am no good at it! Even with studying beforehand I bombed it. I guess I need to study more and retake, because I don't want to take tons of math classes! I have taken math 1050 I believe in high school so hopefully I can test into that and not have to backtrack much further.

 The other day I got a SWEET deal on some Dr Martin sandals. We found them at a thrift store and they looked BRAND new! I couldn't pass that deal up for $2.66! Woot! Of course I clorox wiped them real good and I wore them to church today!

Another piece of good news.. Mike got to switch his schedule at work so now he will also be working 7-3:30 Monday through Friday! That will give him an extra hour of sleep in the mornings and we get to have the WHOLE weekend together now! YEEEAHHHH!!

We have countdowns going for a bunch of trips this year! The U2 concert is in 2 days! We are going to Goblin Valley with Mike's dad in June! And in July we will be going to visit Mike's brother Dave in BOSTON! I am super super SUPER excited to go to Boston, and we will be there for my fav holiday!

I haven't ever really been into sports and I decided this year I would really try to get interested in baseball since its Mike's fav, and its been fun!  We have enjoyed watching some games and Mike enjoys answering my many questions and puts up with me when I say some rules are dumb. I think I can do this baseball thing! He better not ever expect football or anything else though! This is it! Haha!

We have a really fun summer planned, and I am excited for our veggies and flowers to start doin' their thang!