Family photo

Family photo


Dean's List

That's right. You read it correctly. I am the newest member appearing on the Dean's List. Why? This last semester of Summer 2012, I took 15 credits. I also earned a 3.62 GPA. That is apparently quite a feat. Score! I hope I can do it again!

A Golden Celebration!

Last Friday night, we went to one of the coolest things ever. Golden days: A Celebration of Life

Let me back up. Sometime in June my mom emailed me and told me I could put into a drawing for President Monson's birthday celebration. So of course, I went to the church website and entered in. The winners would be picked July 5 or something. I was under the impression that I'd be getting an email if I won the tickets and when no email came I was a little disappointed. A few days later, I got a little envelope in the mail. Well, Mike got an envelope in the mail from the church. I started shaking and my heart started pounding as I tore open the envelope. It was what I thought it was! Tickets!! HOORAY!! I ran in to the computer room and told Mike, while jumping up and down. I was so excited! I hurried and called my mom (because I had asked for 4 tickets and I told her if I got them and she didn't she could go with us!) and she was just as excited as I was. All the way from the beginning of July to mid August every time I talked to my mom on the phone we would talk about how excited we were for 85th birthday celebration for President Monson. I even skipped the yearly family Windrivers trip so I could go to this! Finally, the day came.

I was sooo excited! A little before 5 I left and went down to meet Mike at his work. Once he came out of work we walked to the car and parked it in a parking garage where I had a free pass. We then walked down to the Macaroni Grill. Side note: I had the worst ear ache ever. No joke. Worst ear ache/infection I've ever had. It hurt when I talked, when I chewed food, and I couldn't open my mouth all the way because I think the muscle or tube or whatever from my ear and down my neck was really swollen. Also, it hurt when I would walk because apparently my head bobbles. Not really, but it hurt when I walked, too. Lovely. Anyway, we went to the Macaroni Grill and my lovely parents met us there. My mom looked very pretty in her cute outfit with her purple shirt. Anyway, my mom ordered chicken under a brick, Mike ordered a salad and some shrimp stuff and I think my dad got a salad too. I didn't get anything because my ear hurt sooo bad. I did eat a little of Mike's salad and some bread though. We ate and talked and had a wonderful time visiting. Then the waitress asked if we wanted a box, and I wanted a box for the loaf of bread that we hadn't eaten, but I didn't want to say that so my mom said that yes we wanted a box. The girl ended up getting a box and scraping my mom's chicken left overs into the box. My mom had like one potato and a little chicken skin left. Hilarious. So then we paid and when we left we just put the bread in the bag with the chicken stuff. Haha. We dropped the food off at the car and headed on our way! On the way there my dad spotted a distressed woman. Her car tire had popped. My dad, being the good Samaritan and outstanding example that he is, stopped to give her a hand. In his suit. What a great guy. Seriously. Well my mom and I are in skirts and the boys looked like they had it handled, so I left two tickets with Mike and my mom and I took off! We got to the conference center and stood in line. There was a big line! I mean.. of course there was it was the birthday celebration for President Monson. 85 years. YEEEAAARS! Holy moly. We finally got in and found some seats. Then we waited. The men showed up just as President Monson walked in. After everyone sat down they came and sat by us. FINALLY the night started! It was amazing! The choir performed and they had special guest singers. And these weren't just picked up off the street or off American Idol singers. No no. They were from BROADWAY. And other places like Broadway... like the Opera. It was amazing. My favorite pieces were 76 Trombones, All I Ask of You, and You Raise Me Up. But I think my two favorites were 76 Trombones and All I Ask of You. I don't think I can pick a favorite of those two. The music was absolutely beautiful. The orchestra did an amazing job. I loved the music. And all of the people that had clips or spoke of President Monson were so sweet! What a great man. 76 Trombones was a really fun, and the Orchestra did amazing! I loved it. All I Ask of You is one of my all time favorite songs from Phantom of the Opera, and Rebecca Luker knocked it right out of the water. Ho-ly COW! It was an amazing night. I was so happy I won tickets and I could spend the night with some of my most favorite people.

The opening prayer was really long. So long that Mike said, "Do you think he's ever eaten a warm dinner?" Haha!

What a great night.



