Family photo

Family photo


Two Blog Posts In One Day!

Rachel and me at the game! GO COUGARS!!! We were two cold cougars..
The haka.
This is the most creepy guy I have ever seen ever. The one on the left. Painted like the Joker. BYU style. Weird. And scary. He didn't even pose for this pic, he didn't know I was taking it. He really just looked that scary.
My red streak. you can see it when my hair is up, but when my hair is down you can't.
Thanks for the Junior Mints Ali and Grandma!! Love ya!

Today I am doing two blog posts. Because I got tagged on Koriann's blog, so I had to do the tag. And because I have pics. So this past week.. it has been COLD! The only good thing about that is I got to wear my "old lady coat" (ask my dad about that, I still haven't forgiven him fully. It was very hurtful.. haha). ITS SO COLD! The only thing I like about the cold is I got to complain to my dad every day last year about how cold it was and that we should move somewhere warm. So. This week besides cold.. has been good! I went to a soccer game on Thursday with a guy named Jared. Funny story. Remember Handsy Harvey from a couple posts ago? Well, Jared is his friend who sits by him in Music 101. So we are walking out of class and Jared says "hey, do either of you want to go to the soccer game tomorrow night?" HH (Handsy Harvey) says "No, I don't think I'm up for it" and I ask what time and he tells me 7, so in front of HH (the kid that I have told no, I'm busy to more than 13 times now) I say, "yeah I'm up for that, that would be fun!" I feel kinda bad, cuz I go out with his friend the first time he asks me, and then HH.. well I am just so busy. How much can this guy take? I don't lead him on at all, and he STILL keeps asking me out.. I don't know what to do, and I feel like a jerk.. Anyways. So I went to the soccer game and it was really fun. We left with 10 minutes left in the game.. it was SO SO SO COLD. SOOOO COLD! On Saturday my friend Rachel and I went to the Homecoming Football Game! I wore.. 2 pairs of socks, 2 pants, 4 shirts (ranging from long sleeve to tank top), a hoodie, and a beanie. you think I would be warm. By the end of 4th I was freezing. I love how all my stories now include me being cold. Anyways, good game. We had so much fun cheering for the Cougars! In the cold. We didn't totally kill the other team, but we beat them. Yesterday I got a calling.. I'm Relief Society Birthday Coordinator Co Chair... I have no idea what I do. Keep track of birthdays I guess. Ooh, on Saturday night I put a red streak in my hair. And I love it.

31 Questions

Here are the rules:
I have to answer the following questions with one word answers and one word only!
Then I must pass it on to seven others.
Here are the questions:

1. Where is your cell phone? HERE
2. Where is your significant other? NONE
3. Your hair color? BROWN
4. Your mother? SWEET
5. Your father? HILARIOUS
6. Your favorite thing? FAMILY
7. Your dream last night? TRIPPY
8. Your dream/goal? FAMILY
9. The room you're in? HUGE
10. Your hobby? GUITAR
11. Your fear? SPIDERS
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? WARM
13. Where were you last night? COUCH
14. What you're not? AWAKE
15. One of your wish-list items? EGGNOG
16. Where you grew up? OGDEN
17. The last thing you did? TXT
18. What are you wearing? BEANIE
19. Your TV? SMALL
20. Your pet? MARZIPAN
21. Your computer? SPIFFY
22. Your mood? SICKY
23. Missing someone? FAMILY
24. Your car? SHARED
25. Something you're not wearing? GLOVES
26. Favorite store? ABERCROMBIE
T27. Your summer? WONDERFUL
28. Love someone? FAMILY
29. Your favorite color? PINK
30. When is the last time you laughed? YESTERDAY
31. Last time you cried? WEDNESDAY

1- Ali
2- Britt
3- Samantha Wayment
4- Mary Oveson
5- Aimee Medsker
6- Sydney Medsker
7- Julia Medsker


The Blue Foam

This is the before picture.. (From left to right: Renee, Lauren, me)
And after the True Blue Slip n' Slide!! (From left to right: me, Lauren, Renee)
Taking pics in the bathroom. Notice Lauren's shirt color. It was white before we got in the foam.
Close up.. and a cute face. I tried to do what Nate does, but I can't do it as well.
I have a blue foot and a blue leg!! And.. the blue didn't come off all the way when I showered..

