Family photo

Family photo


Giant Pumpkin Weigh In

Yesterday was a day Mike and I look forward to every year. It was the Giant Pumpkin Weigh In at Thanksgiving Point!

We have a friend that participates in growing a giant pumpkin every year, and a few years we found about about this weigh in and have been going ever since. I love it! It's so fun to see the huge pumpkins. Not to mention I love getting soft serve ice cream there. Mike and I split the biggest cone, and it's huuuuge. For only $2! Can't beat that! Anyway, this year was fun as always, but my mom and Syd came down and met us there. It was so fun to see them!

The pumpkins were pretty big this year, but no one came close to breaking the state record set two years ago. I think the record is 1600 pounds! This year there was also a giant pumpkin pie. They also had the usual assortment of huge gourds, watermelons, tomatoes, etc. So fun.

After the Weigh In we went to the Traverse Mountain outlets in Lehi really quickly. Syd wanted to see if she could find a coat. She found a really cute one! I love the Columbia outlet. If you ever need a coat, look at the Columbia Outlet. Mike and I both have coats from there which we like, and they have great prices.

After the outlets we ran home to change for the Relief Society broadcast. On my Relief Society announcement paper for the past few weeks it said it would be broadcasted at the stake center, so we drove over to the stake center. No one was there! So we drove to a different church by my house, and that one wasn't showing the broadcast either. I have no clue why it wasn't being shown at my stake center. Anyway, on the way to my house Syd and mom saw a church that had a lot of cars and so we went to that church and watched the broadcast. I felt bad getting in so late, and then there were only seats in the front so we had to walk up all the way and everyone was looking at us. I felt so bad interrupting! (Sorry mom and Syd!) Right before President Monson spoke (I loved his talk by the way, it was beautiful. He always speaks right to my heart. And I love how much he still loves his wife, it's so cute. Definitely something I strive for in my marriage) anyway, right before he spoke, Syd leaned over and said "Wow! This broadcast has gone so fast! We should be 20 minutes late every time!" I died. Ohhh my word. So funny.

After the broadcast we headed to Leatherby's. I dropped Syd off at the front to go stand in line to get us a table. Leatherby's is the happening place after church functions like that. So I went and parked the car with my mom. We walked up, and I feel like such a dummy, because I tripped over the curb! In front of a bunch of people waiting in line. Lovely. I hit my knee and hands pretty hard. I remember thinking "Nooo! Just don't hit the stomach!" on the way down. My knee got scuffed up, and I hurt my wrist a bit. My wrist is fine today but my knee is still sore. Anyway, my mom helped me up and I felt like crying for making a scene and falling and I was shaken up because that's the first time I had fallen like that since being pregnant and I was worried about the baby. But I didn't cry! We went in and found Syd and got a table. We ordered our ice cream and my mom had a list of questions like a million miles long about what the toppings were on two ice creams she was choosing from. Just kidding it wasn't a million miles long, but she did have a few questions! Our ice cream finally came and it was delicious. Mmm.

After ice cream we went back to my home and I tried to get the baby to move. He had moved a little during the broadcast and a tiny during dessert, but besides that he hadn't moved much. After I poked him for a while he started moving! He had some pretty big kicks. Syd and my mom both got to feel him so that was fun. After that, my mom and Syd had to leave. It was so fun having them come down for the day! I loved it!

