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Just Some Stuff

Hello all! I figured this is the ideal time to blog, I am stuck between two males on a couch. They are tunneling on "THE GAME". I love how with men its always "did you catch THE GAME?" No need to specify. They are all on the same wavelength and no matter how many games are on, they all know which one is "THE GAME".

This week Mike's family has been in town. Its been fun having them here. March Madness is what they get together for every year and they fill out brackets and its like a huge thing. We went to two games Thursday and we are going to one on Saturday. Its a little weird having a game we always need to be watching, but if everyone else is having fun, I'm having fun. I'm still trying to adjust to the sports mentality that Mike has. Even though we've been married for 7 months and he doesn't watch too many games, its still an adjustment. One thing I hate though.. there is never ever a break from sports. Ever. Baseball, football, basketball. Start over. Just as long as I don't get ignored I'm okay..

For some reason this week has been hard for me and I'm not sure why. I've just been really emotional. I'm always an emotional person, but this week I've been crying a lot and my feelings get hurt super easy and its just weird. I think I'm doing okay now though.

I think I am going to start looking for a job again. I don't like my job at all. I especially hate when my TL listens to my calls and tells me I "need to promote the Brand" and whatever and I just think in the back of my head "why would I ever do that?". Super unorganized at my job and I just don't enjoy it at all. So if anyone hears of any jobs out in the West Valley area that I would be able to do and pays $11.50/hr or more, let me know.

Today was a good day. I got off work early, and we all went to AppleBee's! After that, Mike his 2 older brothers, his parents and I all went and did sealings and the Oquirrh (or however it is spelled) Temple. It was the first time I have done that, besides our wedding. It was really nice.
We came back and started cleaning the house! Thank you Brenda, Steve and Brandon for helping!! After that, Fred, Janet, Jade and Jasi came over. We ate pizza, played Apples to Apples and Cranium. It was so fun!! Funny story.

We were split up into teams and one person on the team had to act like someone. The person was Gandhi. So Jasi and Jade were on a team with Brandon. Jade was acting it out and she said "I'm bald and I'm never going to eat again" and Brandon guessed Britney Spears. LOL! I thought I was going to die laughing.

Mike starts training for his new job on MONDAY! He is so excited! He will do great!! Way to go Mike!!

Today we got a KitchenAid blender.. YEEEAH! Mike made Orange Julius's.. they were delish. That is his specialty.

I think that is about all for now. Love you all!


Basketball, Dog, Birth Control, Funny Stuff

First of all.. my husband is having a three week affair with another woman named March Madness. I can't wait till I have him back.

Haha! Its not that bad. As you all probably know March Madness has started. And as all of you probably don't know I have hard feelings toward March Madness from last year. What happened you may ask? Let me tell you. Pretty sure KoriAnn remembers. I think I texted her a lot during that episode. (And no Mike, I will never let this go. Never) Last year Mike took a trip to Oregon for March Madness from like a Wednesday to a Sunday or something like that. We were dating pretty seriously at the time. So Mike went to Oregon to watch some games and be with his family. Fine. What did he not do his whole trip? He did not call his girlfriend. FOR A WEEK he did not call me. Why? March Madness. I now have hard feelings toward March Madness, and always will.

As a side note, I am excited to see how I do on my brackets. I filled out 6.

Tweeg's big thing for a few weeks now is waking up between the hours of 1 AM and 4 AM. I hate it. I keep wondering why did I get that dog. Mike is a big sweetheart, he gets up and lets Tweeg out. Tweeg used to be just fine and everything before, no peeing in his cage or anything, but now he thinks its fun to bark in the middle of the night. Dumb dog. Mike won't let me get a shock collar or Tweeg would have one by now.

Currently for birth control I'm on the Nuvaring, and am thinking about switching to the shot. Does anyone have any insight on this? It probably would be more cost effective, but I'm just afraid with the switch that I would get prego or something.

Funny stuff. Today I had a guy call in and while I was talking to him about opening an account he asked if he could speak to someone else. So I transferred him to someone else. Apparently I am incompetent.

