Family photo

Family photo


My Sweet, Endearing Husband

Here is a conversation Mike and I just had. I thought I was going to die laughing.. when he said what he did.

Me: What, you don't want to kiss me right now? (As I leaned in for another kiss). You used to kiss me a lot more when I was your girlfriend.
Mike: Well, we are married now.
Me: But that doesn't mean you can't kiss me! You used to say a lot more sweet things to me when we were dating too.
Mike: (laughing) I know I did.
Me: Well, I wish you would say more sweet things to me now even though we are married. It would be nice, I really liked it.
(I lean in for a hug)
Mike: Mmmm, you smell like pancakes.
Me: Pancakes? I do not.
Mike: I was saying something sweet. You miss when I would say sweet stuff to you, I was making a sweet comment.


Indian Man

I was recently on the phone with a man with an accent.. not trying to be racist here, but he had an Indian accent. You know, the people with the names with 36 letters and it consists of 2 vowels and the rest consonants and when they say thank you it sounds like "dank yoou" Anyway.. he gave me a really good quote.. imagine it in the accent, it makes it better.

Man: "And could I put a POD on the account, or payable on death, just in case me and my wife got dead?"

Yep. Got dead.


Shopping Carts, System Crashes, Paint and the Dog

Dear Readers,

It has been a busy couple of weeks. The outline of the blog goes as follows. A- Shopping Carts. B- System Crashes. C- Paint and the Dog.

We will start off with A- Shopping Carts. Mike and I go to the store weekly. Sometimes bi-weekly. We can't stock our fridge with enough milk to last us for more than a week. We need a bigger fridge. Anyway- so we go to the store and I hate toughing the cart. There are so many germs in the store! Mike always gets the cart and pushes it. So I am standing in the store and waiting for Mike to get the cart. Mike comes in the store with the cart and its one of the smaller ones that is normal height but has the basket on top and on bottom. He tells me to sit in it and I tell him no. Then he says something like "oh Em why won't you do it" or something like that so I sit in the cart and he starts running with me in it. Like a full sprint down the cereal aisle. He let go of the cart at one point but grabbed back on, and he screeched to a halt when we came out of the end of the aisle. There was a few people and they were looking at us weird. Oh well. I was pretty embarrassed.

B- I crashed a system at work. The whole West Vally City location could not use that system. And still cannot. I broke it like just over a week ago.

C- Our house is almost all the way painted! Thank you Steve Lowder for helping us with all the home projects!! If anyone wants to come visit and see, you are more than welcome to come take a look-sie!

Well, I am getting tired and ready for bed, so I will blog on a later date!
Farewell Readers!