25 weeks

How far along? 25 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: "No one asked you, Patrice!!"
Maternity clothes? I am falling in love with a maternity tank top I bought a little bit ago. It's so nice and long!!
Stretch marks? Not much progress here (yay). Just a few faint ones.
Sleep: Sleep is mostly good. Except for when Mike gets up around 5 and I roll over, then the baby thinks it's time for him to start kicking.
Best moment this week: Having my mom and sister come down on Saturday! We went to the Giant Pumpkin Weigh In, stopped by the outlet mall in Lehi, and went to the RS Broadcast. And to Leatherbys. Mmmm. Mike and I also had an appointment, it was nice to hear the baby's heartbeat.
Miss Anything? Not making small weird grunting noises when I am rolling over or something like that. Haha!
Movement: Yeppers. Syd and my mom got to feel him this weekend, so that was fun.
Food cravings: I figured I should write down all the cravings I've had since I've had him. This week it's been chocolate sauce, which was great because we went to Leatherby's last night. Anyway, this pregnancy I have had cravings for: baked potatoes, french bread and marinara sauce, garlic bread, watermelon, lime water, chocolate, chocolate shakes, really chocolate anything...
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not that I can think of!
Labor Signs: Nope!
Belly Button in or out? Not out, but not in. Let's say flat.
Wedding rings on or off? Depends. It's off right now. My hands are swollen sometimes.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Mostly happy, but I'm starting to have mini freak outs more about the baby being here soon and all the things I need to get done.
Looking forward to: Being skinny again. 

Other: I've had a few comments now about how my belly came out of no where and a lot more questions about when I'm due and the sex of the baby. It's fun now that people know it's a baby and I'm not just getting cubbs.

Here is one weekly picture.



Mike: *Farts*
Me: *Waits a few seconds* EXCUSE YOU.
Mike: We make a pretty good team. 
Me: Why?
Mike: Because if I forget to do anything, even as simple as excusing myself after a fart, you are there to cover for me. 


24 Weeks

How far along? 24 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Blah blah blah. Skipping this question.
Maternity clothes? Eh, a little. Still wearing my jeans with an elastic or belly band. I wore my first pair of maternity pants this week, they were fine. I hope no one else could tell I was wearing them.
Stretch marks? They are starting to come. Barely.
Sleep: Sleep is fine. I wake up a few times a night to roll over, or I wake up on my back and panic and think "I hope I wasn't on my back for too long!"
Best moment this week: My sister Aimee was in town for a training and I went out to dinner with her. We went to Texas Roadhouse. It was delish, as always.
Miss Anything? Tying my shoes without effort.
Movement: Yeppers. Mostly midmorning/early afternoon.
Food cravings: Chocolate shakes. Or chocolate sauce for ice cream. I think I might make some, just because it sounds SO good. Mmmm...
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really.
Have you started to show yet: Oh yeah. He's there. I should probably get rid of this question soon, because it will be like that for a while.
Labor Signs: No.
Belly Button in or out? Progressing to out. Ugh.
Wedding rings on or off? Depends. It's off right now. My hands are swollen sometimes.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy happy happy.
Looking forward to: Our appointment this coming week. Also the RS Broadcast and having my mom and Sydney come down. And having Leatherby's after the broadcast. And also the Giant Pumpkin Weigh Off.

Other: Ummm... I can't really think of anything. It's weird planning things for the future, because the baby will be here. Like we got tickets to go see Brian Regan in February. My mom asked if we would need a babysitter (thanks mom!) so it's just weird thinking about things like that. It's also weird to think we are nearing the third trimester. Just a few more weeks. Time is going by way too fast. 

Here's the ultrasound pictures like 3 weeks too late. No pictures of me today. I got a lot of ultrasound pictures! I got more than I'm putting up, but the ones I'm not putting up are basically like these, he just moved a little or it was zoomed in a little more, or just a duplicate shot.

 Here's his face. Little skeleton face! I told Mike he could have been on Pirates of the Caribbean.

Profile shot. Cute little guy. 

Another profile. 

Sucking his thumb. He must get bored in there. I would be. 

I think this was one of the first shots we got, and he was resting. He rests like Mike. Gotta get that arm up by the face!

Little baby arm. 

Bottom of his foot. I got a shot of his other foot, but it's not very clear or good. But he does have two feet.

A leg!  

 The other leg! He has two legs!

And he is still a boy. 

And I think that was my last ultrasound. It will be exciting to see him when he comes!


