Family photo

Family photo


So Close. But So Far.

If you ask Mike, I have a year left of school. If you ask me, I have two. It's somewhere between those two. I hope one day I'll be done. I really like my classes this semester, they are just time consuming. I'm taking Graphic Design and another Web Development class.

It's starting to get colder. Winter is around the corner. Egg nog is out (YUM!). It's getting close... I can't wait till spring. Get the winter over with.

Boston is 9 months old. I can't believe it. It's been so fun. I never knew having a kid would be THIS fun. Holy cow, I love it. Boston crawls so fast now. He giggle and laughs, and babbles. He loves looking in the mirror at himself. I have a mirror on the ground right now so he can play on it. So fun to watch. He has teeth coming in. Even though he's teething, he's so happy! He likes to blow raspberries and he likes to eat Cheerios.

Mike is handsome. And he is a hard worker. He is enjoying softball this fall. The season is coming to a close. He makes me laugh every day. Mike is my cheerleader and keeps me going.

I didn't really have a reason to blog. I just wanted to.

Oh! My sister Aimee got married the weekend before this last one. It was beautiful. I was able to take pictures. So fun. It was a beautiful ceremony. IT was kind of cold that day. And rainy. But it still turned out wonderful.

The other day I did crow pose for a few seconds. That was really exciting.

Well, I guess that's all. I have a lot of pics of Boston I need to upload, so expect an overload of pictures soon.