Family photo

Family photo


Peanut Butter Trifle

I made a trifle for today. My first trifle I have ever made. It turned out delicious! We went up to my parent's for the Brigham City temple dedication. It was an amazing dedication. The talks and music were beautiful.

Anyway, afterward we ate Dunn and then I pulled out my trifle. I don't have a trifle bowl, so it didn't look all pretty and stuff. I'm sure it did look pretty, but we couldn't see it looking pretty. I got the recipe from Pinterest, of course. Haha! Here is the blog for it, it is uh-may-ZING!

I wish I would've taken pictures. It turned out delicious and was pretty easy to make!


DIY No Sew Bag out of an old T-shirt

I found this idea on Pinterest, and it was so easy! It took me maybe 10-15 minutes. I've already made 2 bags. I'm super excited to use this bag as a lunch bag instead of using a plastic bag every day.

Here is the site that the directions are on:

And here are the step by step pictures I took!

First step, pick a t-shirt you never use or wear. I don't ever wear this one because it is too big. 

Cut off the sleeves and cut off the head hole. You can cut the head part into a "V" or other ways, but I like the square cut. Try to make straight lines.

Cut strips out of the sleeve material that you just cut off. I cut the seam on the sleeve so I can make nice long strips. You want them to be in between a half inch and an inch. Then you get to pull on them to make them all long and stringy.

At the bottom of the t-shirt, cut 2 slits. As you can see I did mine in the middle in the front and back. You can also just do one slit if you want, and then you will only need 1 strip of fabric (see above).

Use a safety pin to fish the string part through the bottom hem of the shirt. 

Here is one half of the bottom finished. You will use the other string to go through the other half. You can also do just one slit and one string, but the hole at the bottom will be bigger. That is why I like doing 2.

Here is what it looks like once both of them are threaded through. Try to make the string even on each side.

Once the string are even, tie a knot! You can leave the excess string, snip it, or even tie a bow. I snipped this one so the strings are shorter. My other bag I tied them into bows.

And here is my finished bag.

And here is my finished bag hanging up. Can't wait to put stuff in it!!!

Thank you Pinterest for easy and cute projects!


Temple Open House

On Saturday Mike and I had the opportunity to go to the Brigham City Temple Open House. We stopped by my parents house first and hung out with them for a little bit. We then headed up to Brigham City with one of my little brothers, Brandon. We had to wait a little bit, but not too too long according to Brandon. He said my family had to wait a lot longer when they went. We finally made it up to where we got little white booties put on our feet to protect the carpets and such. And then we went in! The temple is smaller than I thought it was going to be. It is so beautiful. There was definitely a calm, peaceful feeling inside the temple. All the pictures were beautiful! I absolutely loved the artwork. I think that was my favorite part. I love how temples are so simple, yet so elegant and beautiful. I loved all of the stained glass and how a lot of the rooms inside of the temple had the beautiful windows so there was a lot of natural light. I'm excited for when the dedication takes place and then Mike and I can go to this one!

After the temple we dropped my brother off and said goodbye to everyone. They had made salsa earlier that day and my mom let me take some and let me have some of her veggies from her garden! YUM! Then Mike and I went to dinner at the Prairie Schooner. Oh. My. Gosh. THE FOOD WAS SO GOOD! The steak was so juicy and perfect. The baked potato was amazing. The chicken was juicy. It deep fried mushrooms were delectable. It was amazing. Mmmm...

Made My Night

Best husband ever.

Mike: I'm excited I get to spend the holidays with you.
Me: Aww, thanks boo. You're sweet, I'm excited too.
Mike: But every day is like a holiday to me, because I get to wake up next to you.

What a sweetheart.

Later that night he updated his FB status.. which he hardly ever does. And now it reads:

Mike Lowder: I'm so proud of Emily and how well she is doing in school. She is taking a lot of really hard classes and working full time and doing so good. Way to go Em!!!

I love him.


66 Random Facts Because I Don't Want To Think of 100.

Here are 66 random facts about me. Feel free to skim since 66 is a lot!

