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Family photo


Chicken Nuggets

I am running behind on blogging, per usual. But here is a quick and funny story.

A few months ago or so, Mike and I had a later snack of chicken nuggets. He cooked like 12 of them in the microwave or the toaster oven, I don't remember. After he was done cooking them, he brought them into our room where I was doing homework. He said he cooked one of the chicken nuggets for only half the time so it would be cold on the inside.

So I proceeded to eat the chicken nuggets with great caution, hoping that my next bite wouldn't be a half cold chicken nugget. I was surprised at how unconcerned Mike was for the half frozen chicken nugget!

Then we got down to the last two. He ate one and it wasn't frozen. So I figured mine was frozen.... it wasn't. I started thinking, "Maybe he ate the cold one and didn't say anything? Maybe I ate it and didn't notice?"

Either way, I let it go till a few days later I remembered and asked if he ate the cold one. He started laughing pretty hard and said he just said that, none of them were half frozen still.