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Family photo



I love spring. I love the flowers and that I can finally wear flip flops. Here is a list of things that I am going to try to remember until next year.

- Even if it LOOKS warm, you still want to take a jacket.
- If you get new sandals, don't wear them on a really long walk, or you will get blisters.
- Don't start cleaning a room unless you are positive you have enough energy to finish it.
- Don't try to pull up thistles even with gardening gloves on.
- If you pull up all the dandelions in your yard, you will feel accomplished for 2 days. Then they grow back.
- Whatever you do, after you are done drinking a smoothie, RINSE out the glass! It will smell if you don't. And if it doesn't smell, it will dry up and you have to put it in the dishwasher 2 times.
- Praise your dog even if it pees in the middle of the road, because hey, at least it's not in your house.
- Do your homework even though being outside or spring cleaning all of a sudden sounds so much more fun.
- Keep the heat on at night or your house will be at 60 degrees when you wake up.
- Just because it looks nice in the morning doesn't mean it will be nice all day.
- Take your allergy pill EVERYDAY, because your allergies will act up as soon as you leave the house.
- Take a shower after you weed the lawn or you will have hives all over your arms and legs during class and itch like mad.
- Just because September is still a few months away, doesn't mean you can't start thinking about what pics to turn into the State Fair.
- All baby animals are cute. So play with them.
-However, not all adult animals are cute or fun, so do not take them home.

I think that is about it. I hope I remember this stuff for next year!


Calling It.

I'm horrible. I know it. Tell me. I'm horrible at blogging. This one is going to LOOONG. So beware.

When was the last time I blogged? Like October? Blah.

November- I don't think anything significant happened. I turned 22 though. 11/11/11! Coolest birthday numbers ever. My birthday is 11/11.. Add those together, it is 22! I was also born at 11:49 at night.. so only for realsies 11 minutes of my birthday! So cool. Mike and I stayed up to celebrate my REAL birthday minutes. He also took me out to dinner. Such an awesome hubby.

December- Mike's birthday on 12/7. He is like a bazillion years old now. Even has some white hairs. I loved his birthday this year. I love his birthday every year. I'm especially going to love his 30th. I just loooove spoiling and surprising him and his birthday is the few occasions when I can. I got to make him 2 cakes this year. I made him a Thundercats cake, and I made him a Link cake. On Mike's birthday, we went over to Amber and Ryan's house to celebrate! We had a surprise for him.. dinner and going to the Blue Man Group Concert. (thanks Amber and Ryan! That was so fun!) Anyway, we went over there and they had pizza for the kids, and Amber said the prayer. In the prayer she said "please bless that we will have fun out on uncle Mike's birthday going out for Chinese food and for the Blue Man Group Concert". After she ended the prayer, Mike said "oh that's cool, I hope you guys have fun!" He didn't get it was for his birthday. So we told him it was for his birthday, and he was excited and surprised! It was a fun night! The concert was really cool. I would definitely see them again.
I also set up a surprise dinner for Mike with some of his friends. I snuck his friend's numbers from his phone and texted them and we all met up for dinner at Red Robin. He had no idea! I think he had a good night seeing some of his buddies again.
Christmas was great like it is every year. We woke up early, and we went over to Amber and Ryan's to watch their kids open their presents. It was really fun to watch them. Kids are so fun at Christmas time! We got a dutch oven (thanks Grandma and Grandpa!), and we also got a sweet camp stove (thanks Mom and Dad!) And my grandma got me a mini food chopper that I wanted (Thanks Grandma!). This year was special because it was the Christmas right before my grandparents left on their mission. They are in San Diego, CA. My grandma called the other day and told me how she ate an orange that was fresh off a tree. I was so jealous! She lived my dream! She said it was delicious.

January- School started back up. UGH! One day I will be done! Until then.. I will keep plugging along slowly. This semester I took some more general classes to try to get them knocked out. I took Anthropology, English, Zumba and Career Development. I've really liked my Zumba class. The others are fine. I will be done with this semester the first week of May. Let's hope it comes fast.

February- VALENTINE'S DAY!!! As you all know, Mike is my Valentine. And I couldn't ask for anyone better. He is the best. I'm so happy I'm with him for forever. He is so handsome, sexy, funny, smart, kind, loving and everything I've ever wanted and more. He gives up sports games to spend time with me or to go out, helps me with my homework,  rock climbs and hikes with me,  shovels the driveway, makes dinners, helps clean, cuddles me, and plays video card and board games with me. Best. EVER.

March- Ohhhhh March Madness how I hate thee. Actually, this year wasn't as bad as I anticipated. We went to Oregon for some of the Madness. We went to some of the games. I never knew my butt could be so sore from sitting in a stadium seat for like 10 hours. I eliminated Dave (take that Dave! :D)! We went to a lot of places, too. We went to the zoo where we played with a lion. We went to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, I think) and my hair stood on end while touching a huge metal ball. We pretended like we were in chemistry together, and wore goggles while doing science projects. We built a huge bridge and made it fall and we looked at cool Lego statues. We went to Voodoo Donuts again, and they were yummy! We went to Mt St Helens and took some pictures there. I almost got car sick. So did Mike. The front driver side window got stuck down, and Mike was sitting right behind the driver seat. He was cold! Poor Mikey. We made it back okay though. We went on some hikes, and saw tons of waterfalls! We also got to go to the Oregon Temple! It was gorgeous.We'll definitely go back to that one next time we are out.
At the end of March Mike started a job at Discover. I get to have lunch with him sometimes and I love it. He is doing credit card servicing right now, but hopefully he can move to something else soon. I appreciate him doing a job he doesn't enjoy.

April-I recently applied for a different position at my work, and I got it! I'm really excited and a little nervous for the change. I'll be doing Policy and Procedures for the bank. Hopefully it will be a nice raise ;). I'm really excited, and I start May 1. I've been totally bogged down with work, homework and other things so I'm excited for the semester to end. I'll be going to school this summer too, so I can get done faster. I should have my generals done in the fall semester. I hope I finish one day.
I had another bad outer ear infection this month too. It's gone now, but it definitely wasn't pleasant. I keep hoping my ears will magically get better and never bug me again, but so far it hasn't happened yet. Sigh.. maybe one day.
We went up to my parents for Easter. It was really fun. I got some Easter Lilies from my dad (thanks Dad!) and we both got some candy! WE had a delicious dinner, and we had a nerf sword fight in the backyard.

My Random thoughts:
- The other day Mike told me we will be married for 3 years in August. I can't believe it! Time flies so fast!!
- My flowers are out now. I love flowers. I have tulips and daffodils. I can't wait for my strawberries to start coming up too. We have a lot of yard work to do this year. Hopefully we can get it done.
- I love wearing flip flops.
- The other day I had my running test in Zumba to see if we've improved. I improved my 1.5 mile time by 3 minutes and 3 seconds! Even though my new times isn't super great, I am still ecstatic I cut that much off my 1.5 mile. I've been trying to run and walk and eat more healthy, so it's nice to know that it is paying off.
- We got another dog. She is a 6 week old Labradoodle puppy and she is super cute. She's black and we named her Banshee. Perfect name for her cuz she howls and cries just like one.We weren't planning on getting another dog till later this year or even next year, but she was a really low price, and was adorable. Waffles loves her. They get along great. She is on a trial right now though, because she isn't hypoallergenic. So far my allergies have been pretty good.

That's all I can think of. Love you all!