Family photo

Family photo



Yesterday Mike and I went to the store for a few things. We were going to have spaghetti for dinner and decided to get some french bread. We walked over to the french bread rack and there was someone already there. This man had clothes on like he just got off of work at a mechanic shop, which is fine. But.. as he was browsing through the french bread he was pulling the bread out of the package and looking at it and then putting back. Gross!!! He was TOUCHING the FRENCH BREAD!! Ewwww!!!



So today Mike and I decided to go get the oil changed in the Subaru. Mike has Mondays off but I had taken the Subaru to work today. As soon as I got home we left and we went to get the oil changed. We pulled up to the place and there were a lot of cars there. We walked in and the guy at the desk said it would be a while. We really needed the oil changed so we agreed. We headed across the street to Big Lots and walked down to Kmart. We didn't have any cell phone service in Kmart and while we were walking around a voice mail went through to Mike's phone. It was the guy at the oil changing place and he said he may be closing up early and our car was done. Great. So we left in a hurry and walked REALLY fast to the oil changing place. When we got there they were still open. Thank goodness. We walk in and a guy from the garage came in and checked us out. I was worried about this because even though we had a coupon he needed a synthetic oil change or something which is like 70 or 80 dollars! Anyway, the guy that came in from the garage asked what car we had and we told him and then Mike tried to give him the debit card and the guy said "don't worry about it, its on us". Mike and I were both in shock. We asked if he was sure and he said yeah and we walked out smiling.


Mike and His Back

This pas week has been a difficult one. Last Sunday night Mike and I were cooking dinner and messing around. I hip checked Mike and thought nothing of it but then about 30 seconds later he moved a little bit and had a really bad pain in his back. He hurt so bad!! We tried everything from walking around to loosen a possible muscle spasm, ibeprofen, icing and heating, and trying a back massage. He still hurt in every position he was in whether it was laying down, sitting or standing up. We went to bed that night and hoped he would feel better on Monday. On Monday he still hurt and on Tuesday he was hurting but his back was feeling a little better. On Wednesday he hadn't improved much so I talked to a friend at my work who goes to a chiropractor and gave me his chiro's number. I called the chiropractor and told him I needed to get Mike in that day if possible because he was hurting a lot and thought it may be his sciatic nerve. The chiro was really really nice and even though his day was pretty packed he got us in that evening. We got Mike in and found out he had a bulged disc in his lower back. The chiropractor suggested spinal decompression and an adjustment. So we did both of those and went back Thursday for the same thing. Mike's pain level for his back has been dropping but he is still hurting. He is going back in on Monday and Tuesday. We are really hoping he gets to where he doesn't hurt soon. We have been icing his back a lot and trying to rest him a lot so he is laying down. He has really been working on his posture which should help. We are just hoping it goes away soon and won't bother him anymore!



Well, I made it. I'm 21. I had a great birthday! Mike woke me up by singing his own version of happy birthday. I opened my presents the night before my birthday so I didn't have to wait till after work Mike got me 3 blu ray movies (National Treasure, Get Smart, and Toy Story 3) and he got me some Little Big Planet doll figure things :) Mike took me out to dinner for Chili's and that night he gave me a letter he wrote to me for my birthday saying why he loved me etc. It was sooo cute. At work some of my friends decorated my desk, and they decorated it The Office style. It included half inflated balloons, masking tape, Schrute Bucks and Stanley Nickels. It also had a sign that said "It Is Your Birthday." It was awesome. My friend Jaclyne brought me a pudding for lunch! It was a really good day. At Chili's I got a free chocolate shake cuz it was my birthday!! YUM!



I have no excuse for not blogging. Again. In the last month or two we have made peach jam which turned out delicious, cleaned the whole house including the basement so now we can have company over, went to multiple doctors appointments only to be told nothing is wrong with me, built a dog house, finished painting the house, and a whole bunch of other things.

Medical stuff first. My outer ear infections are now back and bothering me. I need to go back to an ENT but I don't want to go to the same one. I didn't care for him. I've gotten seven UTI's in the past year so after my seventh it was strongly recommended I go see a urologist. I go see the urologist and he told me that was very unusual and very concerning so he decided I needed to go through various x-rays and have a scope done and tests and stuff. After all the painful stuff the doctor told me he couldn't find anything wrong. Which bothers me because its not cheap to go to all of these tests and appointments so to do all that to be told "oh I can't find anything wrong" makes me mad and makes me feel like I wasted a lot of money and time. Blech.

Mike and his dad started building a dog house in the backyard for our dogs. Mike's dad had to leave before it was done, so Fred was kind enough to help Mike fix it. We had Fred over for dinner and it was really fun to see him and play cards. Thanks Steve and Fred!!

The other day we were invited to go to a Jazz game with my uncle Ben and his girlfriend Natalie. We had a lot of fun!! Thanks Ben and Natalie!

We finished painting our house (its about time) and the spare bedroom was painted a light gray. I painted diagonal stripes on two walls and they are blue and red... the Boston Red Sox colors!

I'll have to post pics of the room and the dog house, but I don't have pics of them on my camera and I am too tired right now to go take some.

I am thinking about making my blog private so only those invited can read it. Those of you that have private vs non private blogs what are the pros and cons of doing so?

Love you all!