Family photo

Family photo



So today at church after sacrament Mike and I started heading to Gospel Doctrine class. Well , the class was FULL so we headed over to Gospel Essentials. As we walk in, I tell Mike not to sit on the front row. I hate sitting on the front row. So he chooses the back row. Which was totally fine. I was sitting right in front of the vent with my coat on, so the temperature was perfect. But then this gut wrenching, pungent, horrifying smell crept up my nostrils. I had no idea what it was. I kept looking at Mike and he looked just fine, so I thought he might've smelt it but wasn't reacting to be polite. I figured the smell would go away in a few minutes. But the minutes moved on and the smell stayed. Did a baby poop? Did someone puke and the smell remained? What was it?!?! IT WREAKED!! I had to know what it was. I had to. I leaned back a little to see if it was coming from the vent. It wasn't. I leaned over towards Mike to see if the smell was there. It wasn't. I sat back up, and gazed over my right shoulder. And sitting there reverently was a greasy old bag o' bones. With a purple blazer. Cue Seinfeld quote. "Oh, this isn’t even B.O.! This is beyond B.O.! It’s B.B.O.!" He was sitting there innocently, like he had no clue that I was about ready to wretch out my guts all over the floor and find some cotton balls to plug my nose with. HOW DID HE NOT KNOW HE SMELLED LIKE THAT? Well, I had to sit the rest of Gospel Essentials reverently, and act like nothing was going on. I kept running over what would I say to the teacher if I rushed out of the class? "Oh, its not your lesson, its the smelly man in the back." or "Sorry I'm leaving your class in such a rush, but I need to go to the ER to get my nostrils surgically removed". Luckily, I was able to control myself and sit the rest of the class. I just leaned over on Mike the whole time. If purple is the symbol of royalty. And if that man's blazer was representing his smell, then it did a royal good job. Well done, sir. Well done.



We got a puppy! And we named him Tweeg. He is a mix of: a heeler, border collie, weimaraner and lab. He is a cute puppy and very fun!



Mike and I have a lot of fun being married. We love playing games and one of the games we love playing most is Scattegories. This most recent time we played it was particularly fun. Mike is really good at getting the double letters or whatever for more points but this time he took it too far..

We were on the letter "A" and one of the things listed was "capitals". I put Annapolis, and Mike put Anchorage, Alaska. I told him he couldn't put Alaska because it just asked for the capital.. not the state! He said that it counted and he got two points. Well, we couldn't decide who was right so we called Britt.. she also loves Scattegories. So we told her of our problem and she said "Isn't the capital of Alaska, Juno?" Haha! I think we both felt pretty dumb in that moment.

After talking to Britt and Mike's friend, Adam, we concluded that IF the capital of Alaska was Anchorage, he could only count it as one point. But... in our case.. he counted it as zero because now we know the capital of Alaska is Juno.


New Job and Randoms

Guess what everyone!! I have found a new job! I will be working at Discover Card in West Valley doing Deposit Products. I get a sweet Monday- Friday day shift so I'll get to see my hubby more often :D Mike and I will be rivals now. How fun. I start the end of this month.

Mike and I have been playing Guitar Hero lately. Mike plays the guitar and I play the drums and boy do we make a great team on that game. We have also been running and eating healthy! Go us!

I am going to be 2 decades soon. 2 decades. That is kind of going over my head just a little bit.

I am just going to let everyone know that I hate hate HATE the song that says "tonight's gonna be a good night! Tonight's gonna be a good good night!" I hate it. It gets stuck in my head like it is now. And I HATE it.

There are some really stellar people that go through Lee's sometimes. I wish I could number my encounters. Like the lady that comes through and thinks its funny to be mean and raise her voice at me. She dresses less than classy, wears a bun on top of her head, always over shops or gets things she doesn't want and then gives them to me to put away and is plain rude. Or the lady that comes in 1-3 times a day and for a few weeks she came in every day when she had the SWINE FLU. She really can't get enough of that place can she? She does not like me and gives me mean looks. Excuse me for closing off the checkstands she went through as soon as she left and totally disinfecting them right top to bottom. I don't want your germs you walking germ house. Ooh or how about the guy that tells me to page someone over the intercom every time he comes in because he "likes the sound of my voice on the loudspeaker." Does he really have nothing better to do? Really?

When Mike and I were on our way to Oregon, we got little crackers and cookies or whatever on the airplane. Mike got some graham crackers in the shapes of planes. How cute. He had a mouthful and sneezed them all over the back of the seat in front of him and all over himself. Classic.

Most of the things I just typed I have been meaning to blog about for a month or two but I always forget about it when I sit down to blog.

I think that is all for now, love you all!!