Family photo

Family photo


What I've Learned About Being a First Time Mom

Let me preface by saying there are still a million and one things I need to learn about being a mom. But here are a few of the things I've picked up on so far.

  1. You may think you have enough clothes, burp cloths, blankets, etc. But you don't. ESPECIALLY BURP CLOTHS. You NEVER have enough of those things.
  2. People tell you before you have the baby that they go through a lot of diapers. Take your imagined amount of "a lot of diapers" and times it by like 3. 
  3. Before you have the baby you might think "I won't be one of those people that take a million and one pictures of my baby and post them all over social media." But you will be. 
  4. At one moment you might be crying because your baby won't stop crying and then the next moment they burp, stop crying, and look at you with those perfect eyes, and then you stop crying and you feel like your heart is going to melt like a crayon in an oven.
  5. The same thing happens at 4 AM when you are absolutely exhausted and just want to sleep but you are up feeding you baby.
  6. You thought you loved your husband before. You thought you loved him a whole LOT. Buuut you will love him a million times more once you have that little baby and he's your husband and your baby's daddy.
  7. Poop and pee and puke gross you out before you have a baby. After, it doesn't even phase you. Because there is SO much of it.
  8. Newborns are the loudest sleepers EVER. You think your baby is awake and needs his binky, so you get up, turn the light on, and nope. Sound asleep. 
  9. You may not get the luxury of showering every day. For reals. 
  10. You may or may not overload your friends, family, and anyone else with pictures and details about your baby. 
  11. When you write blog posts you get really excited because then you can add a bunch of pictures of your adorable cute baby, which is the cutest baby in the whole world.


Birth Announcement

So, I haven't gotten these in the mail yet, but I love it so much I need to put it up! I love how it turned out. Introducing Boston Michael. If anyone specifically wants one in the mail, let me know!

Birth Story Photos

So here are Boston's birth story photos. I am so pleased with how they turned out. I absolutely love them!

I'll definitely keep Suzie's number so I can call her for future children's birth stories and family pictures, etc. Seriously! If you want to check out her other work (which is just as fantastic) look her up on FB at Suzie Bishop Photography. I love her photos, she does great. And I can't say enough good things about these photos she did of Boston's birth. Even with having a C-section she did a wonderful job capturing everything and I'm so glad we had a photographer there so we can treasure these moments for a lifetime.

Some of them look like they uploaded in a little different color instead of the black and white. Hopefully that's corrected when I post this. Anyway, here they are! Cute little Boston!