Family photo

Family photo


Boston 5 months

Man  I am really late on this one! Boston was 5 whole months earlier this month. He is such a fun little guy. He is a master at rolling over now and he has found the joys of screaming loudly to talk. Hooray! Here are some 5 month old pics. Love this little guy. Boston is also on a pretty solid schedule at sleeps through the night till about 6 AM. I love it! And he likes trying new foods :) Here are some pics of our cute little man!



I keep meaning to write this down but I've been slacking. Here are some isms I've heard on the past few weeks. 

While climbing and music is playing-

Brandon (L): Sometimes I wish a was a black lady. 
Me *laughing*: Why?
Brandon: Listen to that soul!

While playing a boardgame with my brothers-

Brandon (M): Em, what's your favorite U2 CD?
Me: Umm probably The Joshua Tree. 
Josh: That's really the name?! Do they sing "Joshua's are awesome, Joshua's are awesome"?

After listening to the song If You Want to be Happy by Jimmy Soul-

*Nate is laying on the couch, hands behind his head*
Mom: Nate, will you please help me in the kitchen?
Nate: Hold on mom, I'm thinking of all the ugly women in my life. 

Hahaha! Goodness. I love my family. 

Aaaand what's a blog post without some pics of Boston?!

And this comic reminds me of Mike and me. Haha!