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Family photo


I got an answer!

Hey all! Here's the moment you've all been waiting for! Gabe answered me back today. Whoo hoo! So I walk into first period today all happy and awake (cuz that how I always am in the morning, duh! Just kidding, you've all seen me in the morning and you know its not a pretty site) and I'm just talking to Alyssa and stuff and Mrs. Hayes sets a jar on my desk with M&M's in it. And so I start pouring them out all over my desk and I find all theses letters and I finally find the Y and the E and the S. It was pretty fun. Then I loaded them all back in there. And just so you all know, I only let one M&M drop on the ground and it was a red one and the red ones aren't even my favorite. So its a good thing. Now if it was a green one, that would've been a different story, all hell would've broken loose. Thats my story for today! Love you all!



Well, I've put basically everything on my last couple posts that has happened this week, but I'll post again. This week was pretty good, on Wednesday I asked a kid to our school dance that is coming up on the 9th. First I need to tell you the story of his birthday party. It was last Friday night I think and I was working and my financial literature teacher came in and I said hi and told her to come through my line. So she came through my line and she was buying a lot of candy bars and whenever anyone is buying a lot of candy bars I say "are ya having a candy party?" So I said that to her and she's all "yeah, its Gabe's birthday party. You should come!" And I told her I was already hanging with my friend Alyssa. And she's like, Well, he knows Alyssa too! You should both come! So I told her I'd talk to her and we'd think about it and she wanted me to call her after work so I could get directions to their house. LOL. By the way her son is a junior and he goes to BL. Anyways, so I call her after I pick up Alyssa and Gabe answers and he gives us directions to their house. So we go, and their house is GORGEOUS! Oh me heavens, and its big and the have this wall that Ali would LOVE! It was red and it had a huge huge window that had a white trim around it. It was gorgeous. She also had sea shells and sea turtle things around and flowers and it was just so pretty! So we hung out and ate cake and stuff. Well, I decided I was going to ask this kid to the dance, but I didn't know if he had been asked or not. So at school I asked Mrs. Hayes (that's my financial lit. teacher) if he had been asked and she said no, so I formulated my plan. So I made a huge ice block with my name in it. I didn't measure it, but I have my Razr with me right now so if you know how big one of those are, it was probably 1 1/2 Razrs by 1 Razr by 1 Razr. (And that is with my Razr opened). Technology at its best Ü. So I drop off the ice chunk on Wednesday night, and I had my friend Amber Houghton come with me and my mom. So me and amber sneak up there all sneaky and I'm carrying the ice block and it was freezing my hands off, and Amber was carrying the paper. The paper said something like "It Would Be Cool If You Went to The Dance With mE". (Notice the me backwards spells Em... my dad came up with that one. We are a clever bunch aren't we?) So we run up there and set it on the porch and run away. It was pretty fun. My mom and I, whenever we ask a kid to the dance we have to drive past once or twice to make sure they got it, so we drove past... once. LOL. You all know about the other things that happened, the water shut off, we had no water for 2 days, so instead of a clever bunch we were a stinky bunch, I went shopping, etc. Today (today being Sunday) Sydney, Brandon, Josh and I went up to Grandma With A Dog (Grandma Medsker) and Syd and I played Philadelphia with G&G. It was pretty fun. If you ever play it with them, grandma really enjoys when you say "Grandam was slow but she was old" when its her turn. She also like on the one that you have to get 2 runs of 4 you talk about how Syd has the runs. which she really didn't, grandma just likes it when you say it. We also ate brownies out of that wicked cool brownie pan Britt gave grandpa (I love it Britt! Everyone is getting me things for when I get married, even though its a long time away, I think you should send me one of those Ü). Well, I think that is just about it for this week. when Gabe answers me back I'll post it one here. Love you all!



Well, I didn't have school today. The main water line broke or something, so I didn't have any school today. Here's the story. My mom came down and woke up Syd and I, and of course, we stayed in bed. Well, the phone rang as soon as she left our room and she came back in and said "Em, you don't have any school today." I thought she was kidding, but she really wasn't! So it was nice to just kinda sit around today. I went to the mall, and I got a Patriots jersey, go Patriots! And then I worked today, just till 8. AND I GOT ACCEPTED TO BYU-I!!!!! That's about it, besides today was just totally amazing and basically the best. One more thing, Rascal Flatts is coming to concert, and I've decided I'm going. So if anyone is interested, its March 7th at the EnergySolutions center. Love you all!