SO! Here is the story to the above posted pics! ITS HOMECOMING WEEK! So today they had True Blue Football, and its where you play football in what else, but blue foam! There was also a slip n' slide. And volleyball in foam. And a huge place on the grass to play in foam. And hula hooping in foam I think. And jello eating in foam.. okay not in the foam. Just jello eating. So we played in the foam. And went down the slip n' slide. And there was SO much foam on it. So when you are going down, it shoots up all over you, and gets ALL over, and then you can't see anything at all. SO FUN. I recommend it. Questions, comments, queries you know what to do! Love you all!



Hayley and me! With switched shirts! What were we thinking?! I can;t believe I put that shirt on :p But we both look good in blue!!
Trapped! We have so much fun together. Definitely best buds.
This is one of my favorite pics, I love it so! It akes me laugh evertime I see it. Its a classic.
Me with my game face on!
The team doing the haka!!


This Past Week.. It might be long..

Lets see.. where to start. Well, we will skip right to Wednesday. When I came home to Ogden! Everyone outside my family asked if it was a break for school or something.. which it wasn't, I just came home :) so we had fun on Wednesday doing usual Medsker things. Thursday I ran into Lee's and said hi to some old friends there and picked the kids up from school. That evening after dinner (BLT's.. I forgot how amazing those are. I really miss my mom's cooking! My PB and honey sandwiches just don't compare.) I headed up to Logan. That game was Friday night, but a lot of my friends went up to USU, so I needed some time to hang out with them. When I got there I hung out with my friend Danny, and we were hungry so we made some Fettuccine Alfredo around 10:30... :D and it was really good. AND!! I saw HALEY DEARDEN! If any of you remember her, she was the red-head. My favorite red-head ever in fact. She is basically my best bud ever. After I hung out with her I went over to my friend Amy's place and that is where I was going to stay the night. Needless to say we stayed up late discussing our lives and laughing till pretty late. When I woke up she was already gone to class but then she walked in like 5 minutes after I woke up. Friday was really fun. I hung out with a lot of my friends and just had a total BLAST! And then.. my favorite part.. THE FOOTBALL GAME!! So. I head to the football game with Danny. And some of my other friends were supposed to come but they didn't. But that's okay. We went to the game and we were like front row by the end zone, and standing right against the railing and I was yelling really loud for BYU.. GO COUGARS! I got my face painted blue.. I looked pretty hard core. It was my game face. Anyways- the event staff made us sit down, and that was lame. but we still had fun. At least I did. I convinced Danny to cheer for BYU (haha.. and he goes to USU remember!) there was some dumb guy from USU that was really getting on my nerves and stuff, but he finally left the general area. He almost started a fight with some kids that were in front of me.. but luckily a fight didn't break out. After the game I drove home. And I lost my voice. I sounded like a gross old smoker woman (no offense meant if any of you are old smoker women ;P). Saturday I woke up much too early for comfort and got ready for General Conference! We were going to the second Saturday session and we were going to take the FrontRunner (to help the environment I suspect.. or maybe just to have fun) So its raining pretty hard and we start getting on the FrontRunner and we had my mom, my dad, me, Syd, Nate, Bran, Syd's friend Kelsey, and Jennifer Houghton (a cute girl in our ward about Nate's age I think). So we are getting on the FrontRunner and Brandon starts getting on and the door almost shuts on him. It scares him so bad that he drops his water bottle and it rolls off the platform under the train. We open the door again and he tells my mom he dropped it so she looks and sees it and she has a long umbrella so she is going to try to get the water bottle with the umbrella.. I tell her not to worry, I have an extra and so she starts getting on.. and she almost got shut in the door too!! It was closing on her. I think they need motion sensors on those doors so they don't squeeze the living daylights out of people. Anyways. We head to SLC and jump on the trax and then stop to get a bite to eat and then to the conference center. Every time I go I am always amazed at the huge numbers of people! And I LOVE it when the prophet comes in and everyone stands up and is so quiet! the Spirit always hits me really hard and just confirms my testimony of the prophet, I love it! Conference was really good! I admit I did start to doze just a little, but luckily I had Syd sitting next to me. She is pretty good at nudging and lifting her shoulder really fast so my head bounces off and it scares me awake. After conference we left and it was raining just as hard. The whole umbrellas and big groups of people are hard, because everyone has an umbrella and its knocking everyone else's umbrella out of their hands. So you need a pretty firm death grip. We were heading to the trax stop and my dad starts running. So we start running. all eight of us. With umbrellas. Running. Luckily we caught the trax. Then back to the FrontRunner and then home!!It has been a pretty fun-filled week, and I will post my pics of it as soon as I go back down to Provo and get my cord to hook my camera up to my laptop! Love you all!