23 Weeks

How far along? 23 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Stop asking this question, blog!
Maternity clothes? I've worn a maternity shirt or two. I don't need them yet, and with fall and winter coming, I'll be transitioning into hoodies shortly. I love wearing hoodies!
Stretch marks? I think I might have a few really light ones! Noooooo....
Sleep: I wake up a few times a night due to being uncomfortable or rolling over. I'm sure it will be worse when Baby B gets here. :)
Best moment this week: I had a fun team day with my team yesterday. We went to lucch then to Park City and did the Alpine Coaster. It was so fun! I loved it!
Miss Anything? Restful sleep. And no back pain! And moving things without getting told "you can' carry that!"
Movement: Yes! He has quite the kick sometimes.
Food cravings: Same things. Chocolate things. Garlic bread/french bread/breadsticks.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not that I can remember. I definitely don't miss throwing up.
Have you started to show yet: Yep. A nice baby bump. At least it's a bump and not chubs anymore!
Labor Signs: No.
Belly Button in or out? Umm it's definitely not "in" anymore. But not "out" either.
Wedding rings on or off? Depends. I've had to start wearing my ring less, which makes me sad. My hands get swollen sometimes.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy still. I haven't had much moodiness yet, which is good!
Looking forward to: Having the house cleaned and the baby's room put together. It seems that I can clean and clean and there is still more to do.

Other: I've started to forget things now. The other day I forgot my purse as I left for work. I had to walk back up to Floor 3 to get it. Haha! When Mike asks me to get stuff at the grocery store I have to call and ask him what the items were again, because I forgot. I went to the chiro this morning, I usually go every month, hopefully it will help my back. Mike has been really good at rubbing my back, he is super sweet. Also, I notice myself sitting more and more with my legs apart instead of crossed or together. It's a tad uncomfortable to sit with my legs crossed or together now. 

And here's some pictures. I really need to start taking these pictures on work days so I look put together and cute, instead of my frumpy gross weekend look. Also, one day I'll get my ultrasound pics up from 2 weeks ago. Not today though.



Me: Today in public speaking I had to introduce someone else. 
Mike: Who did you introduce?
Me: His name was Jason. He was from San Diego and now he lives in Provo. 
Mike: Why is he taking a class up at the BYU SLC center?
Me: I don't know. I didn't ask. That didn't interest me. 
Conversation continues. 
Me: He really likes dogs and hates cats. He had a dog but it died a year ago. 
Mike: How did it die?
Me: I don't know, I didn't ask. 
Mike: You don't ask enough questions. You know what job you would not be good at?
Me: A phone representative?
Mike: No. A detective. Oh Chief, I didn't ask that, I didn't want to seem intrusive. 

Haha! What a funny guy. 


Anniversary, Sisters, Labor Day

Since I've been trying to write my weekly posts about growing Baby Boy, I've slacked on writing blog posts about everything else.

Mike and I celebrated our 4th anniversary on August 21! It was great! I had to work that day, but Mike had the day off. When the alarm went off that morning Mike told me happy anniversary, cuddled me and gave me a kiss. And that is when I knew it was going to be a really good day. This year, I gave Mike golf clubs (he got them a month or two early so he could use them. He was also there when I bought them, so it wouldn't have been a surprise if I made him wait.) I also gave him a phone cover for his iPhone. On the back it has a picture of us. And last but not least, I asked a friend (thank you Travis) to deliver a box to Mike that day while I was at work. I had put balloons in the box with candy bars tied to the end. I hope Mike liked it.

When I got home from work, Mike was playing a video game. But! a surprise was waiting for me on the coffee table!

Mike never buys me flowers, especially ROSES and two dozen!! I might have teared up a little. They smelled so so good. I loved the colors. He also got me some of my favorite candies, and a card. And then (I know, I'm spoiled) he got me a few movies, Little Big Planet Karting (a video game) and an awesome memory card for my camera. I had been talking about wanting a bigger memory card for a while, because my older one only held 500 pictures. This new one holds like a zillion. Thank you honey! After presents and after Mike finished his game we went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, one of our favs. It was delicious! I am always down for a good steak. Mmm mmmm! That night we ate ice cream and watched our wedding video. I cried. It just makes me so happy! I am the luckiest girl ever to be married to Mike and to be able to spend these past 4 years with him!

