Family photo

Family photo


Random Ramblings

Sometimes random things come to my brain. Here are some of them.

- Time is a funny and crazy thing. I still can't believe I am old enough to have a credit card, much less a baby. 
- One time my sister, Aimee, wrote on my car when I graduated. It was really sweet of her. 
- I am trying to be healthier and it blows. The other morning I woke up to the phantom smell of brownies. 
- I found a health friend and it's awesome! His name is DeWayne and we have a good time pushing each other to do better. 
- I am officially re-addicted to rock climbing and I love it. 
- My grade in CIT officially dropped below an A because of dumb JavaScript. 
- I've been learning photoshop and it rocks. 

And lastly here are pictures from the last little while. Enjoy!

Boston was probably a velociraptor in another life.

At work we had a Bird Day party foer the baby pregrine falcons. Extra points to anyone who gets the reference.

I made some bowls out of records. Woot!
Doing a crack climb.
Boston and some more eyebrows.
Boston riding Marley like a horse.
Boston digs the ladies!
Climbing with friends!
Boston loves pickles.
He also loves celery.
Another climb.
More climbing with friends.
Boston is the cutest baby ever. Especially after baths wrapped up in a towel.
Moooore climbing!
I loved this climb.
Also I look awesome.
So awesome.
Softball game!
Fun run at work! We ran one mile!
A record bowl on my head.
Smiley happy baby.
YOU! You got what I neeeeed!


Best Daddy Ever

Mike is the best daddy ever. Yesterday I wasn't feeling well so he took Boston and I took a nap. After the nap I felt better. I'm lucky I have Mike who will stop doing yard stuff so he can take care of the baby when I don't feel good. 

Boston had a check up and shots at the doctor's yesterday. He weighs 12.1 lbs and is 24 1/4 inches long! He got shots and early this morning he had a fever and was pretty fussy. It was before 5 AM and Mike got up and went to the store for some Tylenol for Boston. 

Right now we are waiting for daddy to get home, Boston is sleeping but kind of fussing in his sleep. I'm grateful for Mike and for what an awesome dad he is to Boston. I definitely married up and couldn't be happier. 



Here are some good Brandon-isms. 

Brandon: Sometimes I feel like I have the heart of an obese man. 

Brandon: Boston, how does it feel to have fluff eyebrows? It looks like your mom hasn't dusted you off in like, two weeks. 

So we drew some on. 


4 Months Old!

Goodness time is flying! Here are some pictures of Boston at 4 months old. He rolls from his front to back sometimes, and is getting REALLY close from going from his back to his front. He's started to grab his toes, suck in his bottom lip, giggle a little bit, and he growls. We sure love him!