Kamisha and me. My mom loves this picture. Probably because she took it.
Steering and navigating the ship. Its hard work!
My friends and I at The Orioles game! That Mads is such a ladies man!
"Abe Lincoln" and his wife. He let me wear his hat, but his head was too big, so my friend Amy had to hold it there.
Beautiful BEAUTIFUL blossoms


This Past Wonderful Week

Well, this week has been fun. On Thursday I had the opportunity to head to Salt Lake with My Financial Literature class. First we headed to the capitol, which originally we were supposed to head to the Federal Reserve, but that fell through. So we went to the capitol which is gorgeous. We also went to Zion's Bank, which was really cool. Now I'm sure your thinking this sounds way cool, but it gets better... we went to... THE GATEWAY! Ga! I had so much fun just shopping away. I brought 80 dollars and my mom thought I was going to spend it all.. but I didn't! I got dark blue Hollister shirt and a light orange Abercrombie and Fitch shirt. So much fun. Friday I was working my behind off at work, and my teacher came through my line. Well, her son's birthday was that day and he's a year younger than me and I told her to tell hi happy birthday for me and she told me that after work I should head to his party, and I told her was already hanging out with my friend Alyssa, and she said Alyssa could go too, so I called up Alyssa, and she said it would be cool if we went, so we did and we and a lot of fun. But my mom got a little mad cuz I was coming down with a cold, and she got mad I didn't come home to go to bed early. Now I'm wondering what kind f teenager would go home from a party to go to sleep. Well not me. On Saturday morning I went to a YW church ball game, and I didn't play but I stood on the side lines and yelled at the ickle Beehives to get their butts down the court. Which just trashed my voice so at work I sounded all gross and one of my managers asked if I had laryngitis or whatever. Today I skipped church cuz of my full blown cold, and my mom was all iffy about me using her laptop, cuz I'd be touching her keyboard. LOL. Well, I gotta get off the computer so I can go sleep some more... since I've slept all day already. Me and my bed are like best friends now. Well, you all have fun. And if you're bored on Monday, send me a text, because I'll be laying in bed. All day. Cheering that the Patriots won. Hooray. Well, I love you all.


Nothing too new

I must say I've been utterly down and depressed because that hottie Spencer hasn't called me. LOL. Just kidding. This week I've worked quite a bit so I'm hoping for a nice pay check. This week we've gotten a lot of snow and I was mad we didn't get a snow day. On Saturday I woke up to find the boys and my dad outside building snow caves. So I joined in! We had a lot of fun. I want you to all know that I got a 100 percent on my most recent math quiz. That like never happens. This week I went in to give blood and they got me all situated and hoked up and I guess my blood wasn't going fast enough so the lady kept moving the needle and it just hurt so bad. And when things hurt me I get sick. LOL. So I started to get a little sick to my stomach. But luckily she stopped and just took it out because I guess there was no reason for me to stay on if I wouldn't speed my blood up. I have to do FHE tomorrow night. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Maybe a dance off and a fun game. LOL. Dessert. And a lesson. Short and sweet though. Oh! So I saw Hairspray this week and I like that move! I want the soundtrack. LOL. I also watched High School Musical 2... dumbest movie ever. And 2nd of dumbest movies ever is High School Musical 1. I think I lost half of my brain due to watching that movie. Well, thats all. I love you all!


Embarrassing Moment

So today Teresa had her baby Cam blessed. He's such a cute little baldie. Just tiny tiny tiny. Well, it snowed a lot and it took a bit to get down there. Anyways. So we get there and we are sitting down on a bench. And I look up and see this DANG cute priest! Whoo hoo he was cute. So I Tell my dad (jokingly) I wouldn't mind meeting that kid, and getting a hold of his name. Maybe him having my digits. LOL. But you know my dad how he can never pass up an opportunity like that. So he tells Shaun and Teresa about how I think that kid is cute. Well, after the meeting I go talk to my friend who is in their ward named Jacee. So I'm talking to her and I tell her I think he's cute and she says his name is Spencer when my dad comes up and asks what his name is. So she tells him. And Spencer just happened to be in the back of the chapel so my dad says "Spencer!" And I go bright red, but luckily me back is to him. And Jacee motions for him to come over, but he doesn't thank goodness. That's not even the worst part. So, my uncle is in the hall talking to Spencer's dad after that whole embarrassing ordeal. And he tries to call me over. And I don't go over there. So my dad outs his loving arm around me and takes me right over there. He's not going to miss out on an opportunity like that. So I had to go over there and his dad knows that I think his son is hot stuff and I'm just bright red the whole time and oh my heavens I just don't know how I got through that. After we go to Teresa's house and it turns out Sydney had gotten in on it and gave Shaun my number to give to Spencer. I just love my family. Love love LOVE them. Especially when they do things like that. The End