Family photo

Family photo


This Might Be Short..

Nothing much has happened since I last wrote on here. We had the Summer Family Reunion which was pretty much rockin with tire and duck throws and mattress riding behind a four wheeler and Frisbee golf with car hubcaps and horseshoes with toilet seats and the amazingly spectacular food! They went pretty much all out on the redneck theme. Uncle Scott told the bear story and it was really good like every other year. I swear that bear gets bigger each time.. just kidding. Its been so nice to have Ali and her family close! And Staten and Cherie! Last night there was a birthday party for Rylee at her other grandma's house cuz they have a pool, so we hung out there for a while. I had to leave early for work. My heavens. 10 1/2 hours is too much for one day. At least I'm getting paid though! On Sunday I got to hold a baby all through Relief Society. His name is October and boy is he a cutie! They also asked me to lead th music in sacrament, I think they are trying to get my time in before I leave. I've had to talk, give a couple prayers and then lead! Ha! Oh on the 24th my friends and Syd and I went to Causey and then to the Monastery. That was pretty cool. Today after my class I'm going to the Bees game with a guy named Zach and some people from work. It should be fun. I'll post pics. Well, that's about it! Love you all!


This Might Be Long..

Hello All! This might be a little long considering all the many things I must tell you all! Last week my friend Amber Houghton was competing in Jr. Miss and her Young Women's leader (its so weird to say that cuz now I'm in Relief Society) and I decided we were going to decorate her room on Tuesday night. On Tuesdays I have my class in SLC, so I was headed home and I called home and asked the boys to blow up tons of balloons. So they blew up a ton of them. So I get home and I make a couple signs and I grab the balloons and we already told Amber's family so she was out of the house. So I head over and start hanging up balloons and sings. I call Sister Anderson and she says she's on her way. Not even two minutes later she calls me and says Amber is home! I guess she pulled in right behind Amber and her sister! So she flipped her lights off and drove away. So I'm stuck in the house almost having a loss of function. I'm running frantically around oh man the adrenaline rush was intense! I guess Heather (Amber's sister made Amber go in the backyard so I run out the front door and drive my car over to Sister Wayment's (two doors down) and meet Sister Anderson there and we run back to the house with some balloons she brought and ran downstairs and threw them in Amber's room and ran out and to our cars and away! We couldn't stop laughing the whole time. Oh man, it was so fun! I think I got my workout for the month. Then! On Friday it was Heather's sweet sixteen. So I made a cake and I put a tiara on it that had a 16 on it and it was all silvery and sparkly and we went and dropped it off. I had the boys take it up to the door and when she came to the door they knelt down and sang Happy Birthday. It was so cute. Saturday was uneventful, I think.. I can't really remember. Sunday was a fun day. I said the closing prayer.. again. I went to church and at the beginning of Relief Society the Primary President came in and asked if I would help in the Nursery! I was so so so excited! So I go in and there was this little boy named Conner and he wanted a book read to him. So I get the book and I sit him down on my lap and pretty soon I had at least 5 kids around me and looking at the book. So we sat on the ground and oh it was so fun! There was an animal book and I'd ask them what animal it was and they would tell me and I'd ask them what sound it made. The cutest is when I asked them what sound a duck made, because they all started quaking and then wiggling their arms like wings. Oh it was adorable! Then we had singing time outside and they all held hands two by two on the way out and in and on the way in Conner wanted to hold my hand. After that I got to help pass out treats (and no I didn't eat them) and then they colored. It was so fun. I was a bit worn out after church though. LOL. That night I went to a fireside with my friend Alyssa and we sat by our friends Jon and Blake. Almost to the end I got a little bored. So did Alyssa. And out of nowhere this kid behind us (he was probably a deacon) passed some gas. And we lost it. Oh heavens. We were laughing silently but we were like having convulsions from laughing so hard. I felt kinda bad cuz the kid was probably embarrassed. And you all know that I cry when I laugh really hard, so I'm like crying and laughing and Alyssa is laughing and the two guys are laughing at us cuz we can' t stop laughing. Oh it was so funny. It might've just been funny because we were bored. Or immature. Or both. On Monday I got to take Josh to the dentist and after we stopped by the store and saw grandma so that was fun. That night we went Frisbee golfing in Riverdale. It was really fun. My mom lost a Frisbee. The group ahead of us was like drunk and they had beer so we could smell it when they left the T off and we went there. I think that is about it. Now I'm just on my way to SLC for my class. Love you all! The end.


This Past Week

I think I will now blog when I'm on the FrontRunner. Its just so convenient! So I'm on my way to SLC right now and today I get to turn in my paper that I had to write today. I hope I get a good grade on it. He had us choose a question relating to doctrine we didn't know the answer to and then pray and search and find the answer. My question is why is my body so important? Why do we have bodies? Sort of thing. If any of you want to read it, just let me know and I'll either print it off for you or email it to you. This week I went and saw Kung Fu Panda with some friends from work and then Aimee and Syd, and we all thought it was pretty dang good and really funny. Syd and I really liked the end. There was this really funny part right at the end and Syd and I laughed and laughed and laughed. Oh it was funny. Everyone else thought we were just a bit weird for thinking that it was that funny. Afterwards we all headed to Pop's Malt Shop and got shakes. Which were pretty good! I got chocolate banana (my favorite) and it was SO GOOD! On Sunday we went to our church meeting and then afterward my mom and dad and Nate and me went to AJ and Jenny Kapino's baby blessing. They named her London, and she is so cute! After we got home we went to grandmas and some of Aimee's camp buddies met us up there. Britt Pryce is getting so big and he is so so uber adorable! That's the only child I saw besides my siblings because my mom and I left with Aimee and her friends to take them to Aspen Ridge. After we took them back we decided to stop by Cherise and Kenny's. Sarah is getting so tall! when we drove up Cherise had this look like... who is that? But she finally caught on that it was us and we had a great time talking, Sarah was going to try out for a short film in Salt Lake on Monday so hopefully she did well! After we left we headed home and just had fun chatting. Mom and I. We get along pretty well. Especially if she plays my favorite song on the piano. But she doesn't do that very often. LOL. Fourth of July was fun. I went to the parade and to the stake breakfast and then to work from 12 to 8:30. So I got my share of holiday pay :) and then we went to the fireworks and had some at grandmas. The boys put on quite an amazing firework show down on the court while the rest of us sit on the deck and reminisce and have fun talking and watching. We had fun playing with sparklers and such. The boys had fun when I told them to see who could make it to the fence by the barn and back faster than their sparkler would burn out. We got our exercise that night. I think that is about it for the fun-ness of this week. I love you all!