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Family photo


Thanksgiving Break.. Part 1!

Well, I will start with this weekend. Friday Mike and I went rock climbing and had fun hanging out and eating at Gandolfo's and going to the mall and eating at an Italian place and watching sports. On Saturday I went to Mike's and we hung out. Caught some of the BYU vs Utah game and some of the Texas Tech and Oklahoma one. It was fun hanging out with him and his fam. The greatest was when KoriAnn and Ben showed up, oh boy. LOL, that was just funny. Just to clear things up for you all, yes Mike is coming for Thanksgiving. So please be nice to him.. We will see how much he really likes me if he calls me after Thanksgiving. I am hoping he will. Its been a nice relaxing week, I haven't had anything to do. Yesterday I went rock climbing and didn't really do anything impressive, I just did some crack climbs and got almost all the way up a V2. Last night Lauren and Kirsten and I had a nice sleepover on the couches, we borrowed a couch from our neighbors and so it was just like a huge couch land and we put them together and had a great sleepover of couches and blankets. We finally got off the couch at like 2 and decided we all needed to get ready. It was great. I am excited to be back to Ogden, I hope there is one day of warm weather, I want to go rock climbing on 9th before the snow and everything sets in. All my roomies are gone except Hope and she is packing right now. So I will be all alone :( but I will be in Ogden tomorrow afternoon! Whoo!


MMM... eggnog!

Sadly, I haven't had ANY eggnog this season! I am feeling so deprived! I am hoping that Grandma M will have a nice stash in her fridge just waiting for me to deplete. I don't think I wrote about Mike and I hanging out last Friday :) he came down and we went to Cafe Rio, and boy can he down a burrito! Those are huge and I can keep up with him till about half, and then I lose my momentum and just can't eat any more but he finishes his right off. LOL, we always get the same thing every time, he gets a steak burrito and I get a roast beef burrito-both enchilada style! And also, I hate ordering there. SO MANY QUESTIONS WAY TOO FAST! Black or pinto beans? Enchilada style? Mild, medium or hot? Which one is yours? Lettuce? Tomatoes and salsa? Would you like a drink? I think those are all of them.. anyway, after lunch I had cleaning check at my apartment, so we headed back there and put on Night At The Roxbury. Then I had my cleaning check and Hope and I passed but Lauren and Megan had one thing to redo each. After the movie we played some Speed, and I kicked Mike's butt at that except for maybe like 2 or 3 times. But we played a lot. While we played cards (today I am going to teach him Philadelphia) I called up my family and talked to them. I put them on speaker phone and Mike tried to get them to tell him embarrassing stories. It didn't work, he didn't get any. He almost got one out of Lauren and my mom was wavering a bit, but he didn't get to hear any. After cards we headed to see The Dark Knight at the dollar theatre! That was fun, he thought it was kinda funny that I jumped a lot. We went to my place again and made brownies and watched basketball. This week has been mostly good. I studied for an exam a lot and got a 69. I can't seem to ever score higher than a 69, its pretty disappointing. Tuesday at work, I was on the phone with this guy and he was driving while I was on the phone. I asked for his card number and I guess he couldn't get his wallet out or something, and so he asked if I could call him tomorrow. Basically I told him to pull over and give me his card number.. and he did. Wednesday night I watched some of Dumb and Dumber with Lauren, that was fun. When Lloyd and Harry are in their van and they pick up the bad guy, that is our favorite part.. "you can't triple stamp a double stamp, Lloyd! You can't triple stamp a double stamp" and "Hey, you wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world? AAAAAAAAAAAAA" I think we watched that part at least 7 times, and the best part is that we laughed harder each time. Thursday I got laid off and that put a damper on my good mood. I went back to my apartment and cried a little, then had a nice night on the SLC town to forget my sorrows. LOL. My friends are the greatest!! Mike is coming over around 1 today, and we are gong to hang out and that includes rock climbing!! :) that will be fun, no doubt. I think that is about it for eventful things in my life. Feel free to leave questions, comments, etc! Love you all!


Another Long One Possibly..