Today I was watching some TV and Mike came in and sat on the bed. I asked what he had been doing and he said he was looking at potential Christmas presents for me. I told him that he had already said previously that he knew what he was getting me. He then told me that what I would get for Christmas could be "up to $1,000.00" Haha. Right. Anyway, I argued with him a little bit and he told me it would be based "on good behavior". I laughed, and then he told me that he would count to 1,000 for me so I would know how much it was. So he started counting. He held me in bed, and wouldn't let me leave until he was done. Cracked me up. He'd also take a small pause between each number, and pronounce each number, so instead of "one thirty-seven" he would say "One hundred thirTy seven. It took a while. He finally got to one thousand and then he kept going. I thought we were going to be stuck counting all night!!


Cahoots Duo Challenge

Here are the pics I was talking about in the last blog post. So fun!


Fun in the Sun

First of all, I just want to say I made it through my summer semester. I thought I was going to die there at the end. But I did it! I was a little disappointed with my grades. My business class was graded on a curve and I had no idea what my grade was the whole semester. I ended up with a B, which is good but I was really trying for a 3.8 again. I ended up with a 3.62 GPA. Not bad for 15 credits and some hard classes. I'm debating on doing 15 credits again this coming semester. It's horrible and not fun but then I'll be done with school sooner!

Mike and I had a lot of fun this weekend. We did an obstacle course down in Midway, UT. It was a lot of fun. We are finally not sore.. 4 days later. Let me get my complaints out of the way and then I'll list all the fun we had. 1- They did not have my shirt size. They had even asked what my shirt size was, but of course they didn't have it and only had mediums left. Good for Mike because he now gets 2 really nice dry-fit shirts. 2- They only had 1 table up for check-in. There were over 1,000 people doing the course throughout the day I heard. You'd think they would have a few more tables for check in. Whatever. 3- We missed our heat because the lines were so long, and we got there 45 minutes early. And then when we started with the next heat the guy said "This is the 11:30 heat! If you are the 11:30 heat or from an earlier heat because you were LATE, it's almost time for you to race" or something like that. Excuse me? LATE? No no. I got there 45 minutes early, like the instructions said. I wasn't late. Thank you very much. 4- Half the obstacles had lines at them. We had to wait a good 45 minutes to an hour for the zip line. Ridiculous. Put up more zip lines. Geez. Another obstacle we waited probably around a half hour. Those were the only problems I could think of. The rest of it we had a blast. As soon as they post pictures I'll put them up. It was so fun. We had to jump in waist high mud water, run up a mud hill, climb over a 10 foot wall, go through huge construction type tubes that were half submersed in mud water, go over a cargo net, army crawl and duck under boards in mud water, hold hands and avoid touching an electric line (don't worry it didn't shock too much, but it definitely shocked my arm and traveled to my leg), ride a zip line, go down a tube slide headfirst into a big mud water pit, do a three legged walk through a lot of tires and over a bale of way and do a wheelbarrow through pretty deep mud. We had a blast. It was so fun. We were soooo dirty by the end of it. It was great. They had a little shower type thing that was like a PVC pipe with holes in it, so we got to wash off a bit. I was so glad I brought us a change of clothes. We got back to the car and got out the wipes I had brought. It was a pretty decent sized bag and we went through like 3/4 of it. After we wiped off and changed we were off! We headed to Park City for a little shopping. Mike spoiled me. I love him. He got me a really nice purse with a matching little wallet, a really nice winter coat, a jacket, a pair of jeans, two pairs of shorts, and a cute purple skirt! Mike got a few nice jackets and some sun glasses. He also got a long sleeve light weight shirt, a polo, and 2 pairs of slacks. He looks so good in all of them. I made him give me a fashion show.

Funny story. A few weeks ago Mike came into our room or something and said, "Hey." And I said, "wait a minute. I don't get a hey honey, or hey sweetie or even a hey hot baby?" I was joking about the hot baby thing. So now ever since then he calls me hot baby. In fact, we were at Winco about a week and a half ago and I was in the produce section. Mike wandered off and when I was done I was looking for him. He spotted me first, so he kindly said in a very loud voice.. "HEY! HOT BABY! I'M OVER HERE!" I just about died on the spot. Silly boy. I love him.