Family photo

Family photo


School and such

Me and that freakin' hottie named Gabe!
Our group pic! We try to be daring and on the edge wtih these things!

Hello all! I haven't posted on here for a while. So I figured I would. Last Sunday I wore my dress and hair all fancy to church. and there is this cute little autistic girl in my ward names Marissa. Well, during YW Marissa kept asking people "What happened to Emily? What happened to Emily?" So after I was done with opening exersises I went over to her and said hi to her and she said "Emily what happened to you?" and I asked her what she meant, and she said "You got transformed into beautiful!" It totally made my day, she is such a sweet girl. I have my pics back from the dance, so I will scan and post! I love my mom, she is the best! This past week has been fun, I really can't remember much except it was just all a blur of school and work. Thiw weekend, however, was a blast! I sw some of you on Sunday (Britt, baby Pryce is such a doll! Oh he's so precious!) On Monday, my family went to the mall, Fat Cats, RC Willey, and sizzler. 8 hours. wow, we had a lot of fun, but by the end we were all funned out and tired. My dad was still going strong when we hit Office Max as our last stop of the day. I was impressed. Talk about endurance. He was a trooper. Man he spoiled us. well, thats about it, love you all!


My week

So my mom and dad left Saturday. Last Saturday. So we partied. Just kidding. We just had doughnuts and chocolate milk for breakfast to celebrate. We went to Grandma's ward on Sunday and it snowed way way hard and when we tried to get in her driveway we got stuck. So Aimee and I dug it out. That was fun. Not. Then we watched the Superbowl and if any of you give me ANY crap about the Patriots all hell will really break loose. (FRED- yes, my parents read this blog) But the Giants did have a good defense. Anyways. The week went pretty smoothly. We had UBSCT testing so Aimee got to test while I slept in and went to school at 10. Now that was nice. One day while I was at school a dumb announcement went on about if you parked at this place you had to move or you'd get towed. So i went and moved my car. Well, the next day I was driving arond trying to find some place to park and there was this old guy out shoveling so I get out of my car and ask if I can park in front of his house that day cuz I couldn't find anywhere else to park. He tells me that I can and if the snow plows come through and try to take my license plate number he would say it was his car. Then he started going off... "I have kids that live right across the street from me" (he lived pretty close to the school) "and they drive to school and take a parking space, I think that's a bunch of bull****" I agreed with him. And I had to walk away just a little bit speedy so he wouldn't hear me laugh. I hope your like that when you get older grandma. Grandpa is already like that, so we don't have to wat on him :). The rest of the week was nice, we just sat around home, did what we do best... play the Wii and eat. Grandma left on Wednesday morning, so then I was in charge. It was pretty fun, but very very VERY tiring. Then Saturday came. And this is how it went. I got up at 8 and had a shower and then I ran to get the jeep washed. I came home and cleaned a bit and decided what to wear and I vacuumed the jeep. I went and picked up Gabe, came back here, picked up Alyssa and Porter, and went Laser Tagging at Toads. We split up into boys against girls... bad idea. We got our butts kicked... three times over! It was fun though. then we went to Farr's for ice cream, came back here for a little bit of HOMESTARRUNNER.COM... basically the funniest thing ever invented. Then I ran Gabe home and I ran to my hair appointment... the outcomes are below in the pics... my butt hurt so freakin' bad after... then I ran home as fast as I could and put my dress on and made Aimee help me put it on and help me get in the jeep. Have I mentioned how much I love that jeep? Well, I went and picked up Gabe but I was late... oops! He looked freakin' hot... way cute kid, his hair was AWESOME! Took pics, came here, took more pics, went to Alyssa's to meet up, went to dinner. I LOVE SUSHI! Oh geez, if heaven had a taste that would be it! Except for that mushroom I ate... GAG! It was hard to get that one down. Wowee. We went to Windi's Sukyaki for dinner, and oh dang it was good. And it was cool, we had to take off our shoes, so I shrunk... like 2 inches. Haha. The table was on top of the ground (like all tables) but it was really low to the ground and there was like a hole under the table to stick your feet in. After that we headed over to the school for pics, to Jackie's for Apples to Apples, back to the school fot the dance, back to Jackie's for a movie (Dumb and Dumber... oh geez. I love the blind kid with Petey the bird) and then I took Gabe home. Then I went home and my mom was like barely awake when I came home. My dad was out, like he would wanna see me! Sunday morning I got up and my mom and dad got me a hammock. AND ITS A FREAKIN HUGE HAMMOCK! When I grow some more I'll still fit in it! If that ever happens. Haha. Well, that was my week! I think thats about it. Any questions, comments, concerns, that type of thing, you know what to do. Hey grandma... bring some sunshine and waves home fo me! Ü Love you all!

More pics!

I look tan compared to the snow! Whoo hoo!
I'm so happy!
Look at the mountains
So the only thing wrong with this picture is Janet's hair is in the background. LOL.
The front of the jeep with some hot chick on it!


This is my hair. Whoo hoo! Two hours and ten minutes was worth it!!!
The back of the dress.
Brandon and I fighting.
Now... are we really surprised that a Medsker did this? I think not. I love my dad!
Yes, it was hard to climb up, but man was it fun posing!