Well well look, its blogging time again! This might possibly be a long blog post again.. I will try to shorten it to the significant things in my life. So after Mike and I hung out last Friday.. we hung out on the next Friday! He came down and I showed him up at rock climbing. He thought I was pretty good I guess. After that we went to the mall then to my house! We watched THE OFFICE (he is a big Office fan too so that is a definite plus. He txts me quotes from The Office all the time and I love it) and half of The Italian Job and then made french toast and bacon for dinner. After dinner we watched Mr. Bean's Holdiay and I laughed a lot like I always do at that movie. I am surprised he didn't think I was a bit crazy.. or maybe he did and just didn't say it. Well, we were still both pretty worn out from rock climbing so we watched The Princess Bride after that. Then he left. AND then.. I got to see him on Sunday! That was a great surprise.. I thought I had to wait till the next Friday. Anyway- I went to his place (he lives with his brother and his sister in law and their 3 kids.. their kids are so cute. The boys are pretty funny.) Anyways. So I went over there and we had French Dip for dinner and it was SO SO GOOD! Wow it was really yummy. And while we were eating one of Mike's nephew's said "So your birthday is on Tuesday right?" And I said yeah. I figured Mike had told them. And he said something about dessert and how it was a surprise. After dinner Mike and I watched a bit of the game that the Steelers played in. I think it was against the Colts.. well, we were watching it and his nephew asked me my favorite color so I told him pink. And he ran away. Then he came back a couple minutes later and said "dessert is ready!" So we head for dessert. AND THERE WAS CUPCAKES AND ONE HAD A PINK CANDLE!! I DO NOT THINK I HAVE EVER SMILED SO BIG EVER. So they all sang happy birthday to me, it was the highlight of my week! And then we ate the cupcakes, which were pumpkin chocolate chip.. yummmmmmmmmm... ooh hoo they were delectable. Mmm... delish. Again, so good! Totally made my week. On Monday night my friend Kirsten and I watched the first season of The Office at her place, and that was really fun! After midnight she grabbed some cupcakes and brownies and we celebrated my birthday while we watched The Office. Mike called me around midnight to say Happy Birthday :) On Tuesday it was my birthday and it was a really good day!! I woke up early cuz my mom was coming down. So I was brushing my teeth and I hear a knock on the door and so I hurry and go open it, and it was my mom and my grandmas!! I was so surprised! So they came in and we talked and laughed and I opened some presents and I love them all! Brandon thank you so much for the nail polish I love the color, next time I paint my nails I will for sure use it and Nate and Josh- I LOVE the mini junior mints! They are just so cute and mini sized and oh so YUMMY! Syd your card made my cry hardcore, it was so sweet! After present opening we to the mall!! And I got some lotion and lip gloss from Bath and Body.. I love that store. This was the only week I let myself spoil myself.. so I got to get a beanie for me and an outfit and lotion.. No more spoiling for me till.. my next birthday. Long time away. After that we went to Cafe Rio's.. this has just been a week of good food! After we went back o my place and we talked some more and then they had to leave :( but it was so much fun while they were here! Thanks so much for taking the time to come down!!! I got ready for work and at work I had a guy hit on me over the phone again. That was great. At least I know I have a nice voice on the phone. For lunch at work me and two of my co-workers went to Cafe Rio's.. I went there twice in one day. And I got the same thing. It was so good. When I got home there were signs all over my room from Lauren and Kirsten and they got me a beanie and brownie mixes :D they know me so well! OOH AND BROWNIES ALREADY MADE AND FUDGE.. oh baby that fudge is sooo good. It was just a great day. Mmm.. lets see. Nothing else really happened this week.. Ooh I went to PF Changs on Wednesday night. My friend Sean and I went shopping (my climbing buddy that is a bit miffed I climbed a 5.11a and he can only do a 5.10c.. I just had to add that in) So we were shopping and he is quite the shopper. So now I have a shopping friend too. After we were walking by the PF Changs and he said he wanted to eat there and so I agreed.. ooh it was yummy! SO so so yummy. After that we had a fashion show for my roomies and we showed them our new clothes. Thursday after work I went to Beto's with a coworker. It was the first time he had ever tasted to goodness of Beto's. I was excited I got to witness that. Today is Friday, and there will be another blog post soon because I am hanging out with Mike today :D hooray!!! I am really excited for that! Sorry this was another long one! But that is what has been going on with the Emster!! Until next time, I love you all!!


