Family photo

Family photo



Em telling a story to Syd about when Em and Julia saw a lady rolling around in a Rascal. (or Jazzi)

Syd: What is a Jazzi or a Rascal? Is it like a stroller?
Julia: It even has a tray in the front!!

Uncontrollable laughter from Emily and Julia for about 5 minutes.


4th of July Sydney-isms

Syd: Em guess what? Grandpa and I have the EXACT same hair color. His is just a little whiter than mine.

Syd: Man Em, you kiss Mike a lot. That is more than I have ever seen you kiss any boy before.
Me: He's my fiance.
Syd: Oh yeah.

(dog is breathing heavily under the tramp, grandpa on the deck, Syd me Mike and my mom sitting on the trampoline)
Syd: Who is breathing so hard??! Grandpa? Is that you breathing like that??
Mike: The dog is right under the tramp Syd. Its the dog.
Syd: Oh.

PS- The house of Mike and Emily is in West Valley :D



Mike and I will officially be house owners!! Not yet.. but our offer was accepted so now we just have to close and all the other stuff.. but. WE FOUND A HOUSE!! Hooray!