I was talking to Syd today and we were talking about the different stuff we used to tease Aimee about. (Sorry Aimee!) Anyway- a few things that I find funny. One time we were cleaning the kitchen and said Aimee had a dirty blond hair color. Aimee insisted it was "gold" so the rest of the night Syd and I would try to get a hair or two and said we wanted to take it to the bank so we could get rich.
Another time when we went to the Windrivers we went fishing and Aimee caught a fish and wanted to name it Bob. Well, I thought that was lame, so I renamed the fish Lame Name. We teased her the rest of the day about her fish named Lame Name, Aimee is still a little sour about that one I think. We were a little mean. Sorry Aimee!

My sisters are great. I love them both a lot- we have good times!
PS HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIMEE! She is now 18. Wow!

Mike has a new position at work! He starts next week. He will still be on the phone but he will be working with prepaid cards I think instead of credit cards. Go Mike! He is really excited to switch departments and have more opportunities to advance.

I don't think I really have anything to blog about, I just figured it was time for an updated blog post.

I am hungry. Mike wanted to make curry tonight, but I told him no because last time I tried curry at a Thai restaurant it tasted like the smell of fireworks.

Funny comments from Mike while laying in bed last night.
I said something that spurred this conversation on and the rest goes as follows:
Mike: I have the heart of a dove.
Me: (giggles) A dove? What its super small or what?
Mike: No, I strive constantly for peace.
Me: Oh yeah?
Mike: Yes. And to occasionally be covered in chocolate.

LOL! He makes me laugh so hard.

That is all for now. Wish me luck surviving March Madness.


100 Random Facts

Hello all! This blog post is going to be 100 things about me. Feel free not to read as it may be a long blog post and some numbers may be rated PG-13.

