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Family photo



We wanted to make a cake with these cool new things Mike's aunt Elva got us! It is pretty sweet, I have no clue what it is called though. The problem was.. Mike wanted a vanilla frosting and I wanted chocolate. He is at basketball right now. Little does he know...


Ha! Joke is on you Mike! I HATE vanilla frosting!!

Have fun eating a



I might start calling you Bruce Bogtrotter now ;) Just kidding. Love you!


Bad Week.

WARNING: This could possibly turn out to be a post where I complain about almost everything, so feel free not to read it.

Bad Week. It has been a bad week. I can handle a bad day here and there but a bad week is just plain HARD to cope with. I was sick this past weekend, which wasn't fun but I am glad I got better fast so I was able to work on Monday. However.. My poor hubby got sick! I felt pretty bad for him. So I had to take care of him. Which I don't mind doing it but it gets a little hard when I have a lot of other stuff that needs to get done too! The laundry didn't get done, but I got Mike taken care of and he got better pretty quickly so that is good.

At the beginning of this week I found out I was no longer insured. My benefits at work stopped with the beginning of the year. They were supposed to roll over and just keep going into to 2010, but why would they if you are having a bad week? In the next month-ish I was planning on going to the doctors to get my ears checked out. If some of you didn't know I've had ear problems for the past few years, and they really hurt a lot sometimes and I can't hear very well out of my left ear. Well, sometime this week my ears started bleeding. Not from the inside of my ears or whatever, so that is good, but they started bleeding from the tops of the ear canal I guess is where it is. They aren't bleeding a lot or anything, just occasionally. And this couldn't happen when I had insurance. Nope. So anyway- to get the insurance fixed. I need to write an appeal, send it to NJ, then they get to review it for up to 90 days and possibly add 30-6o days to that then its not a guarantee that I'll get insurance. So I am like paranoid that I'm going to break my leg or something and it will thousands and thousands of dollars. Hopefully it works out soon. It just makes me mad because EVERYONE else in my training class did the EXACT same thing I did and they all have insurance and they are all fine. And instead of HR being like "oh for some reason yours didn't roll over, we will just fix that cuz everyone else's did and the system had a glitch" I have to write an appeal and all of this stuff.

Its been the week of tons of bad luck stuff. Just the little tiny things that would happen when its a bad week that wouldn't happen on any other week. Like you never spill your cereal ever except for just this one time or you drop toothpaste on your shirt or you burn yourself straightening your hair or your shower is cold or dumb little things like that.

Interjection. I miss my mom. She is in Costa Rica and I have not been able to talk to her all week and I miss her. I love Mike and I love when he hugs me and talks to me about things to make me feel better but there are just very occasional times I just want to talk to my mom and tell her my bad day story!!

Mike has been gone since Thursday night. Well, that is partly a lie. Thursday night he went to play basketball and he gets home after I'm asleep so I don't see him. Friday morning I saw him for like 20 minutes but we are getting ready for work. He left for a camp out right after work so I didn't really get to see him. I went up to Ogden to spend the night at my parents house with my siblings, because I don't like being all alone! So I head up there and Mike's thing was in Ogden so he stopped by to get some food and provisions, so that was nice to see him for just a little bit. I forgot Tweeg's dog food at my house, so I went to my grandparents house and commandeered some. I hope they were okay with that.. I left a nice little note that rhymed for them. Syd and Aimee and I had fun. Deb came over and we watched Fever Pitch! It was fun. But guess what. My dumb dog kept whining. And when I went downstairs he would bark. And he was in his little cage and I couldn't let him out because he was too hyper plus I did not want him running around my parents house. So I decided I better take the dog home because he would not shut up and I was just sure he would bark all night in the garage in his cage. So, I packed my dumb loud dog in the car and sadly left Ogden. I was looking forward to being with my siblings. But no. The dog wouldn't shut his mouth. I hate that dog.

Thursday was a horrible day. I talked to the same senile lady on the phone TWICE. Long day. Mike lost his wedding ring at his work. Thursday night I had an Emily moment and slammed the door and the full size mirror on the back of the door came down and shattered all over our bedroom. 7 years of bad luck. Great. Mike played basketball on Thursday night. Which I really don't mind if he does, but I kinda wanted to be with him that night and play Scattegories or watch a movie since I wouldn't be seeing him till later Saturday. But no. Why would anything work out the way I want it to in a bad luck week?!

One piece of good luck. Mike checked the lost and found at work.. someone turned his ring in.

He will never be taking that ring off his finger to wash his hands again. EVER.

Funny quotes of the week.

Me: "Well sir you can set up an account online at or you can set one up over the phone."
Sir: "I am just looking around to see what looks most attractive. I'm sure you personally look most attractive, but I'm going to shop around a little more."


(while driving in the car with Syd)
Syd: "Does it ever feel like the back of the car isn't there and its just you and the other person and the front of the car?"
Me: "No, because I look at the rear view mirror a lot."
Syd: "To make sure the back of the car is still there?"

I am thinking that this next week will be a good one. This week has been pretty sucky, so I'm sure next week will be extra good to compensate.. I hope.