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Our Life in West Valley

Hello all! Look at me the blogging slacker finally BLOGGING! I started my new job on November 30th. I'm learning a lot and I was on the phone all day today. It wasn't too bad, but I am hoping this is my foot in the door to a better position eventually. That probably won't happen for a while. Tweeg is growing bigger everyday. He is doing really good with going potty outside and he is great at sitting, laying down and coming when we call him. If we take him out he stays right by us. He is doing pretty good, but he still makes me itch and gives me hives and bugs me. Oh well. Mike and I have been VERY productive these past few weeks! We are proud owners of gym memberships now and we go work out almost everyday. Mike looks great! We have our dishwasher in and it is SO NICE! What a luxury. My dad came down and helped us install it last Saturday. Well, guess what. It worked a little. But little did we know that there was not enough power to power the dishwasher. We were SO close to having a working dishwasher, clean dishes, and a sink that wasn't overflowing.. so close! On Wednesday my dad came down with Bill Ross and Sparky Bear helped us with the electrical problem. We appreciated that a lot! Thanks Bill and Dad! Now we have a dishwasher that runs wonderfully, clean dishes and a sink that we can see the bottom of. Mike and I also painted our ugly ugly white fireplace. We painted it green! It looks fantastic! Oh I LOVE it! We are also slowly accomplishing our thank you notes. And I know what you are all thinking.. "you aren't done with those yet? Didn't you get married back in August?" Why yes, we did get married back in August. And I must say, those buggers are definitely hard to accomplish and I can't believe we procrastinated so much and I feel embarrassed sending them out so late. But.. better late than never!! Just so you all know, I have not seen the purple jacket stinky man since that one horrifying Sunday. Mike is still enjoying his calling, they are making snow shoes! He was pretty happy to come home and show me those things. It looks fun. He really has fun with the scouts. At least he seems like he does. I have some more random facts for you all, just because I don't think the last ones were enough.

I am always very disappointed when I eat cereal in the morning and I don't have any milk left after I finish the cereal even though when I drink the milk it makes me super cold. And you are probably are wondering can you not pour more milk into the bowl?" No I can't. Because the milk at the end of the cereal is sweetened by all the sugary cereal. If I pour normal milk in, then its just normal milk. Not cereal soaked sugary milk.

Just in case you all didn't know... I absolutely hate the snow. If the snow was a person I would throw up on its lap on purpose and not feel bad about it. I hate the snow.

When I am driving on the freeway and someone is ticking me off because they are going too slow in the fast lane, or going the exact same speed as the other cars something like that, which irritates me immensely, whenever I finally pass that person I mentally flip them off. That is probably really bad, but come on people, be considerate on the road.

I had the scare of my life today and slid into a curb when I was going maybe 15 MPH. I tapped my brakes and I started sliding. It was so scary. Wake me when the winter is over.

I am a jeans person, and that is the item I LOVE to buy. I LOVE to buy jeans. LOVE it. I love buying Bullhead jean the most. They fit me so good.. and I look SO good. I wish I could have a closet full of jeans. And guess what. I would have the same pair of jeans like 2 or 3 times for every different color and/or style of jeans I had. And I hang my jeans up on hangers in the closet. I love jeans.

I don't really care a lot for Christmas music, but there are a select few that I don't think I could ever get sick of. Like Blue Christmas by Elvis. Or the Grinch song. Ya know.. "I wouldn't touch you with a 39 1/2 foot pole!!"

I love counting things. Not multiplying or doing math.. just counting. I love counting train cars. I love keeping tally of how many times a lady laughed unnecessarily and annoyingly in my training class. I love keeping tally of how many times my recent trainer said the word "literally". Just so you know in a 8 1/2 hour day excluding breaks he said it 50 times. I love counting how many tiles are on a ceiling, but I hate counting the dots on the tiles. I just love counting random things.

The Princess Bride is a classic, and it is my all time favorite. I LOVE IT. I used to watch it every night while I was going to sleep until Mike told me I had to stop. Anytime I hear someone quote The Princess Bride they are magically more intelligent and more witty in my eyes. I love that movie.

Well, I think that is all my random facts for now.. tune in next time, cuz there might be n