Family photo

Family photo




I finally got a new rug by the front door! We have had the same rug that was in the house when we moved in. It was falling apart and dirty, but we didn't have anything else to put there. tonight we were at Lowe's and I got a new rug! It doesn't match as well as I thought it would.. but I don't care! Its new! Its clean! Its foreign germ free!

The other morning I looked outside and saw some branches.. with water droplets. Here are a few photos.

Waffles does not like baths.. probably cuz they make her looks soooo tiny. If she would just stop pooping in her kennel she wouldn't need so many baths!

A while ago we had a beautiful full moon..



My. Dog. Has. POOPED. Almost. Every. Day. In. Her. Kennel. Since. We. Got. Her.


Absolutely horrible. I can understand since she is still a puppy and can't hold it for a whole work day but I absolutely hate coming home to a stinky poopy smelling house. I hope her poop schedule changes soon so we don't have to keep washing out her kennel, giving her so many baths, and I don't come home take one breath in and I want to puke. Haha.

I found a new blog site I am trying out and so far I really like it! I'll be blogging on both of them for a while and then I will decide which I like better and I will stay with Blogspot or switch over to Tumblr. My url for that one is: so feel free to check it out!

Mike and I tried a plantain today. We bought it the other day while we were at the store just to try it. Mike took one bite and spit it out. I thought it was pretty good and it was a lot like a banana. I like bananas better though.


ENT and March Madness

I went back to the ENT and he said my ears are looking really good. I made an appointment 2 months from now in May to do a check up on them. He cleaned my ears out and said there was nothing in there but a little wax and moisture. He then had me take a hearing test because he was concerned with all my ear problems I have had that I may have lost some hearing. I took a hearing test and my results came back normal! The doctor was happy about that one and said if I had any other ear problems in the future and lost some of my hearing because of that, it would be a very good chance that they could restore my hearing or something like that.

Waffles is being cute, and she is fun. She is very self content a lot of the time and will lay on the couch with us during a move and just sit quietly playing with her toys. One of my favorite things to do already is to sit on one side of the room and have Mike on the other and roll a softball between us. She goes nuts chasing it back and forth! So fun!

I have almost made it through March Madness and I can't wait till its over!! And then Mike will start counting down till next year. Ugh.



Well, we are trying the dog thing again. Hopefully this one will have a better outcome!!


Get Ready To Be Disgusted,,,

I had another ENT appointment. Surprise surprise.

My ears have been clearing up nicely, but I never get my hopes up too high with the well being of my ears. They still itch and scratch. Anyway. I went to the ENT yesterday, he said my ears are looking a lot better, but still very dry and red. Last time he told my my nose is very dry as well. I'm not sure if this is due to the winter or just being in Utah but I also know my legs are very dry a lot of the time.

He cleaned out my ears with the little vacuum thing (again) and I got dizzy and felt like throwing up (again) and the stuff in my ears plugged his little vacuum tube thing (again). Last time he took a culture of the stuff that was in my ears and he had the results to show me this time. He told me that I had a lot of bacteria in my ears (but not fungus! Thank goodness the other doctor was wrong) he told me that my ears are ideal for bacteria and things since my canals are smaller so ear wax, dead skin, and other things have a hard time exiting my ear thus making it a warm, damp, cozy place for bacteria. Do you want to know what kind of bacteria is in there? Do ya?

Get ready for the gross part.

He said there was some E-Coli in my ears. And also a lot of Staph.


I felt like asking him to lop my ears off right there.

He then showed me a list of medicines and other things that the lab people tested this stuff with so he knows exactly what things to give me to get rid of my infection/bacteria/gross stuff.

My ears are feeling better, but they still itch and have some stuff in them. Hopefully they will get all the way better soon and will be better forever.



Chocolate strawberries you are so good to eat.
You are such a yummy treat.

I just made some chocolate strawberries and they are delicious.

I went to a different ENT today. I liked this doctor better. He is nice and he explains things and I like him better than the old one. Mike was nice enough to come along for my appointment. The doctor gave me a prescription of ear drops (ugh) and cleaned out my ears. I hate getting my ears cleaned out. It makes me dizzy and makes me feel really sick to my stomach. Anyway, he seemed like he was willing to get rid of my ear problem once and for all instead of like previous docs that would give me ear drops and send me on my way saying it would cure whatever is wrong. He also took a culture or whatever to see if there is anything unusual in my ears that keeps causing this infection to come back. Even though I've been to a bunch of doctors and had the same results I'm hopeful that this will work and I won't have problem anymore.

A week or two ago I messed up Mike's hair. I was shaving the sides and we usually do a number 2 on the sides. Mike was sitting in the chair and was making me laugh with all the funny stuff he was saying. I set down the #2 guard and the shaver. I just picked up the shaver. I forgot to put the guard on. So I started shaving his head.. I made one strip and pulled the shaver away and I felt so bad! I told him I messed up and Mike just laughed and said well you have to keep going, you can't leave it like that. So for a few days he had an extreme mohawk. A few days later we cut the top down too so it didn't look too bad. Now it looks like he just has normal short hair. For a few days though, he had a pretty nice mohawk! Haha!