Family photo

Family photo


The End is Near!

I am getting so excited.

This semester is almost over. Sooo close... I only have this next week that is coming up and the one after that. It will be so nice to be done with this semester. This has by far been the hardest semester I've had. Knock on wood.

I've also learned a lot about myself, surprisingly. I learned that I can juggle a lot of things at the same time and I'm really good at writing lists of what needs to get done. I also learned I am excellent at not procrastinating when I don't have time to. I haven't procrastinated ONCE this semester! ONCE! I never thought I could ever say that. Ever. I've also learned that I like to be busy, and I feel better about myself when I accomplish something every day. (I partly learned this at work when I took a Strength Finders test, I will talk about that in a minute). I also learned how much I can miss Mike even when we are in the same house. I miss spending time with him. Sigh. I don't get to spend much time with Mike because I'm spending it with homework instead.

Last month I took the Cliftons StregthsFinder test. It was interesting. It asked me all these questions, and then at the end it gave me my strengths. It was funny to read about myself and have things click like "oh. And that is why I do this or feel that way." My top strength is "Achiever". On their site that is described as "People strong in the Achiever theme have a great deal of stamina and work hard. They take great satisfaction from being busy and productive." It goes into a little more depth on the paper I got after I finished it, but I can't remember much of it. It says something like these people feel like they need to achieve something each day. Which is totally true! Now I know why I HATE having just lazy days. I don't mind having like a half lazy day with Mike, but I always have the feeling when I haven't accomplished anything at all during the day. It bugs Mike sometimes that I can't just have an occasional lazy day with him. Haha. I can't remember them all in order, but another in my top 5 is Harmony. Harmony says "People strong in the Harmony theme look for consensus. They don't enjoy conflict; rather, they seek areas of agreement."Another one is Developer. "People strong in the Developer theme recognize and cultivate the potential in others. They spot the signs of each small improvement and derive satisfaction from these improvements." I wish I could remember the other two, but I can't at this moment. It was really cool to figure these out so I can work at making these strengths better.

The other week, we went to the zoo. It was so fun! The new exhibit is very, very cool. I loved the polar bear. It was pretty big! And the seals were playing in the water which was fun to watch.


Good News and the 4th of July

This past month has been a good one. Mike found out that he nailed his interviews at Fidelity and got a job offer. He will be starting on the 23rd of this month. I will miss having lunch with him almost everyday but I am very excited for his opportunity to move into a job where he will be paid more and enjoy it more. Hopefully he will also have more opportunity to move up and utilize his degree more. And I also hope he will want to pursue a Masters degree once he gets into this job.

 To celebrate his new job, I took him to a Real game against the L.A. Galaxy. We had a great time! Besides, of course, the retarded people in front of us that would not sit down. It was a fun game to go to, and we had a good time.

This past week some of Mike's family was out. Mike's great aunt Eva passed away, and her funeral was on the 3rd. It was a very nice service. On the night of the viewing (July 2) we had Mike's brother Brandon, dad, aunt Elva and Mike's dad's cousin Kathleen over for dinner. Mike made a wonderful dinner! He made Cafe Rio pork burritos and made smoothies for the drink. Very yummy!

On Tuesday (July 3) after the funeral we went to the Jordan River temple as a family and did baptisms for the dead. Steve had a lot of family names to get done. We had a good time and stopped by Winder Dairy on the way home. I don't ever complain about going there. Yum!

I love the 4th of July. It is my favorite holiday. I love the breakfasts, I love the BBQ's, I love the fireworks, I love the Patriotism floating around in the air, and I love the warm weather. This year was mine and Mike's first 4th of July in Utah since we've been married. In the morning Kathleen, Elva and Steve came over to our house. Brandon made crepes and I made french toast for breakfast. After that we all headed up to Ogden to hang out with my family. Once we got there, a group was leaving to go to Kirt's for lunch. I had Brandon come along, and we all went to Kirt's. There was me, Brandon, Syd, Aimee, Cody (Syd's friend), Jasi, Doug, and Jade. Sorry if I forgot anyone. I ended up getting a grasshopper cookie shake. It was really good! I really liked it, I might even get it next time.

We headed back to the house and hung out for a bit. We played bolo toss/ladder ball and we ended up getting one of the golf ball things stuck in a tree. Mike threw one of his shoes at it, and his shoe then got stuck in a tree. We ended up having to get a ladder and a long stick to get his shoe out. We also got the golf ball thing down. We then moved the game to a different part of the yard.

After the game we went inside to cool down. It was really hot out! Brandon played a few songs on the piano for us, and Jasi even sang for us. She has such a beautiful voice. I love when she sings. I always end up crying though. Every time.

Later in the afternoon Mike and I made some homemade ice cream. We also had a BBQ. It was pretty good. It was even late enough in the afternoon we had some shade to sit in and everything. After that Mike and I took a little mini hike up at the Nature Center place by the mountain above my parent's house.

After we got back we broke out the ice cream. Talk about refreshing. And cold. And delish. Mmm. After a bit we headed to Barker Park for the fireworks. I really liked them at Barker Park this year! After the fireworks we headed home where we played with sparklers and the boys put on a great firework show. They even did some aerial fireworks which did not disappoint!

It was a really good 4th of July. The worst part was going to work the next day. I was exhausted.

Yesterday, the 7th, Brandon and I went rock climbing at Momentum. It was pretty fun. I'm not as good as I used to be, but it felt good to be climbing. I ended on a 5.11a. Not bad I guess. We also went to a Real soccer game last night. Me, Mike, Steve, Brandon, Ryan and one of my friends and his wife all went. It was against Portland and real won 3-0. The goals were all pretty sweet.

I only have about 4 weeks of school left. Thank goodness! I'm starting to go crazy from all of my homework. Then I get to start back later in August. It is crazy how fast the year has gone this year!

Love you all!