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Family photo


Happy Valley!

Well, I am now officially living in Provo!! Whoo hoo! Happy Valley! Anyways, I moved down Tuesday night. My parents drove with me and we unpacked all of my stuff and everything. My mom kept snapping pics of me looking around and unpacking, so those pics are probably on her blog if you want to check them out. When my parents left I was all alone.. none of my roomies would be coming until Wednesday. So.. I turned on my music because it was just so dang quiet! I’m so used to the noise of my siblings and it was just way too quiet. I ended up making my first meal my mom was all ecstatic about this and kept emphasizing my first meal on my own. Geez.)The Spaghetti-o’s were delicious. Then I put on Mr. Bean’s Holiday and watched it and just chilled out. I finally went to bed but it took a while because I WAS ALL ALONE. I woke up and had my first breakfast. Cereal. Whoo hoo. My roomies finally arrived! Finally! Megan came first and she is from Draper and she had her mom and dad and grandma. Then came Lauren and she is from Grand Junction. And then came Hope!! She lived in West Jordan. She lives in my room with me and she is pretty cool! She plays the acoustic guitar too. We all should be having some fun times. Wednesday night there was a BBQ and that was fun. The food was good and the company, enjoyable. There was a movie on a field but we headed back home to watch Enchanted! You gotta love chick flicks and snacks! Today Hope and I went to campus and got lost.. oh boy. That was fun. But we made it back to home! Well, that’s about it for now! Love you all!


Just so you all know..

This blog is in response to the many comments received about me and men and the Y. Yes, I'm moving down to the Y.. but no I am not going to get married. I think I will be staying single for quite some time. Just thought you all might want to know. I hope I didn't get your hopes up for an announcement in the mail. The end. :)


Another Post

Well, here we are again. Telling weekly stories. I think I will start with my horror of the week of getting my wisdom teeth out. So I get up and have my dad give me a blessing before I went in with me mom. My mom and I headed in and I got all hooked up to multiple machines.. I never knew they needed so many machines to pop a couple teeth out! I had a couple things hooked up to make sure I didn't flat line and die and another to check my breathing and then oxygen through the nose and then an IV. With all the electrical lines and everything I started to get a bit scared and stressed because the doctor (Michael Broadbent) started putting stuff in the IV and I think it was a good thing because all of a sudden I was waking up and I wasn't stressed anymore. I was scared. DEAD SCARED! I wasn't in the same room I started in and some lady was watching me. So.. I started to hyperventilate.. And the lady told me to breathe slower, but I couldn't! I don't even know why I was scared, I was having all these weird emotions, like I started crying and I was shaking all over. It was pretty bad. Anyways. I think the lady got worried because she started asking me all these weird questions, like to move my right and left hands and then feet. And then she was asking me what I like to do and who the president is (which when I came to the realization it was still Bush I was pretty bummed HAHA!) and what year it was. It took me a while to answer all the questions. But I finally calmed down and my mom came in. Afterwards we went to my dads work to say hi and then home for sleep. I think that the scariest part was waking up hands down. But the best part was the blessing my dad gave me before. I was asked to speak on Sunday and I was pretty worried about that with my teeth getting cut out and all. My dad gave me a blessing and he said that I would heal quickly, and that was said a couple times and he also said that I would be able to speak on Sunday. Which I did today! I haven't had hardly any pain at all the whole time. I have just been a bit tired and thats all. Today I got to be in the nursery one last time and I loved every minute of it! Those kids are just so so cute! I'm going to miss being in there. So lately I've been trying to pack a couple things here and there to make my mom happy because she is stressing out. And its finally hit me that I'm moving on Tuesday night. I'm not sure whether I am happy or sad. I think its a mix of both. I don't think I have any more stories. Except for my new favorite line from Finding Nemo.. I heard this line when I woke up and couldn't sleep because it was too quiet (weird I know) so I put on Finding Nemo and fell asleep to it and somewhere in the movie I was only half asleep and Dori says "Give it up old man, I was built for speed. " And I thought it was pretty funny. Not funny enough to wake up and laugh. But my brain laughed. Questions, comments, queries, quizzical somethings of any kind you know what to do with them! Love you all!


