Family photo

Family photo


Church Basketball

Tonight I went and watched Mike play church basketball. I really enjoy watching him play sports. I hope he does softball this summer so I can watch him play that too. Anyway, tonight was church basketball.

Here is my beef. I probably can't say any of this cuz I'm not a mom and don't know how hard it is to take care of your kids but I'm saying it anyway.

If your going to take your kids to church ball to watch their dad.. make them behave. PAY ATTENTION TO THEM. Just because your girl friends are there does not mean its fine for you to ignore your children, let them swing on curtains, run and SCREAM at the top of their lungs, torture other children OR turn the lights off.

Maybe I was a little on edge because I was really hungry. That is probably it. But I was ready to turn around and give the moms a piece of my mind as they sit there and chat while their kids are driving every little piece of sanity out of me. I wish I could've turned around and said "take care of your children, or I will. Then I would've grabbed those noisy little kids by their arms and said "if that light goes off one more time.. your getting smacked. And you have to go sit out in the cold. PS don't yell." That probably would've been frowned upon.

Is it really that hard to look at your children and make sure they aren't swinging on the curtains and wen they start screaming to tell them to stop or smack their hand when they turn the light off? Oooohh I was going mad.

Another thing. Germs. I hate germs. Mike has to push the shopping cart because of the germs. I have to use a paper towel to open the bathroom door. I use hand sanitizer multiple times a day. I was sicked out when Mike stuffed his hoody and warm up pants under a chair in the the gym. Gross. You know whats worse? After the game he took off his shoes and walked around on the GROSS gym floor in his socks to give the other players high five. At least he didn't have bare feet.

Ending points:
Make your children behave.
Germs are disgusting.



Last night we went out to eat at Applebee's for date night! The food was yummy, the waiter was very nice. However, the manager is supposed to come and ask how your meal and waiter is doing etc... but she didn't. But thats okay, cuz we got a free $10 gift certificate because she didn't! WAHOO!! We get the 2 for $20 deal when we go there and that means that next time we'll get 2 for $10. Awesome!


The Things of 2010

This idea came from my friend Linsday.. she listed things she had done in 2010. I figured I could do a nice 2010 sum up blog as well.

The Things of 2010

-Mike and I took a trip to Portland and to Seattle. We went to 2 Mariners games, the Oregon Zoo, went on a few hikes to see beautiful waterfalls, deep sea fishing (which we will never do again after throwing up for 5 hours), saw awesome fireworks and played countless card games.

-I made Mike a t-shirt blanket! My grandma helped me and I took a bunch of his t-shirts and some from when he was littler and I sewed them all together and everything! It is an awesome t-shirt quilt, and very warm.

- Mike got a new job at Amex. He was very excited and he has done a lot for his current group. He is very smart and talented, so I am sure next time he wants to promote or move it will be easy for him to find something and get the job.

-Halloween we dressed up as rockstars.. and we rocked!! I gave Mike a mohawk and he has been sporting it ever since then. I absolutely love him with a mohawk.

-In March we went to a bunch of March Madness games and filled out brackets. Mike's family came in from Oregon and it was fun to have them here.

-We celebrated our first anniversary! We went to Christopher's which was delicious and we also did sealings at the Bountiful temple. It was a very good anniversary. I got Mike a Nixon watch and I had it engraved on the back and Mike gave me a beautiful glass rectangular block that is engraved. Its beautiful.

-Mike got a BBQ grill for Christmas!! It was a total surprise and I can't believe I kept it a secret that long! He makes us delicious steak and chicken. I don't even need A1 with the steaks! Mmm..

-We lost two great pets in December. It was the saddest day we have had together but taught us a lot about being there for each other and what is important in life. We miss you Tweegy and Evolv!

-We had Thanksgiving at my parents and went Black Friday shopping with them. We had a lot of fun and got some really good deals!

-Around the beginning of the year Mike got a letter in the mail from the place that had his student loan. He had a bit of student loans left, but the letter said that since he had such good payment history they would take the debt away! That was awesome!!

-We finished painting our house. I hate painting and so does Mike. That was a struggle to get done! Haha!

-Mike got a bulged disc in his back. He is feeling better and it never bothers him. Thank goodness!

-We sold Mike's old car "The Little Honda that Could". Wahoo!

-We found one of the funniest shows ever.. The Big Bang Theory.

-We logged tons of hours playing video games, watching movies, TV shows, sports, and playing board games, card games and wouldn't trade anything for it!

That is about all I can think of for 2010, I can't wait to see what 2011 brings when I have my best friend by my side everyday!


The Hymn Book

Last Sunday Mike and I witnessed possibly the most awesome, hilarious and shocking moments ever. After sacrament meeting we headed to Sunday School and sat in our usual seats. This lady came in and she is pretty big. She makes really weird comments. If any of you remember my previous blog post about the lady in our ward that told our Sunday School class her secret place to pray is "on the john", its the same lady. Soooo she walks in and sees one of her friends and goes to sit down by her friend. She sat down on a chair.. but the chair was already occupied by a hymn book. BUT SHE DIDN'T NOTICE!! She sat down ON the hymn book and had NO idea it was there. She sat there the whole hour class and had no idea it was under her. After Sunday School Mike left and I stayed for Relief Society. After Relief Society I waited until she finally got up and I looked...
the hymn book was still there. But it wasn't looking like a normal hymn book anymore. It was compressed down to like half a hymn book from sitting under her weight.

Another funny story...
A few weeks ago Mike and I went to Cafe Rio. When it was my turn the kid asked what kind of burrito I wanted and I told him. He then asked "black or pinto beans?" I said "both". He looked at me confused and said "Boff?" (Like both but with an F sound at the end) and held up the scoop of black beans. I said "No. Both" and he said "ooohhh. Boff." And gave me pinto beans. Really?!