1- I do not like potato chips. Lays, Ruffles, Pringles.. yeah, I don't like them.
2-I also do not like root beer, licorice, carrots, oatmeal, coconut, coconut flavored foods, foods with coconut on them or in them, and I do not care for hamburgers.
3- My family makes the best salsa ever.
4- They also make the best jams ever. No debate.
5- I am very stubborn.
6- In my opinion the worst food I ever ate was an Almond Joy. Yuck.
7- I hate the winter.
8- I love listening to my mom play the piano. She is sooo good at it!
9- The song I love listening to her play most is The Music Box Dancer. I could listen to her play that all day long.
10- My sister Sydney likes my dance to "Some Days Ya Gotta Dance" by the Dixie Chicks.
11- I honestly thought I would never see my husband and I would feel like I was single when we got ESPN. I still see him though and things are going good for now. I just hope it stays this way.
12- I am a very very very jealous person. I don't mean to be.. its just one of my flaws.
13- I can't talk to Mike about his past flings or whatever, even though he is married to me and its in the past, cuz I get jealous. Pathetic, I know.
14- I am nervous that I will skip a number on here.
15- Contrary to popular belief, I do not have a heart of ice and I am not the Ice Queen.
16-I do not like our dog. I don't know why I don't, I just don't. I won't ever like him. I feel bad about it, but thats just how it goes.
17- I do not enjoy my job.
18- Ever since we got married, something changed and now I do not ever want kids.
19- Maybe that will change, but as for now, I am not ever wanting kids.
20- The other day a guy that called in and in the conversation asked if I was Mormon. And I told him yes I am.
21- I wish I was still going to school and was half done by now.
22- I love being married, but sometimes I wish I did more things with my girlfriends when I was single.
23- I think my husband is soooo hot. Especially with facial hair.
24- Sometimes I miss wearing my cute underwear from Victoria's Secret.
25- I love that's what she said jokes.
26- I like playing the guitar, but I'm not very good.
27- I don't have very many hobbies, and as a result I feel like I'm missing a lot of things in life.
28- I like playing Zelda. A lot.
29- I rock climb, and I am good at it.
30- I can be a little cocky at times (see 29), but its just because I really am what I say I am.
31- Watching a lot of TV or playing a lot of video games gives me a really bad headache.
32- I rock at DDR.
33- Three is my favorite number.
34- I usually can't ever decide on what my favorite color is. Its always a draw between pink, blue, orange and green.
35- I love chocolate banana milkshakes. Especially if it is from Kirts.
36- I love Kirts BLT's. They are divine.
37- Cafe Rio is delicious. Whenever I go there I get the same thing. That would be a roast beef burrito, enchilada style, black and pinto beans, mild sauce, and to stay with a cup for water.
38- Whenever the people at Cafe Rio ask me what I want I freak out on the inside, and I forget what I want momentarily.
39- I hate talking to people I don't know on the phone. Ironic.
40- I love lovin' my husband.
41- Mike gives me the most yummy kisses. He has super soft, luscious lips and its awesome every time we kiss.
42- Seinfield is one of my favorite shows to watch.
43- I love watching the Office and also How I Met Your Mother.
44- I have my YW Medallion. (And you don't-- in your face Aimee!)
45- Last year in March I was ignored by my boyfriend for basketball games. He didn't call me his whole entire trip to Oregon. I now have hard feelings for March Madness.
46- Later that year I married that boyfriend.
47- The lady I visit teach with gets on my nerves because she calls me too much.
48- I say botato instead of potato.
49- Mike says I over enunciate the letter G if its in the middle of a word, like Wingers and hanger.
50- I love the movie Labyrinth.
51- I wish I was a 10.
52- I give freaking awesome birthday presents if I can afford it. Just ask Mike.
53- I'm a very emotional person.
54- My feelings get hurt easily sometimes.
55- I cry easily!
56- I cried at the end of the third LOTR movie.
57- I hate scary movies.
58- I have to fall asleep with the light on and reading my scriptures if I watch a scary movie or hear a really scary story.
59- I like playing Scattergories a lot, even though Mike always wins.
60- I like taking super hot showers.
61- That results in overheating myself and the bathroom steaming up really bad so I can't breathe and I almost pass out.
62- I've never passed out from doing that.
63- I love my ring that Mike got me.
64- I hate not having my toenails painted.
65- I check FB daily.
66- One of my goals was to kiss a black man.
67- I never kissed a black man.
68- I am married so I never will kiss a black man.
69- I've had dreads in my hair before.
70- I loved having dreads but I combed them out for two reasons. 1- I did not want my dad to cut them out. 2- I did not want to get dumped by my boyfriend.
71- The night my friends and I put dreads in my hair we went to Walmart because my friend Rachel wanted to show me off.
72- Saves the Day is a band I really like.
73- When I pack my lunch I pack the bread with PB on it and I pack the jam or honey separately so the jam or honey doesn't soak into the bread.
74- I wish my boobs were bigger.
75- When I was little I used to drink warm water when I ate ice cream if my mouth got too cold.
76- I still drink warm water when my mouth gets too cold from eating ice cream.
77- When I eat ice cream I put the spoon in my mouth upside down.
78- I hate germs.
79- I usually drink about 32 oz or more of water daily.
80- I hope I don't live in Utah for my whole life.
81- I hate going places by myself.
82- I think public restrooms are disgusting.
83- I hate getting the oil in my car changed.
84- I really like playing cards. Especially Philadelphia.
85- Killer whales are my favorite marine animal and tigers are my favorite land animal.
86- I like the feel of dolphins.
87- My birth control I'm on makes me want to eat Spongebob mac and cheese a lot.
88- I enjoy taking pictures.
89- I enjoy going to sporting events, but I do not enjoy watching them on TV.
90- I have the World of Warcraft Game Feul Mountain Dews. Both flavors. They still have not been opened, and I have not tasted them.
91- I collect PEZ dispensers and I think I am in the sixties with them right now.
92- I love to be cuddled, held, hugged, kissed, touched, hand held, etc etc by my hubby.
93- I don't mind loading a dishwasher, but I hate washing pots and pans by hand.
94- I secretly like having small hickeys on my neck that I can cover up with my hair so no one sees.
95- I'm not looking forward to when Mike and I are married long enough that we don't hold hands when we go out, don't cuddle at night, don't kiss as much, etc but I know its coming.
96- Every night I always make sure the last thing I say to Mike is "I love you" so just in case one of us dies then the last words heard and said was I love you.
97- Cantelope makes my throat and lips and mouth itch a lot but I still eat it occasionally because it is so delicious.
98- I want to go to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday.
99- I like having breakfast for dinner once a week.
100- I have the best husband ever and he is super good at lovin' me.

The End.