Don't Read If You Are Planning To Read The Twighlight Series!!

I just finished Eclipse.. this holds info about that book :)

Okay, so I just finished Eclipse and I just need a little venting time. Aimee told me she would give the ending away if I kept going off. Anyways. So I admit.. I'm furious that she picked Edward over Jacob. ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS! Yeah yeah she needs Edward or whatever but I think Jacob is better for her. I like his personality so much better. And he's half human so that's gotta be good for something. And just contrasting werewolf and vampire.. I'd hands down pick werewolf. Hands down. Plus how Jacob is somehow always warm sounds pretty nice. I'm not a person for cold and hard people. I wish she picked Jacob. I still have one book to read and I hope she gets with Jacob. Well, that's all for now.


The Past Little While..

I haven't blogged for a while, so I figured it was that time again. I finished up my class. The last day of class, before it started I headed up o the University to check out the art they had there.. THEY HAD MONET! I really like his stuff, but they didn't have any Rembrandt, and he's my favorite. They also had some Picasso. It was really neat and there was a lot of really gorgeous pieces. Most of them were done in oils on canvas. How the crap do things like that last this long? I went to class and took my final.. I had it done pretty quick, but I went over it three times before I turned it in and I was still the first one done. SO either I knew the material pretty well, or I just thought I knew the answers and I didn't. I'm hoping for the first option listed. After I went to the Gateway then to temple square and around the visitors center and then to the Conference Center for a tour. Wow, its really pretty there! And then I went and listened to the choir and they sounded so good even in practice! Eventually I made it home. Nothing really else happened this week. Except for Saturday I was dumb enough to work a 12 and 1/2 hour shift.. I hurt so bad today. Wow, my back was trashed. Today I got to help in the nursery again. Those kids are just so so so cute! There is this little shy boy named Luke and he is such a cutie! He would kick a ball around till I said "Wow Luke, yo kick the ball really good!" And then he'd smile and look at me and then keep kicking it around. At the end of class he brought my shoes over to me so I could put them on. It was cute. A girl names Shaylea was running around in my shoes earlier and she came up to me and said, "look how good your shoes fit me!" and Rylin gave me a dandelion. And lets see.. Kambria liked to hold my hand when we were walking around outside and Preston was running around singing the Star Wars theme song. I asked him if it was Star Wars and he said "Yeah! I have that show and it is so good!" and Conner has the best dinosaur impression to scare the girls. They are all so cute and have so much energy! We got the balls out to play with and wow, they were all running around as fast as their little legs could carry them. Anyways. I like the nursery. The boys are really into the Olympics so that's what has been on all day long. We're having fun with it though. Well, love you all!


Happy Tagging!

Thanks Sister LaRose!!

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- I can't stand it when Syd leaves her hair in the bathtub drain or in her brush. Or squeezes the toothpaste from the middle of the tube. Even though she has a different hairbrush than I do, I still can't stand it to see all her hair wadded up in it. GROSS!

- I don't like a couple foods some people can't live without.. like.. Potato chips. Root Beer. Licorice. Carrots. Almond Joys. Oatmeal.

- When I talk I say potato with a "B" on accident so it sounds like botato. And my mom makes fun of me.

- I have to check the shower every single time I go into the bathroom and shut the door. To make sure someone isn't in there, like Sydney trying to scare me or something.

-I have to wear a belt with my jeans no matter what. It doesn't matter if they are a bit big or a bit tight, I ALWAYS have to have a belt. ALWAYS.

-I'm a sleep-holic. I love sleeping. It doesn't matter if I'm tired or not, I LOVE sleeping!! I could sleep all day! Especially Sundays. The day of REST :) I'm a night person and I like sleeping late in the morning and my mom says "I'm sleeping my life away" :)

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