1- I hate Almond Joys.
2- I love homemade grape juice.
3- 3 is my favorite number.
4- I have the funniest husband ever. He is absolutely hilarious. He makes me laugh so much.
5- I should hopefully be done with my associates at the end of this coming summer semester.
6- I really like the movie Despicable Me. Mike even watched it with me last night. It's so cute!
7- I own the movie 7 Pounds but have never watched it, because I don't want to cry.
8- Although I am not excited for winter or cold weather, I am excited for a change in wardrobe! Here comes cute layering, hoodies, long sleeve shirts, beanies, and boots!!
9- One of my current favorite U2 lines is "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle."
10- Speaking of number 9, my very favorite band is U2. I hope they come to Utah again.
11- I have a U2 poster hanging on my wall at work. I think ts about 3 feet by 2 feet. Pretty big.
12- I hope that one day Mike and I can backpack Europe. I think I would want to start in Scotland or Ireland and squiggle our way down to Italy.
13- I can't wait until I am all done with school!
14- I am very proud of Mike and how well he is doing at his current job.
15- I like my job!
16- I miss teaching sunbeams in church.
17- I do, however, enjoy being in the YW.
18- Our next vacation is going to be to San Deigo!
19- We have 2 dogs. They are hilarious. I love their unique personalities and quirks. They are both smart in different ways and I love watching them play.
20- I can't wait (but I can wait) till we have a little baby and I get to dress it up so cute and dress it up for Halloween!
21- I would like to go sky diving again.
22- I already got Mike's birthday present and it's hiding in our house somewhere!
23- I ate honey nut Cheerios for breakfast this morning.
24- I don't like the word "module" because of how it sounds.
25- Lately I have been really wanting to eat some BROWNIES! Yum!
26- I have a lot of cute crafts and things I would like to do, but I have a lack of time.
27- I do not like my accounting class. It is soooo hard!
28- I wish I could surprise Mike with a dinner for two on the pitcher's mound at Fenway Park.
29- I get nervous when I order food at a restaurant.
30- Sometimes I have dreams where I save people, Mike, or the world. I'm a hero!
31- The other day I wrote on Mike's facebook wall. I wrote "I love you more than pigs love slop." Haha! He didn't think it was as funny as I thought it was.
32- After this semester I will have all my generals done, except math! I will also have 4 degree required classes done. Getting close!
33- One of my favorite terms for someone that isn't fun is "wet blanket." Who came up with that? It's hilarious.
34- My favorite characters on The Office are Kevin and Stanley.
35- My favorite character on How I Met Your Mother is Marshall.
36- I often quote Disney movies. This morning on the way out the door I said to Mike, "I can't believe I have to drive to work on a Saturday!" All the way to work!" (Toy Story 2). The other night I made Mike guess which movie had the song I was singing. I was singing - So This Is Love (Cinderella).
37- Even though I'm not a huge fan of 3D movies, I want to go see Finding Nemo in 3D.
38- If I get hungry at work lately I have been eating slivered almonds. I think they are healthy.
39- I love the name Grace for a girl, and the name Boston for a boy.
40- Mike makes fun of me when I say I'm doing a specific thing (washing my hands, cleaning the counters, throwing something away, washing something, etc) because of the germs.
41-I like the color orange. And blue.
42- One of my all time favorite movies is The Princess Bride. "Have fun storming the castle!"
43- I want to write a blog post about my favorite lines from movies.
44- I got some Lucky and Big Star jeans from Downeast for $5 each. And a pair of Sevens for $15. Holla! I love jeans!
45- Sometimes I wonder if anyone ever reads my blog because I don't get very many comments anymore. I still blog though.
46- I hate when people get mad over stupid things.
47- Sometimes I get mad over stupid things. Usually Mike is pretty good at helping me realize how stupid and little these things are.
48- I should be done with SLCC at the end of summer semester next year.
49- I wish all our troops would come home. No more war!
50- Ain't no party like a Scranton party, cuz the Scranton party don't stop!
51- Sometimes I feel like a kid stuck in a grown up body.
52- I'm scared of bugs.
53- I am also scared of fish kind of! I've never taken one off a line because they freak me out! Thanks Syd, for helping me with that when we were in the Windrivers. She even killed it for me on a rock. I didn't eat it though.. I don't like fish.
54- I've never eaten shrimp.
55- One time I think it would be fun to go to the Pawn Shop that is on the History Channel and ask for one of their autographs. Then I would want to  come in a little bit later and try to sell said autograph.
56- One of my weird habits is to make sound effects for things.
57- I love making inanimate objects talk. I crack myself up.
58-This year I want to drive up a canyon and take pictures once all the leaves have changed colors.
59- I like dark wood floors. Mike thinks the dark color ruins floors, but I love it.
60- Waffle's bark irritates the crap out of me. It's kind of whiney! Woof! Woo-woo-woo-woof! Woof! Ugh. I can't stand it.
61- I wish I had a pretzel cart and a worker in my basement. That way, whenever I wanted a soft pretzel I could have one. For free!
62- I'm pretty excited for the holidays this year. Usually I'm a little Scrooge-ish and slow to warm up to the holidays, but I'm already looking forward to it.
63- Occasionally, I call Mike Mr. Grumpy Gills. Only when he is really grumpy though.
64- I can't wait till egg nog comes out.
65- I am a good cook! Just a dessert cooker though. I make meals fine, but my specialty is desserts :)
66- I wish I knew how to use PhotoShop.


Skydiving - 2009

Well, I guess I never put my skydiving pictures up on here from when I went in 2009. Weird. I thought I did. Here they are in case you missed them.

Don't want to get kicked by a parachuter! If I did though, I'd make sure my body was stiff like a board like the man in the illustration above.

There is my name on the board! Yay!

My friend Jake and I getting ready to jump out of an airplane.

Tom. The man that made sure I didn't die.

Look at my big grin jumping out! Whoo! 

Totally rocked.

Obviously I loved every second of it.

Except for when Tom made us spin when the parachute was out. I made him stop so I didn't get sick. This picture is pre-spinning though.

Literally, I enjoyed every second of it.

 Huge grin. Who wants to look at the camera?! Not me. I'd like to look at the ground, thank you.
 Last shot before the parachute comes out and yanks me up by my boot straps!
And safely landing. See how my feet are out? I landed on my bum.

Would I do it again?! Most definitely. Scariest part? Flying up in the airplane. I hated the anticipation. Funnest part? Free falling. Just like Tom Petty.


Coffee Table

I have recently joined Pinterest. I held out as long as I could! I just hopped on once and saw so many ideas that I needed to join so I could remember all the ideas that I want to do! One of the ideas I saw recently was to re-do the top of an Ikea coffee table. Since Mike and I have an Ikea coffee table and I wanted it to look cuter, I decided we were going to try it. So here are the pictures from before during and after. I wish our living room had better lighting to show off how cute it is, but oh well. Maybe I'll do the lighting in our living room next..

Here they are!

 This is my cute man sanding. I helped too, I promise. He is so cute!

 These are the pine boards we used.

 Short and long boards so we can do both of our tables. These are after they are sanded.

 Staining the boards an oak color.

 All stained!

 This is before I glued the boards down. I was so excited!

This is after the boards are glued down.. on the front one. I have not glued  the tiny table yet. Doesn't it looks pretty!?

 Table all redecorated! I love the color! Please feel free to come over and look at my pretty tables and visit us!!

Maybe Kramer can add my coffee table to his book of coffee tables!