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Family photo


It's About Time

I can't believe the last time I posted it was before Christmas! Life has certainly picked up the pace.

Christmas was Boston's first Christmas, and that was really fun. Like all babies he really liked the wrapping paper and boxes. His very favorite presents were books. He loves reading!

We celebrated Boston's first birthday in January! We had a really fun double party with my cousin, Pryce. I made Boston a smash cake and he LOVED it. He loved eating it, squishing it, playing with it, etc. It was a hoot. Most of my pictures are on my other computer or my phone, so I don't have any to post currently.

School has been going well. I'm slowly getting it done. This semester ends next week! This semester has been hard, The content I'm learning hasn't been hard, but the amount of work that has been required has been difficult. But I'm almost done with this semester. I'm taking off the summer, so that will be nice. I'll start back in September. And then hopefully only 4 semesters left! I'm getting excited to be done even though it's over a year out.

We have been doing small house projects and I have enjoyed it. We have replaced the faucet, gotten the countertops painted, painted the cupboards, tore out some cupboards, fixed the walls, and a few other things. I really enjoy doing home improvement things.

I have also been trying to go climbing once a week on Friday nights with some friends. Mike comes sometimes (and I wish he would come more!) and it's been fun to get out and get better at climbing, even if it is in a gym. Speaking of a gym, I joined my work gym. It's really nice to be able to work out right after work and then head home. I feel like I get home just a half hour later than I usually do, so it's really nice. I also have some accountability gym buddies, and it has been working out nicely.

In May Mike and I went to Zion National Park with some friends, Jared and Alicia. My parents were nice enough to watch Boston while we hiked to our heart's content. We did quite a few hikes, including Angel's Landing and The Narrows was definitely my favorite, and I can't wait to go back and do it again. We did from the bottom up, where you go as far as you'd like then turn around. You can eventually reach some point that you aren't supposed to go past, but it's pretty far up. We didn't reach that. The next time we do The Narrows I would like to get a permit to do from the top down. That is an all day adventure and can even be split into two days. I'd also like to do the Subway. we put in for the permit but unfortunately didn't get drawn out. We had a great time with our friends and loved the views. ZNP is probably one of my favorite places to go. We sure missed our little guy, though!

A few weeks ago for the Fourth of July we drove up to Boise and spent a few days up there with my sister, Aimee, and her husband, Jarret. It was really fun to see their house and what it was like up there. Aimee took me climbing at the gym she goes to, went had a BBQ, went to the Farmer's Market, went swimming, and Aimee made a year and a half birthday cake for Boston! He loved it, again!! Boston loved Aimee's cat, Mattix and really liked to follow him around and sometimes pet him.

Boston is growing bigger and bigger, I can hardly believe it. He is in the 8th and 10th percentile for height and weight, and 14th for head circumference. Big head! ;) Boston had his first day in Nursery on Sunday! He was a champ! Mike went in with Boston for about five minutes and Boston played really well so Mike left. About 10 minutes after Mike left the teacher said Boston noticed Mike was gone and kind of just gave a little look like "hmm. Where did dad go?" and then kept playing. He didn't cry or anything the whole time! When I picked him up he showed me his stickers on his shirt. I'm so happy he had a good time. I can't believe my little baby can already go to Nursery.

Boston is really taking off with his talking! He says a lot of words now, it's really fun. He can say: Waffles, cracker, Dada, Mama, (although most the time he just says dada for this too..), go, good, hi, and diaper. I'm sure I'm forgetting some. He knows sign language for eat, drink, thank you, more, all done, and he just learned please. Boston also knows animal noises for: monkey, dog, snake, and duck. He is learning lion and sheep right now. Boston likes to go on walks, play hide and seek, and roll balls and cars across the floor. We sure love him.

Mike just recently got a new job at work! He starts training later this month. He has to get another license, I believe his Series 66. So he is busy studying for that test which is next week. I'm so proud of him! Mike works really hard at his job and has learned a lot. He is really smart and knows a lot about investments.

As a side note, my brothers got their wisdom teeth out today. This happened once we got them settled in the basement.

Nate: "Brandon, what's the best type of ship?"
Brandon: ....
Nate: "Friendship!"
Brandon: "You need to learn how to shut up!"

Hahahaha!! Brandon had some time for the meds to wear off, but Nate was still a bit loopy and had been bugging Brandon with his constant shenanigans. So funny. They are both back to normal and healing now. :)

I better wrap this up. Boston just woke up from his nap and is ready to play!