Let's see. What else can I talk about. Well, here is one of my favorite pictures ever. (Thanks Cody, for taking it. Thanks Mike for the idea.)

So cute! This is the Sunday our youngest brother was ordained as a deacon and right before Aimee left. She moved on up to Boise! Good luck, Aimee! I love this picture. I look pregnant, but I don't care! Look how cute we all look together!

This year I turned some pictures into the fair. I was really excited because I was fairly confident one of them would do really good. I ordered them, got them, mounted them, paid the entry fee, and the people there accepted my entries. The next day (Saturday, we were up in Ogden) I got a call saying my pictures were disqualified. What?! I was so so upset. The girls said I had mounted them wrong. They were on cardboard, but last year the lady specifically told me to mount it on cardboard. I was also really mad because while I was turning my pictures in there was a lady and her husband there and one of the fair workers was saying "well this doesn't meet this specific criteria, and is wrong, but we will accept it anyway." So they get theirs accepted because it was a panoramic and framed nice? I was so upset. I started crying. She was really nice and said I could come get them and remount them if I wanted to, but I said I was out of town, and I didn't want to drive 2 hours to do that. So much for entering pictures into the State Fair. I'm still really mad.

Here is a picture of waffles that I made. Snickerdoodle waffles. I put syrup on after. They turned out really good! Thank you Pinterest!

And here is a picture of our small Labor Day project! I really like how it turned out.
After we pulled out the weeds, before we laid down the landscaping material.

After. I like it! I think it looks a lot better. I am on the lookout for 3 barrels or big pots to set in there.

Last but not least, I paid off my car! Hooray!


22 weeks

How far along? 22 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: This question is getting old, don't you think?
Maternity clothes? Not yet. 
Stretch marks? No.
Sleep: Eh, I am always tired when I wake up and wake up a few times a night now. Kind of a pain. 
Best moment this week: Starting to put the baby's room together!
Miss Anything? Restful sleep haha. I am sure I will miss it even more when he gets here!
Movement: Yes! He is becoming more and more active. 
Food cravings: Garlic bread and chocolate things still. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really! Except for brushing my tongue when I am brushing my teeth. 
Have you started to show yet: Yep.
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: No.
Belly Button in or out? In... I think it is slowly creeping to out though. Sad. 
Wedding rings on or off? On. 
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! And sometimes overwhelmed. 
Looking forward to: The weekend to get more of the room put together. 
Other: My hair is thicker and it ha grown fast, which I like. The thicker hair is sometimes fun and sometimes it drives me nuts. I don't like when the baby kicks by my bladder and then I have a huge urge to pee haha!


21 Weeks

How far along? 21.5 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: A bit more than 10 pounds.
Maternity clothes? Not yet. I found some jeans from high school the other day and i guess I used to be bigger than I am now so that has been nice to have jeans that fit.
Stretch marks? Not yet.
Sleep: I have started to wake up at night a few times because I hurt or just because. I don't enjoy it.
Best moment this week: Letting my family feel for the baby. So far my mom and brother have felt him. It has also been fun to show my family the ultrasound pictures. I need to post those.
Miss Anything? Not being tired and no back pain.
Movement: Yes! So fun!
Food cravings: Sweet things and chocolate things.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I can't recall anything recently.
Have you started to show yet: Yep.
Gender: Boy!
Labor Signs: No.
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On. But yesterday I had it mostly off. My fingers were swollen.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: Our appointment next week!

Other: My back hurts a lot. Sometimes I get into a position laying down or sitting and I can't move because it sends a horrible shooting pain in my back, down my butt and into the top of my leg. Mike has to help me get out of those predicaments. 

I will try to get the ultrasound up soon.