Family photo

Family photo



I love jeans. I love wearing them. I love after I wash them how tight they are. I love different colors of blue. I love seeing them hanging in my closet. I love looking at them in the store. I love jeans. My most fav kind are Bullheads, which are sold at PacSun. They. Rock. Our new fav store to shop at is Ross. They have some really good clothes for really good prices. Mike has gotten a few belts, some nice work pants, shirts, socks, etc. Today we went to Ross. I got two shirts for work. I also browsed the junior jeans section. And there they were. The most awesome jeans I have ever seen. For only $10.99. How could I pass this up?! I whisked them away to the dressing room in a frenzy, unaware of the people around me. In the privacy of the dressing room I slid those sleek little babies on, looked in the mirror and said "I look hot." And that was that. I had to get them. We were BFF's from first glance. I can't wait to show them off. I put them on as soon as I got home and haven't taken them off since. If there were multiple pairs of these jeans, I would've gotten multiple pairs. Thats how awesome they are.



I think it looks pretty good for my first project! As you can see I still need to re-clean the mirror part off. It matches the fireplace so I think it ties the room together nice and its a fun color!


Goblin Valley and Little Wild Horse Canyon

 Packed and ready to go! I sure know how to pack a car!

Beautiful Rainbow

Little Wild Horse Canyon

Goblin Valley


The Zoo

I love the zoo. Ever since Mike and I got married I have asked and asked when we could go to the zoo. We finally went with Mike's family and it was so fun! Mike even got us a zoo pass so we can go whenever we want in the winter. We had so much fun! It was a very nice day which made it even better. The giraffe kept licking the pole.. what a weirdy! Haha! I liked the baby elephant and saw some baby lemurs which were super cute. I really enjoyed hanging out with the family and watching the kids have fun. Can't wait to go again!!