The Past Long Time.. might be lengthy

Wow! Its been longer than I thought! Things have definitely picked up their pace from last time I blogged! I finally got a job! Its at a place called Progrexion.. and this is what I do.. I hit the dial button. I get an answering machine.. and I say.. "Hey this is Emily with CreditAttorney, I'm calling on behalf of an online request you sent in for a consultation about your credit. You can reach me at 1-800-***-**** ext. ****." Yes, I have an 800 number hahaha. My dream come true. And the second scenario.. someone picks up and I say almost the same thing except don;t say my digits at the end. And then I ask what is going on with the person's credit etc and then try to sell our product. Anyway, all last week I trained for it and had a pizza party there and filled out paperwork. My first whole 8 hour shift is tomorrow.. 2-10. Whoo. I know I had a lot more noteworthy things that happened the beginning of the week but I can't remember. I did vote last time I was in Ogden. That was cool. Fun weekend. It was nice seeing my family. OOOH Aimee is coming down to Provo sometime in November AND I AM SO EXCITED!! I think I had an exam this week. Oh yes. I did. It was for my Music 101 class. Oh here is a noteworthy thing. On Wednesday my friend Justin and I made paper airplanes and threw them in the Tanner building because it is terraced. We see who's goes farther, and which model. We had a casualty, his fell in a pond like thing that is there for decoration. We are doing that again today probably, with different models of planes. Hmm. HALLOWEEN!!!! All I have to say is it WAS SO MUCH FUN! That night I dressed up as a climber in my bandanna and my harness (and I would really wear both those items around all the time if it was a normal thing to do) and my roomie Lauren dressed up as homeless. She even had a little shopping cart full of papers and plastic bags and random things like canned veggies.. a remote control, a pillow, waterbottle, phonebook, a Furby... etc. So we went to this party that was our stake party with one of our friends named Scott and he was dressed up as some guy in the Matrix and we met some other friends there and Scott's twin Brian there. Brian was dressed up as a nerd. A legit one too. Lauren brought her cart in and we did a train with it. And I sat in it and kinda waved my arms around while she pushed me around. And I ate a doughnut while she pushed me around. A Krispy Kreme.. oh baby that was good. Anyways. It takes a lot to embarrass Lauren and I when we are hanging out. Her birthday is tomorrow. A week before mine. But hers is on Election Day. PS DON'T FORGET TO VOTE! After the dance party we headed back home. No one wanted to take the Furby home that Scott found at the DI.. it was kinda creepy looking. Scott kept trying to drop kick it so I took it and wouldn't let him touch it. He finally convinced me it would be okay in the middle of the road. We all had a good laugh watching people stop and look really closely at it and then swerve around it. Except for one chick. She stopped and looked really closely, and saw us standing around watching and laughing.. so she sped up really fast and hit it dead on! It went flying.. I went and grabbed it and the thing was all wet (because it was raining) and it was dirty and its beak was gone so it had a hole for a mouth and one eye wasn't functioning anymore. So it had an eye half closed and one that would blink. AND it was on repeat. It wouldn't stop saying "Me no hungry." Being the genius, immature freshman we are we decided it would be the best doorstep present EVER! So.. we picked a random apartment, and I was the runner. On the way there I found an abandoned sock, and the Furby looked cold so I put the sock on its head. So I run the Furby to the door and knock, and run back to the group. We decided just to stand across the street instead of hide. So this kid comes out. Dressed as the Joker. He sees the Furby. He sees us. He gives us the look like "What the crap are you guys doing, this isn't funny" and he stares at us for like 2 minutes. Just standing menacingly in his doorway. It was intimidating. The Joker really scared me on that movie. I know I'm a wimp. Unlike people like Britt I can't listen to ghost stories, because I will have to sleep with the light on. But that is beside the point. So he finally goes back in his apartment, and we elect Brian to go run and get the Furby since they didn't take it inside. We knew it was a trap. But we wanted it back. Brian ran up and got it, when he picked it up they opened the door and yelled HA at him. Then he ran away. We found another apartment to drop it off at. This one was a third floorer. Again I was the runner. And the cool thing is that their blind was open. So I take it up sneakily.. knock and run down ALL the stairs and then sneaky over to my friends. Which were behind bushes. The people inside looked through the peephole but didn't answer the door. But they could hear that repeating Furby begging them not to feed it any more! So they kept looking through the peephole. And finally opened the door. Then someone tipped it down with their foot. That is all I remember because I was laughing so had that I was crying and doubled over because my stomach hurt so bad from laughing so hard. Okay so Saturday!!! Another GREAT DAY! This guy I met named Mike (I met him dancing on a Thursday night) he came down from West Valley and came to Provo. :D so he came over around 1 and we went to Gandolfo's and ate amazing sandwiches, and then we went to the mall and then we went and saw Wall-e and hung out.. I LOVE that movie. Its so cute. So after Wall-e we went to my place and I made Fettucini Alfredo (is that amazing, mom?! I cooked something! Ga!) and then he tried to teach me to play cribbage and we watched Hitch and Invincible. And then he left. He is a pretty darn good lookin' boy. REALLY REALLY good lookin. He's got a really cute smile. Brown hair, green eyes. He is a cutie. And he is really sweet too! And he makes me laugh. We had a great time :) And.. we are going out again on FRIDAY! SCORE :D So if anyone has questions or comments about that (which I know you will, you know what to do!)