Family photo

Family photo



The dog has ruined almost all my pepper plants. We put a fence up so he would not get in. He jumps over it. He tries to eat my strawberries. The two things I was most excited for, and he ruins it. I hate it. Dumb dog. I even made up a rhyme.

I do not like you Tweeg you are.
I do not like you in my car.
I do not like you here or there.
I do not like you anywhere.

I do not like you in my garden.
I will not beg your pardon.
You ruined it and you do not care.
I will not, WILL NOT share my garden.


Almost There...

Mike and I have almost reached our one year anniversary on August 21. With it drawing closer each day it is increasingly on my mind more and more. Why? Because I think and over analyze things too much.

I have come up with the pros and cons of being married for one year.

I will have been with the love of my life for 1 year, and have amazing memories and will be looking forward to more.
Everyone says the first year is the hardest, and we will have made it through the first year!
We have our routines set up for getting up in the morning, bedtime, meal time, etc.
And more, but I don't feel like typing them right now.

Being married for one year gets closer to the stage where we won't cuddle in bed anymore, when we won't hold hands in public or when we are watching a movie. It gets closer to no more pet names and just being a normal married couple I guess.

Going over the pros and cons I think there are more pros than cons.



Sadly, our vacation is coming to an end. We have had sooo much fun! Most of my pics from our trip are posted on my Facebook account, but here is a sneak peak.

Oneonta Falls

At the baseball game

Safeco Field

Mount Hood

Ponytail Falls


Deep Sea Fishing

On Tuesday we went deep sea fishing! It was Mike, Mike's brother and dad, two of Mike's friends and me. We had to be there by 6:30 to be on the boat and going at 7. We drove down the night before with Mike's friends, Adam and Sean, and stayed at Adam's dad's beach house. We met Steve and Brandon bright and early in the morning. We got on the boat and Mike and I were REALLY excited! Mike had been looking forward to deep sea fishing for WEEKS!! We took off and started our 45 minute journey to the fishing spot. On the way out of the port we saw two seals! As I sat I started to feel sick, so I just prayed I would make it till the time the boat stopped and I figured I would feel better. The boat finally stopped and we were able to stand up and fish. As soon as I stood up and looked at the water I got really sick... Blech. I was the first one on the boat to throw up. I stood there for a minute as everyone else started dropping their lines into the water. One guy on the boat came up and asked "Are you going to fish?" I gave him a dirty look like did you not just see me puke? You were right next to me dummy! Steve told him I was sick so the guy just moved on. Mike started reeling in and dropped his line again but then he got sick so I took his pole. I reeled it in and then threw up again. Both Mike and I sat down and sat down the remainder of our 5 hour trip. We both threw up and dry heaved the rest of the time. It was horrible. I don't think we will ever do deep sea fishing again. Poor Mike. I felt so bad because he was soooo excited! Oh well. Brandon got sick but he never threw up. He said his iron will held the puke in. LOL. My iron will was no match against the sea. After we got off the boat and sat around for a bit Mike and I felt better.

Later that day we went to the Tillamook Cheese Factory! It was so fun! I will have to post pictures! We saw the cheese makers and how it was packaged and stuff.. it was cool! We also got ice cream. It was DELISH! I got a strawberry cheesecake shake. Mmm mmmm!!!

Mike and I are feeling a lot better and our trip has been so much fun except for those five straight hours of dry heaving and puking. I have some pics up on my facebook already of Mount Hood and some other sights.