Family photo

Family photo


Being Married And Other Things

Well, this is my first blog post since before Mike and I got married! Today is our two week anniversary, its been fun!! Our wedding day was basically PERFECT, the weather was beautiful, everything just worked out. Mike looked so handsome and I think I looked pretty good myself. We are still waiting for our pictures to be put up on the website. Our ceremony was amazing. I still think its weird that we are married! We had a lot of help with our reception where we ad ice cream floats, thank you to everyone who helped! The cake was pretty sweet, it got all over. We had a great turnout, it was so fun. We left and went to my house where my car was, and Mike;s brothers got the car. It was cute!

The next few days we hung out at our house and got our washer and dryer put in and did some house projects. And then we left for Niagara Falls on Tuesday. We got there late that night and my Aunt Marsha picked us up. Thank you Aunt Marsha for helping us out so much! We had so much fun. Niagara Falls is amazing, we got some good shots, I will try to remember to put them up on this post. We went on Maid of the Mist, checked out Cave of the Winds, went to the aquarium, got some sweet Hard Rock glasses, and just had a great time. We also went to Palmyra and that was fun. It was awesome to seethe sights that I have learned about my whole life. We also did a session in the Palmyra temple, which is so pretty! Its smaller than I thought it would be but it was gorgeous. We also looked at the Book of Mormon printing press, the Hill Cumorah, the Joseph Smith house, the sacred grove, the Alvin Smith grave, and the Martin Harris farm. We were there for a week and then..

We flew back to Utah for a day to relax and do wash. Then..

We flew to Oregon! We had a reception open house type thing and that was nice. I didn't really know anyone but it was fun. Its been nice hanging out with Mike's family. We went to Multnomah Falls and we hiked to Punch Bowl Falls. They were both really pretty! We've done some shopping (this no sales tax thing is weird, but really nice!) we got a kitchen aid :D and we got a toaster oven also.

We are flying out from Oregon tomorrow and then its back to work and such. If anyone knows of any jobs out in the West Valley area, let me know. I really don't want to be driving to Ogden every day for work.

Funny story.. so we got our washer and we did a load and left the washer and just thought it would do its job. So I got down later so switch it around to the dryer and the washer was moved and unplugged. So I yelled up to Mike and asked him why they moved it and stuff. He came down and said he didn't. So we tried it again and it started shaking and shaking and shaking A LOT and moving! So.. in order to get a load done, Mike and I had to sit on the washer and I had a bocce ball set on my lap. And we would be shaking, but the washer wouldn't move! So Mike called the next morning and talked to them. Turns out that we needed to take out some shipping bolts, which looked like they belonged there. Now our washer works like a dream.

I think that is about it for now. Love you all!

Palmyra Temple

Niagara Falls

Us in front of Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls