Family photo

Family photo


6 days!

Mike and I are getting married in 6 DAYS!!

Yesterday was a very very busy day. We got our marriage license first thing, which was nice because I have really been stressing out about that. Mike kept saying "Oh we got the bee out of Em's bonnet" blah blah blah. After that Fred and Janet met us at Ryan and Amber's house and we moved a lot of Mike's bigger things like his bed, TV's, computer, furniture, etc over to our house. My mom drove down the suburban with the boys and Syd with the remainder of my stuff that I couldn't fit into my car. It was just a big moving day! Boxes and boxes and boxes!

We finally got done moving everything in and not a moment too soon because I WAS STARVING! The Medsker grumpiness from lack of food had been on full force for a few hours. Mike and I went out to eat and everyone else left. After we ate we went and got a washer and a lamp and a dryer. And light bulbs. We went to eat at Chile's and then headed back to the house to start unpacking and organizing.

Our house has hardwood floors, but the carpet is over them. I guess Mike and his dad pulled up the carpet in our bedroom and the floor is beautiful! Together Mike and I have a lot of stuff! A LOT! We wrapped up organizing and unpacking and called it a night. On Monday I am going down to wait for the dryer to arrive and I am going to wipe down all the kitchen cupboards and organize the kitchen. That should be fun!

I think that is about it. Love you all!

Thank you Fred, Janet, Mom, Nate, Brandon, Josh, And Sydder for helping us move all our stuff! We definitely couldn't have gotten it done without you!!



First of all, I would like to let you all know I am starving for Spongebob macaroni and cheese. I don't know why, but I love that stuff so much.

Anyway- I had my bridals taken yesterday!! It was so fun!! Not to mention SO HOT! But mostly so fun! My mom and I went and looked at them today and now they are up for viewing on the internet. If you want to look at them go to and hit bride log in on the right side of the page. Then type "Emily Medsker" in the white box. When you are directed to the next page click view bridals.. and there they are! Let me know what you think and your favorites because I am torn between which ones to print out. At the bottom of the pictures there is sometimes a number (proabbly 1,2,3) and that is the rating. The higher rated ones are the ones we are thinking about which ones to print off. I love my pics, they were so fun to pose for! I love getting my picture taken when I'm all dolled up and everything. So fun!!

Love you all! 2 weeks 2 days till I'm married :) :) :)